How can I…?

This page will include some basic explanations to help us use the blog, with a non-technical language/approach.
If you need to pose a question, please use our page “Questions for Michelle”. We will publish here a “clean copy” of the answers.

First steps for “Authors” to get going on this blog.



  1. I can´t delete my testing words… How can I do it?

  2. Can you see some place in the comment where you see “Edit”? If you do, click on that. Then look for “delete”.

  3. I think I only can delete comments wich are in “my archives”, where I am th author… Do you understand me??

  4. Language note:

    Do you understand/see what I mean?

    Yes, but, can you think of Dakota’s question for the case of being here on the blog, not on the control panel? (“edit comment” should appear just at the end of the final line – the “by-line”, in your comments on the blog, in blue)

    We’ll try to check what you mean. It seems it refers to your control panel (the inside of the blog, or its backstage), not to the blog (its outside). Is that right?


  5. Please, check out the page Questions to Michelle.

  6. Roberto, we changed you back to “Author”, although we haven’t found out the way to stop posts from being sent to our emails… 😦

  7. Michelle, I beg your pardon because I have just posted in “questions about the blog” that I am posting as a contributor without having read this section, that is to say, I am writing as an author.

  8. I’ve seen Easy Virtue this afternoon and I’d like to recommend the film. How can I write the text on the page Film Club?

  9. If you are not an Author or a Contributor to this blog (you need to register as such) you cannot start threads. You can ask somebody who is to do so for you, or ask your teacher if you can register as an Author or Contributor.

    I’m assuming you are a student or an ex student at EOI Goya. So I’ll try to send you the “invitation” to register as an Author/Contributor, anyway. Let me see if I manage to do that.

    Then, when you get the email, follow the instructions. You’ll always have to login to enter as a Contributor/Author and then remember to log out.


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