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Music, books, theater, cinema, paintings, all is my passion, and I am very happy of having found people with whom I can speak about these issues, of course, in English!! Being more accurate in my description I’ll say I’m 23, I’m from Soria and I’m finishing Journalism. Pleased to see you at the cinema!!!

Whatever description the person wants to add… You can also add a picture if you’ve got the image URL. Otherwise, you can send me the pic (picture) and then I can upload it here.

I am 28 and civil engineer. I love films and every genre such as classical, thriller, comedy, drama, action, science fiction, musical, western… English is my second passion and I hope someday I will be able to manage both of them. Therefore, I am glad to discuss about films in this marvellous language.

Paloma. Hello! I’m Paloma. I was born 49 years ago but I’m 24 in my mind. I like travelling, reading and going out with my husband and my friends. My hobby at the moment is English but in general I enjoy any kind of learning. I’m really interested in people – how they live, think, behave, etc. Perhaps that’s the reason why I like History. I also like Paleoanthropology very much, you know, the Neanderthals and the rest of our relatives. I have four children – two daughters and two sons (24, 22, 18, 12). I did a degree in Pharmacy. I was born in Toledo and I’ve lived in Madrid, Badajoz and Valladolid. I hate doing the housework.

Dakota. I’m a teacher but I’m here not because of that! I’m not a Dakota (a Sioux Indian), but I’m learning about and from Native American Indian people to offer courses on that some day. I’m putting together a blog on Native/American Indians, for the time being. Anyway, I started using Dakota as a nick many years ago, when I did not know about Indians, and just because I loved the sound of the word. Nowadays I even know the word actually means “friend”, which made me laugh when I discovered it!
I’m contributing one of my favorite poems by an American Indian author, Dian Million – “The Housing Poem“. Enjoy!




  1. Please, check out the page Questions about this Blog, or How can I…? where we replied to your question. We need to know if you see “edit…” at the end of your comment/post!

  2. Hiya!! Well, it’s my first foray into this film club.
    And I would like to post some comments about films but I don’t know if I can start a new topic.
    Good to be here!!!!

  3. Jus I’m trying to use it well.

  4. I´m a student from eoigoya I´d like to write about films but now I want to know how can I write in this blog.

  5. As you have done now! It´s so easy! Even you can come with us to the cineme. Tonight is our Film Day. Look at “8th May. 10.15 pm Cines Princesa: Rendition…” Welcome María!!

  6. I´ve seen several films this year but nothing really fantastic. So I´ve chosen one of then which is my favourite one.
    The film called Into the Wild. It is directed by Sean Pen and the actor was Emile Hirsch. It is set in California, Dakota and Alasca (three different places), and it was filmed in the real places, not in a studio; and the actor originally spoke in English.
    The film is based in a real story.
    The plot is about a good student who finished his degree and everybody thought that he would have a brilliant future but he decided leaving his comfortable life and he went to look for adventure.He gave away all his money to charity. He wanted to be free and he wished to know the wild.
    Then he travells a lot, over the prairies and deep trees, the mountains and the rivers. In his trip he met lots different people who don´t agree whith the society of USA. In the end he goes into Alaska where he dies of hunger. This scene made me cry but I really enjoyed the whole film.

  7. I haven’t seen this film yet; you have described it very well so I’d like to see it. If you could lend me the DVD next Tuesday I would give it back to you the following Thursday. Do you think it’s possible?

  8. Hello Michelle: Here my photo´s link is: http://golpesdeterciopelo.files.wordpress.com/2007/11/barbra_streisand_50.jpg
    Thanks for all! 😉

  9. Hi!!! I would like put here a new post. I’m trying to do it but without success.
    Can you explein to me how I can do it, please?
    Thanks a lot

  10. Hi again!!! Someone know how I can edit a new post in 2-film category?

  11. Hi Lady silence. I think you need to be an author to have a new post but I will check. Some advice on grammar and spelling:
    Explain (not explein)
    Someone/everyone/ anyone etc are considered as he/she, so you need an “s” when the verb is positive or affirmative and “does” for questions: Does anyone know…? the correct sentence would be: Does anyone/anybody know how to edit…? But if you think about the language function you are using and abandon translation or transfer from Spanish into English, you go this way: what am I doing here? asking for advice? and then you have to remember we have “should” to ask for advice? What should I do to edit….?
    Thanks for your contributions! we are very proud of brave Y3 students!

  12. Thanks a lot Ana!!!

  13. Hello Clara!
    I´m so happy to know that you have enjoyed with the film I have described in this place.
    I can´t lend you because this film I have seen in one cinema called RENOIR RETIRO many time ago. The film are in English Language but I understood lots of words because the main characters spoken very slowly.
    From that day on I believe that it is imposible to fight contrary nature.
    Sorry for my posible mistakes.

  14. Lady Silence, we need your little description for this page. You can post it here and we’ll paste it up there.

    Clara and María, can you post your comments about the film on the thread about the film? If not, we can do it for you.


  15. Oh, Lady Silence and Elena, you should appear as Authors because we sent you a message to join us as authors!

  16. What a great idea this blog,it´s very interesting and congratulations to the creators and supporters of the idea. I want to inform, specially for the followers of the Prison Break saga, that there is a web page where are published all the episodes from 1 to 13. The web page is: http://www.fase6.com/ver-series/inicio.html
    Enjoy yourself and good luck with your June exams.(The TV serie is in Spanish, so you couldn´t practise your English!)

  17. Elia, welcome! I think Prison Break must be in English in Emule…

  18. Hello!
    I don’t know how it works! Is it just like this writing here? I tried to join you a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t succeed!! How should I do it?
    Thanks in advance!!

  19. Hi there, Lady Silence and Elena!

    If you click on the link under PAGES (up there) called “How can I…?” you’ll find a step-by-step explanation of how to become an Author once you’ve received our invitation. (For people who haven’t, tell us, and if you’re a Goya student we can invite you to become an Author or a Contributor).

    Here is the link, anyway: https://eoigoyainglesfilmclub.wordpress.com/2008/04/15/answers-to-help-steps-for-authors-to-start-threads/#comments

    Tell me if this helps, OK?

    Nice day!

    PS: By the way, I deleted the posts with the bios we pasted above, to tidy up this page. If you’re an Author, post your bio here, as a comment. We’ll copy it and paste it on this page (further up, where the other bios are) and then we’ll delete your original message.

  20. Hello, I’m not sure if I can write directly on here, or if it is necessary to register first.

  21. No, you don’t need to do that.

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