February 25, 2009


This is the film which has won more awards last Sunday. So, we must see it!! And remember, tell us if you are coming at least the day before, ok??


  1. Carmen Fortea, see the day we have chosen this time: IT IS THURSDAY. So you have not excuse!

  2. I would not mind at all watching this film again. It is marvelous!!!

  3. Oh perfect Roberto. We are already two!

  4. Hi!
    I may join you – I hope I’ll like it because the latest film I really enjoyed was “Bienvenidos al norte” and “La clase” (Entre les murs) -both French!!- the others, I found (them?) less convincing. (Apart from “In serch of a midnight kiss”, which I loved). By the way, I am very curious to hear from you how was “The wrestler” like… Is Mickey Rourke’s acting as good as it is being said? Is it a good story? I was totally shocked when I found out that he was the same actor from “9 weeks and a half”…

  5. Sorry Roberto, it’s only now that I’ve seen your comment on The Wrestler. Anyway, I would have gone to see it were it not for the fact that Natalia and I had tickets for Hamlet. It was a great show – Blanca Portillo and Asier Etxeandia were excellent!

  6. Never mind Elena. I am looking forward to seeing “In search of a midnight kiss”.

  7. Oh, fantastic! I´m very glad of hearing that a play we are seeing is good!! I usually like Pandur´s adaptations, in spite of being controversial plays. Let´s see what happens with a female Hamlet and whether nacked poeple´s performance is natural or not!

  8. Carmen Fortea and her husband are coming, the same as The Bandit. We are five… without counting Elena…

  9. Hi!!!
    I look forward to see this movie, I´ll go this time!!
    See you on thursday.

  10. We need more people joining the meeting. Come on, don’t be lazy 🙂

  11. Carmen has told us fourths are coming. Could you say us how many people you are, please? Thanks!

  12. What a pity that I´m finding it hard to fix my agenda to be able to attend! But my students are going to go! I´ll try but…
    If not next week, thanks for the very great job you are doing and all this work 5ths you must fail the exam and since that is impossible with your level you must not sit the exam!

  13. Hi again!
    Another student of my class, Clara, will join us tomorrow.
    See you!

  14. Hi! I will very probably go with 2 friends, so add 3 more to the group, Maria! See you tomorrow 😉

  15. Ok girls! But I continue not knowing how many fourths are coming… Without counting them we are nine-ten. We don´t reach the minim, but I´ll call the person in charge to convince her we deserve the discount… 😉 We belong to a club and must have some advantages, don´t we?

  16. Hello everybody,

    I only wanted comment to us the movie is in Cine Princesa no Renoir Princesa. I think, they ´re not the same.

  17. Hi everybody!

    Maryah16, Mar and me (fourths) will go this afternoon. Please accept my apologies for having confirmed our attendance so late.

    See you later! Bye!

  18. Ok, don´t worry, Mario. We aren´t getting the discount, but one less euro doesn´t make us stop being poor! 😉
    Ok Cris, you are right. It is Cines Princesa, at plaza de los cubos, up, I mean. Thanks Cris!

  19. How was the film? Did you like it? I hope you enjoyed it as I did some weeks ago. I beg your pardeon because I could not attend the meeting.

    I’m looking forward to reading your comments about the film.


  20. Hello!!
    Where were you yesterday? we couldn´t find you! We bought the tikets late and we saw the film in room 5, there were two different rooms were the film was shown. Maybe you were in the other and that was the problem, wasn´t it?
    I enjoyed the film. The childhood of the both brothers was really hard, don´t you think? But in the end, there´s a perfect balance between the sad history and the happy one. I left the cimena without any sorrow or sad felling despite my having seen such a horrible things.

  21. Belén, I am sorry to hear that. I have not talked to María since informing her that I was unable to join the meeting, so I do not know what happened.

    Anyway, you have hit the nail on the head. You come back to home content because despite the fact that the characters keep suffering throughout the whole story, the film has a happy ending and I am glad that, at least in films happiness is possible to achieve amongst such a terrible condition as the lowest cast in India are forced to live with.

