Questions about the Blog

Hello everybody!

Because I haven’t got almost any spare time (I’m michelle, the blog admin), it would be of great help that you posted your questions and requests here, on this webpage we have created to do just that, so that it’s not a must for me to read all the threads and comments to fish them out! 🙂

Please, remember to add the link or the web address of the place where you question or request came up, in case I need to check.

I’ll be answering to all your questions as soon as I can, OK?


— Answers

One of the questions Authors asked was about deleting their posts and comments. (I explained twice somewhere on this blog, but I suppose you haven’t bumped into that comment.) Please, look for the link “edit this comment/post” or something like that. Click on it. You’ll get to a control panel. Just on the right side, look carefully, there’s another link called “delete comment/post”. Can you see it now? 



  1. Contributors cannot edit or delete their posts or comments. The only contributor here is Roberto. Roberto, do you want to be an Author, so you can, or is it OK like this?

  2. Authors can edit and delete their POSTS, but not their COMMENTS, it seems. At the end of their POST, there is an “Edit” link (after the category under which the post is filed). But I can’t find any “edit” link after the comments.

  3. YouTube videos: we can paste them in the opening posts, but not in the comments. Tough!

  4. I just saw (UK: I’ve just seen) that this appears in some? of our posts:

    Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    and then some links to other blogs.


  5. Some geometrical design avatars have started to appear… Mmm… Interesting… Or are you people picking them somewhere?

  6. I know nothing…

  7. But my photo doesn´t appear when I write!! Why????

  8. Because you have to sign in. Go to WordPress.com and sign in. Tell me if it works, OK?

  9. Hurray! We managed to hide the “related links” thingy.

  10. I think I started this blog as an author. Later, by receiving an email every time
    someone posted a comment in a thread created by me, I was changed as a contributor. Therefore, I would like to be an author again whether it’s possible.

  11. I can’t see the link to post a new tread. And It seems I’ve forgotten my password. Can you help me, please?

  12. What means in the column at the right Top Posts and Top Clicks?

  13. Hello, Alessandro!

    Top Posts means those posts with a higher number of replies, I think. (Because the ones with a higher number of visits seem to be the next one). Top clicks is those posts that have been read more times.

    Let’s check if this is so, and if anyone finds out it’s not so, tell us!!!


  14. Thank you Dakota, I thought it should be something similar, but I was not sure. Anyway I am very happy that “my” web site is the fourth of the Top Clicks, the first after the “domestic” links. I wonder what the people think after looking at it 🙂

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