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January 26, 2009

This is a thread created so that you can post everything related to cinema such as comments about films you have seen recently, the film you like it most, soundtracks or whatever.

We are looking forward to reading your opinions.



  1. “Dial M for murder” (1954), a very good film to practise your listening skills and also an excellent exercise of filming by Sir Alfred Hitchcock. Shot in US though settled in London, you will be listening to a proper British accent. Once more, Mr. Hitchcock leads the audience along the path he pleases and you will only find out what he wants you to do. In addition, the film was shot to be on released in 3D and it is this circumstance that makes you really amazed before such command of shooting; for in many sequences the camera, characters and stage are placed in the perfect position so that the 3D effect may bestow on the spectator an authentic sense of presence into the screen.

    This film is often put on TV and you can find it everywhere with a low price.

  2. Hi.

    I´ve seen the Rear Window and Dial M of Muerder, by Alfred Hitchcock, but only in Spanish. In English, I´ve seen of this director, Thirty Nine Steps, The Lady Vanishes, Under Tropic of Cancer (its Spanish title was Atormentada), Torn Curtain, Strangers in a Train and Notorious (whose Spanish title was Encadenados). I wacht usualy a lot of films in English, but none of them very recent. Many of them in DVD. It´s a real good way of improve your English.

  3. Thank you for your comment Rosa. I love Hitchcock and you have mentioned a very good films of his carrear (well, I think all of them are splendid indeed). Anayway, Atormentada being considered as not one of his best, I really liked it.

    Have you seen the Wrong Man?

  4. I also like Hichcock´s movies very much. The actres I admire the most is Ingrid Bergman, but I could say that my favourite film of Hitchcock´s is Dial M of Muerder. It was the first one that I saw and amazed me.
    Another film that amazed me when I was a girl was Billy Wilder´s “Witness for the Prosecution”, with a great Marlene Dietrich. My God, it makes my skin crawl yet!!

  5. Hi.

    I don´t know what is the Wrong Man, I think I don´t know it, but I also have seen Spellbound (very good), Jamaica´s Inn, The man who know too much (the older version), Sabotage, To catch a Thief and other more. I think the better Alfred Hitchcock´s film is Vertigo, but I have only seen it in Spanish.
    I like very much Hitchcock´s films, but I prefer the classic horror films (like Universal´s ones), the historical films, like The Ten Commandements, and the black films, like The big Sleep or The Lady From Shangai.

    See you soon.

  6. María, you are right, the Marlene Dietrich´s film that you speak about is very good. Have you seen Rancho Notorious by Fritz Lang (whose Spanish title was Encubridora), The Garden of Allah, by Richard Boleslawski, and A touch of Evil, by Orson Welles? I recommend strongly all of that if you like Marlene Dietrich.

  7. I’m amazed by finding people interested in such a good films as you are.

    Hitchcock is my favourite film director and my list with his “top 5” might be:

    – Vertigo
    – North by Northwest
    – Rear Window
    – Psycho
    – The Rope

    There are three films of his American period I have not seen yet: “Foreign correspondent”, “Mr. & Mrs Smith” and “Saboteur”. As for his British ones, I’ve only seen: “Sabotage” and “The 39 steps”.

    I liked “Spellbound” very much mainly because of the dream scene and the score which won the academy award as best score.

    You have a very good taste Rosa. “The Lady of Shangai” and “The Big Sleep” are considered to of the best films have ever been made. The former I liked it though “The Big Sleep” has such a difficult plot to understand that I get lost. However, I watched “The Maltese Falcon” some time ago and enjoyed it a lot even I read the novel afterwards.

    I look forward to watching Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” and “The woman in the window”. I have only seen “Scarlet Street” (Perversidad).

    A touch of Evil is another one I wish to see.

    María, I am glad you liked “Witness for Prosecution”; it is impressive, Billy Wilder probably being my second best director. What about “The apartment”, “Sunset Boulevard” and “Double Indemnity”? They are the very best. By the way, I love Charles Laughton who appears in the film you have mentioned as the solicitor of the accusation.

