March, the 15th – 17:00 / CINE DORÉ (Filmoteca Española) C/ Santa Isabel 3, Metro Antón Martín

March 5, 2009


Out of Africa having been released in 1985 and now on the big screen again,  not many times in life such an opportunity is granted to a film buff. Therefore, I recommend you to join us were you willing to enjoy so beautiful a film.


  1. Enjoy the film! I envy you!!!

  2. Impossible to join you, until Joanne comes back from the Phillipines!!!

  3. Great!

  4. I’m afraid we cannot change the date for there is no other day to watch it.

  5. Elena, I assure you that you are going to adore this film, it being better than My blue berry nights… ahahaha. I do like the music, I have the main theme in my mp3, and the scene when they are flying, the landscapes… Simply wonderful!
    I´m looking forward to seeing your comments!

  6. Maria, I’ll tell you. I might be bringing some friends too. By the way, there are usually a lot of people going to see these films there, but mostly when they are at 19h or 20h. Still, it may be a good idea to go and get the tickets half an hour before the beginning of the movie.

  7. Elena, I think it is only myself who is going to attend the meeting. So, I do not mind.

  8. Well, tell us how you liked the film!!! A lot of tears??

  9. The more I see this film, the more I like it. It was amazing to watch it on the big screen even though the copy was rather old and you miss such a good photography as the film has. I was glad that Natalia, Elena and Pilar, who had not ever seen the film, enjoyed it.

    Anyway, I love this film especially the score.

    By the way, What was your favourite moment of the film? The flight scene is overwhelming and the time when Karen offers her hand to Dennis, expressing how happy she feels, is the highlight moment of the film, is it not?

  10. What a marvellous film!!
    At the end I couldn’t help crying like a little child!I felt moved all over the film, the landscapes were amazing, and the flight scene is overwhelming Roberto, you’re completely right!
    If I had to choose and scene, I’d take any of both being together, as the Safari’s dinners or their renewed enconters with Mozart’s music as background noise!!Another memorable moment is when she’s informed about her lover death…so touching and restrained at the same time…Incredible film. Thanks for the choice!

  11. Thank you to you for coming. 🙂

    A friend of mind loves Africa and this is her favourite film. She is fond of the scene when Dennis is washing her hair. Did you like it?

  12. I loved it! Elena and me were talking about that scene and the poem or popular song he’s pronuncing while washing her hair!!

  13. I loved it! Elena and me were talking about that scene and the poem or song he’s pronuncing while washing her hair!

  14. I also liked the scene of him washing her hair!! I knew you would like it…

  15. Hi!

    Yes, I liked very much the film. The moment he washes her hair is so sensual… The dialogues I liked best were in the end, when she wants to define their relationship, don’t you think? Still, I was telling Natalia that, were I her in such an isolated place, I would also need to escape from time to time, as Robert Redford does… You cannot possibly be 100% of the time with someone without feeling uptight, whoever he might be… does anyone agree with me?

    I also liked it very much when she said that, were he to promise to propose marriage, she would say no… hehehe

    All in all, this was such a moving film… Moreover, the good thing is that after all that crying, you feel pretty relaxed 🙂

  16. I think it would be a great idea to go from time to time to the Filmoteca…

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