… and the winner is:

February 23, 2009



  1. Cris, having answered to 7 categories successfully, you become the winner of the contest.

    Today, I will give Carmen the prize so that you can have it. We think it better to give the money instead of the tickets to let you choose the film you want to see.

    I’m posting the results of your bets all on the board of the department.

  2. Congratulations Cris, well done!!

  3. Congrats Cris!!!

  4. Thank you , Roberto and Antonio,

    I am embarrased. I am going to watch ” The curiose case of Benjamin Button” with the prize. I´ll invite my boyfriend who always goes with me.

  5. Congratulations Cris!! You are the best! Enjoy the film!
    Roberto, I have to pay you!!
    I have called Cines Golem in order to obtain a discount in tickets for groups. Barbara, the person to whom I´ve talked, has said that we have to be a group of 25 people to get the discount (5.50 € per person).
    So, if you want to go to the cinema as everyday was the “spectator´s day”, come with us!! We only have to say in the morning the film we´ll see, how many people we´ll be and the session we´ll attend, that´s all.

  6. Congratulations Cris,for both winning and participating in the film club!!!!
    Have a good time in the cinema with your boy friend!hahaha…

  7. Congratulations Cris, what luck! It must be something to win a price. I hope you´ll join the group tomorrow, I´m afraid I won´t be able to go I´ve got that lesson that I find it difficult to get rid of. But I had great fun when I went last Tuesday so if you want to have fun go!!

  8. WELL DONE Cris, I´m very happy that the winner happens to be one of my students. You know what I always say:
    “my students are always the BEST”
    and there you are!!!!!
    I have to say that I´m not very good at evaluating films in general, but I´m very happy for Kate Winslet and very fustrated that Cruz won it, I much preferred Button´s mother, however that is how it is.
    I htink, Cris that you´ve done extremely well since it is amazing that you got 7 correct ones. CONGRATULATIONS

  9. Cris congratulations because you are the win.Last weekend I went to see The curiose case of Benjamin Button and I enjoy with this film. For me it was very difficult to understand but in spite of it, I enjoy a lot. It is a strange story but is very well told and set. I hope you enjoy with the film like I did.

  10. Congratulations Cris, it was really difficult to know the whole result and you did it!!!

    Today I can´t go to the cinema. I´ve started a course in the Diplomatic School on monday and tuesday till 8 pm during three months. But I´ll try some day to leave the course earlier to go with you, because I really enjoyed last weeks. I thank you for having such a good idea of the film club!!!

  11. I don´t believe in awards. I haven´t believed in Oscars since a lot of years ago. Many filmakers or actors that were really great, never received an Oscar: Chaplin, Fritz Lang, Akira Kurosawa, Cary Grant (he only won a honorific one), the Marx Brothers, Alfred Hitchcock, Marilyn Monroe, Orson Welles… In the other side, the Academy has given awards to many films that today are almost forgotten: The song of Bernadette, Marty, My Cousin Vinny, Shakespeare in Love, Moonstruck, The Turning Point, Belinda…

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