  8. You are right, Roberto. I have seen Metropolis. It´s a real good film. Do you know that, with Los Olvidados, by Buñuel, is the only film that is considered Human Patrimony by the Unesco? I have heard that, recently, a copy of the film that have scenes that are believed that are lost, has been found in Argentina, and they are going to restore it. I love Fritz Lang´s films, probably he´s my favourite director. I´ve seen Die Niebelungen, Metropolis, Dr. Mabuse Die Spieler, Ein Bild der Zeit, M, Ministry of Fear, The Woman in the Window, House by the River, Rancho Notorius, Clash by Night, Blue Gardenia, The Big Heat, Human Desire, Secret Beyond the Door, and The Indian Tomb. But I haven´t seen Der Mude Tod, and I´d like so much to watch it. I haven´t found it yet in any place, and I think is not one of this lost movies from the silent time of cinema. I love silent movies, specially from Germany. I think my favorite one is Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari, a amazing modern film. The better horror in all times films probably were made in this time, like Nosferatu, by F.W. Murnau or the silent version of The Phantom of the Opera, with Lon Chaney, who was to the horror films like Chaplin to the comical films.

  9. I am amazed! I see Rosa you are really a film buff as I think I am, Great! I have not seen any film of Buñuel so far. As for mute films, I’ve seen several ones, mainly of Charles Chaplin and one or two of Buster Keaton. However, I remember that, long time ago, I went to Filmoteca Española to watch one and got impressed. There was a person doing the score of the film with a piano. Marvellous!!

    I need to see more classic European films and would be glad if you might recommend me some to see besides those you have mentioned in your last post.

    By the way, have you seen a french film called “Le True”?

  10. Sorry, Roberto, I don´t know that French film. I haven´t seen many european films. I think I am more used to American filmes or Japanese films. Except, of course, several silent films. I´d like very much to see a Danish film by Carl Theodor Dreyer called Vampyr, but I haven´t found yet. It´s a real pity, in Spain there are not taste for silent films, if you except comical ones, like Charlot´s or Buster Keaton´s or Harold Lloyd´s. A long time ago was sort a cine club in La dos de TVE, about silent movies, and I had the chance of see a lot of silent filmes by Charlot. But I think his talked films are as good as the silent ones. My favorite is The Great Dictator, and LimeLigth. But I think I prefer horror films. It´s a pity that masterpieces like Human Claws, The Man Who Laughs or The Unholy Three, are not distributed in Spain. Although La Orquesta Mondragón dedicated a song to Human Claws in the Eighties (“Me quiero morir”). And the caracter of the Joker in Batman comics is inspired in The Man who Laughs.

    I´m looking forward to read your next posts.

  11. I also know more about american films than european and as you say, there is no finding many films like the ones you mention. Scarcely have I seen horror films even though I’d like to (Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Nosferatu…). However, there are such an amount of films to watch that one is forced to choose. Anyway, I love all kinds of films: comedy, drama, action, science-fiction, terror, thirllers… EVERYTHING!

    Do you know Takeshi Kitano?

  12. Hi, Roberto.

    I´m afraid I havent´t seen any recent film by Takeshi Kitano. I prefer Japanese films from the fifties and sixties, specially Kurosawa and Ozu. My favourite ones (but there are a lot, and all are great)are Seven Samurais (which had a remake, very inferior on my opinion, The Seven Magnificents), Yojimbo (which also have remakes: For a Fistfull of Dollars and The Last Man Standing) and its second part, Sanjuro, The Throne of Blood (that was inspired by Shakespeare Macbeth´s), Ikiru (To Live), Rashomon, The Hidden Fortress (which inspired the Star Wars Films), The Bad Sleep Well (I recommend this very strongly, if you like detective films), The Heaven and Hell, Ran… there are a lot… A japanese film that I´d like very much to wacht it´s Yokihi, by Kenji Mizoguchi. The oriental films are very special. I liked very much Ugetsu Monogatari, by the same director, and Kaidan, by Masaki Kobayashi. They are a little like horror stories, but they are a bit like love stories, specially Ugetsu Monogatari.