  22. I meant, “casts”

  23. Hi Belén! Yes, we were in different rooms, so some of us didn´t see each other. Among others, I was talking to a woman of first course, I don´t remember her name, who told me that some students of Marta´s lessons had gone to the cinema because they thought it was free!!! And that when they realized it wasn´t free, they left.
    I hope you would not have doubts with it. I only tried to obtain a DISCOUNT not enter freely, ok??? And for that discount, we have to be at least 25 PEOPLE, not 14, as I was told yesterday by someone.
    Anyway, I liked the film a lot!! Certainly that´s the best film of this season. To be continued… I am in a hurry…

  24. Hi,
    I am sorry I was not able to join to film club since I did not have time to go to the cinema at that day, but I watched the film last Saturday and I liked a lot. I agree with Belen, Slumdog Millonaire is a tale, it is a beautiful tale with a hard life and a nice ending.
    But I am listening and hearing a lot of news about the children, in the film Latika and Slim. They came back from Oscar awards and they were recived in Mombay like heros, and the Indian Government has promised their parents that they will receive an apartament so the children will be able to leave the slums, but at the moment the children live in the same place and Slim has been hit by his father because hi rejected an interview and his father will not be able to get money from the magazine, Slim’s father is addicted to alcoholic, and Latika has said that she doesn’t like living in that place and she wants to sleep in a bed.
    That is hard reality, and how difficult is the real life¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡.

  25. Honestly, I cannot believe that you were not all together!! but it doesn´t matter since some people seem to have enjoyed it. I was so sorry I missed that one but I had to go to Santander Friday morning and wanted to have dinner with my daughter this once since I have been unable to dine with her all that week!!
    How can your students, Marta, think that the cinema was freeeeeeee??????? And on finding that it´s not LEAVEEEEEEEE?????? YOU MUST GIVE THEM A LECTURE, my dear!
    I must see this film, because I´m kind of getting hooked on cinema going, it´s amazing but I seem to like doing…whatever but staying at home!!!! What will become of me when I cannot go out???? any way, I´m afraid that i won´t be able to join you for a while as I have no one at home to look after my daughter for 20 LONG days!!!!! (I do have a husband, but he is not much use in this field)

  26. No wonder you like going to the cinema, Carmen! As seeing films involves a great social act afterwards and the consequent comments and reviews. The same as going to the theatre, listening to a concert or visiting a museum. Everything is Culture!
    Slumdog millonaire is worth of seeing it, it´s a masterpiece! It tells a love story in a country where the main ingredients are hatred and selfishness, where each one has to look for a way of surviving in the middle of so extreme a poverty. It´s a hard story, in which you can´t trust you own brother, but where there is also a hope, a Latika to look for.
    By the bye, what would have your answer been? B or D? Honestly, I would have lost… I must learn not to trust everyone!

  27. “Slumdog millonaire is worth seeing it”, I meant, sorry

  28. Hi!!
    María, we hadn´t any doubts about the ticket`s price. Maybe, the main problem was that we weren´t at the meeting point when we should be. The next time won´t have any problem!
    I strongly agree with you, Roberto, that is the beautiful message of the film, everything is possible with determination and bravery.

  29. Hi everybody,
    I agree with all of you, “Slumdog millionaire” is an excellent film but I don´t dare to say that it´s a “masterpiece”. The film is very dinamic thanks to quick camera movements and the flashbacks don´t make the film be boring, on the contrary those set the accion in the right moment. On the other hand, we have to admit that in some parts of the film the plot is quite weak, it isn´t credible and very predictible (the answer B or D was very clear). But that weak point, is uncapable of spoiling the excellent actors/actresses´ performance, a dinamic action and the tender love story. María, I agree entirely with you, that film is worth seeing it.

  30. I sincerely cannot believe that there were people who thought the tickets free. Anyway, I’m sorry María for having been unable to join you, since I could have supported the meeting.

    Bandit, the plot is quite simple indeed and I believe that’s the reason why it works perfectly well. It is “the world” behind it that made me appreciate the film and, when saying the world behind, I mean India and its cruel reality which seems to keep being the very same despite so many economical developments as there have taken place in the last few years.

  31. María I´m very sorry to read that some of my students acted like that. It seems to me incredible that grown-ups can think that something is free, nothing is free, as fortunately we are not in a Communist country! If they thought that they got a discount if there were minimum 15 people, that is my fault as I thought it was so, I apologise on that score. However I just can´t believe that people leave, once they are there, because it is either not free or they don´t get a reduction, in this case, as I understand, of 1 euro.
    I´m very sorry to hear that they acted like that, being adults. Well people always surprise one. All this makes me blush, you are doing a wonderful job with the film club and do not deserve to be treated like this. So I apologise for the attitude of those students of mine whom I hope will also feel that they haven´t acted well when they read this. SORRY

  32. Marta, it is NOT your fault at all!!!

  33. Marta, you have not to apologize at all. Simply some students haven´t understood the meaning of this club. The thing those students have to change is the fact of leaving as soon as they realized it wasn´t free. If you decide to go to the cinema, it must be because you like it, not because it´s free!!

  34. Precisely

  35. I don´t think the film to be simple nor predictable, as the way of making it is masterly!! Every film is simple if you only look at the plot. Despite the fact that movies are fiction, they get inspired by reality and tell stories about human beings. So, according to it and to you, every film would be simple. But I was going beyond the plot but the way of telling it.

  36. María and Roberto thank you for your comments, I´ve talked to my students and none of them left apparently, they have told me that they were talking to the students who left and they were 5th years. They said that their teacher had told them it was free! I can´t believe it who is going to say something so outrageous! Nothing is free I just can´t understand why a teacher should say something like that. Who can they be?

  37. I really enjoyed the film despite being predictable.
    It’s shown us that’s possible to produce good films with few money.

  38. I am reading all your comments and I am all astonishment. Me and Mar (Martha’s fourths) were at the cinema last thursday and, of course, WE PAID our ticket. It is nonsensical to think of going free to the cinema unless you have an invitation.

    In a more reasonable way I believe that some of the students who went to the cinema decided to leave because of not meeting anybody from the school. Mar and me, for instance, were able to find at last some First year’s students when we were at the underground.

    I do not exactly what it could happen but the catchy thing of joining the Film Club is not only going TOGETHER to the cinema but also spending some time on talking about the film afterwards.

    And about the movie, in spite of being a good one I believe that is a little overrated not deserving, in my view, the acknowledgement of winning 8 Academy Awards. Moreover, many of the characters do not speak a proper English (when it is spoken), a feature that has made my attendance less fruitful than some previous ones.

  39. Hi Mario. The other day, we were all together at the hall of the cinema till five minutes before the film started. The problem was that we were separated in two rooms and afterwards we didn´t see each other. As soon as I go out “my” room, I looked for you and found the woman of first and Carmen Fortea with her husband… Afterwards we went to the Bar de las Estrellas (C/Martín de los Heros), which is becoming into “the bar to go after the cinema”. So next times, if you leave the cinema and don´t see anyone, go there! OK?
    Another problem is that neither I don´t know you all nor you all know me… So, sometimes it´s difficult to meet… Perhaps it would be a very good idea to wear some coloured ribbon as Carmen suggested!!
    On the other hand, I know you are not the people who thought the cinema to be free… I don´t know who could be!!
    Anyway, I apologize for not maintaining us together…

  40. Hi Maria!

    Thank you for your answer! Do not worry about it! It will be better next time!

  41. I HOPE SO!

  42. I am still trying to find who the students who left were, as it is still not clear whether they were mine. When I do find out I will tell you, still nobody has owned up in spite of the fact that I ask everyday. I agree with Mario that it is hardly credible to think that you can go to the cinema free, how can anybody be so juvenile??? Dare I call it so or how can we describe them??

  43. Let´s give up this issue, as those who left are not going to show themselves after so uncredible a behaviour. Don´t you agree??
    We could think better of how all of us could recognize ourselves when going to the cinema… First of all, I suggest we would meet outside the cinema, not inside, so that we don´t mix the people who don´t belong to our club.

  44. Maybe you are right, but I don´t feel well, my first years insist it was none of them, and I have to believe them as they have said it was nobody from the class, so as you say they are not going to own up! We are not brave it seems…

  45. It is always annoying to own up and more if it is about such a silly thing! They must be ashamed of what they did. So don´t feel bad as it is not your fault, and forget it!!!!!!! 🙂

  46. You know, in this world there are two kinds of people, those who do not have manners and those who have. I am glad we belong to the second.

    Anyway, It is high time we moved on 😉

  47. Roberto, a very good end of this incredible story, but I have to insist once again, and I´ve told you, marta, several times that the fifth years IS IMPOSSIBLE, they are the ones that organize it!!! Don´t mention this year again, they are the BEST students we´ve ever had, so they are not going to be making mistakes, and if they did I´m sure they would admit it.

  48. I went to see the film, alone on a Sunday evening. Ithe cinema, renoir Narvaez, was packed and my seat was quite uncomfortable on the very first row, but I liked it very much. The scene with the little girl getting soaked, but not daring to go into the other´s shelter seems to me to be a metaphor of very many instances in real life when we do not dare to join the group because we feel rejection. The brother is also to be analized, particularly because he it is that makes the final sacrifice that enbles the younger brother to be happy, the sacrifice involving the loss of his life…soul? remeber he prayed a lot more than the younger one.
    Teh capacity of survjival is something difficult to comtemplate if you compare them with our kids; how long would they survive in those slums? Very fr ightening to think.
    Very interesting indeed

  49. I’m glad you enjoyed the film even though I was not sure if you would, for despite being amazingly good, it is rather simple when analyzing the story.

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