  13. Dear Rosa,

    I have only seen two films of Kurosawa’s: “To live” and “Seven Samurais”. The Seven Magnificents is good but I agree with you, his version is quite better. There are at least another two films of his I want to see though I do not remember the titles now and need to check them on my list, for I have a list somewhere with the films I must see someday. I really thank you for your recommendations, since it will be easier for me chosing a film of the sort knowing that there is someone with knowledge about the issue who has adivsed me to get them.

    Precisely, George Lucas keeps saying (I LOVE STAR WARS), every time he has the chance to do it, that Kirosawa was fundamental so as to make him create Star Wars.

    You must see Zatoichi of Kitano’s.

    Anyway, I’m going to review my favourites films so that I can show you my preferences, your being quite an expert.


  14. Of Course, Roberto! I must say I was a Star Wars fan too. I´m afraid I´m a bit freakie. But I think that the last ones ( The Phantom Menace, The Clone War and The Revenge of the Sith) were a bit disapoiting. I mean, I think I could have a bit more, perhaps, people expected too much about this films. Anywhere, I am not as fan as I used to be. Have you seen Star Wars, The Exhibition? I haven´t seen it, because I think the prize of admission tickets is excesive (10 €!, I´m amazed). In my opinion, the best of the saga is Empire Stricks Back. The other source of inspiration of Star Wars Filmes are the classic westerns…wich are a source of inspiration of Kurosawa´s films too, specially John Ford. I don´t like westerns very much, but there are some that are real masterpieces, like Nicholas Ray´s Johnny Guitar (my real favourite western, a very atypical movie, which inspired one of the most famous scenes of Pedro Almodovar´s Mujeres al borde de un ataque de Nervios, when he says “miénteme, dime que me has esperado todos estos años…), The Stage Coach, Sergeant Rutledge ( a very early example of film about racism),The Searchers, all by John Ford, and, of course, Rancho Notorious, by Fritz Lang.

  15. Rosa, I’m really enjoying this conversation. The Empire Strikes Back is the best film of the Saga in everyway even though I also love the other ones. As you say, the new trilogy lacks of something, however, you can see that they are, visually, as George Lucas wanted the classics to be. Besides, Revenge of the Sith has a very thrilling ending, when all Jedi must be killed and, at length, we are told why and how everything happened. Did you know Lucas is preparing a TV Series, not cartoons but with real actors, to explain the story between episodes III and IV?

    You’re right again, Star Wars (a New Hope) is like a western and Lucas was also inspired in those kind of films. Johnny Guitar is considered to be one of the very best films in all the cinema history, not only as a western but as a film. I like westerns very much and my favourite ones probably are: Shane (Raices Profundas), Río Bravo and The Searchers. As a curiostiy, the other day watched for the first time “How the west was won” and was quite interesting indeed. I cannot forgert either Sergio Leone’s.

    I’ve been twice to the exhibition. I recommend you to go because in spite of the fact that it focuses mainly on the new trilogy, everyting is worth looking at since it is STAR WARS!! With EOI card you get a student discount, thus, you only have to pay 5€.

  16. Dear Roberto: I am not such an expert, although I have quite taste for cinema (not all cinema).

    Yes, I have heard something about a Tv Series, but I have heard stories about this since years. It exists too a story in the shapes of comicbooks and novels between episodes V and VI. It´s said (for years) that Lucas wants to make an animation film, or Tv series, about that. Its name is Shadows of the Empire, but having seen what I having seen… They said, too, that he wanted to make a new trilogy that will happen after Episode VI.

    What do you think about Sci-Fi films? My favourite ones are: Blade Runner (but not Director´s Cut, but the normal version), Soylent Green ( in Spain was named Cuando el destino nos alcance, I don´t know why), The Omega Man (Named in Spain El último Hombre, and based on a Richard Matheson Tale, I´m a Legend, which has a recent remake with Will Smith), Solaris (I have seen only the modern version by Stephen Sonderberg), and The Fifth Element, by Luc Besson, and Outland (Atmósfera Cero), by Peter Hyams. But, in English, I have seen only Blade Runner. I think I am not a real fan of Sci Fi Filmes. If you think, Star Wars movies are not Sci Fi Films, but adventure filmes.

  17. Rosa, Blade Runner is amazing, I enjoy the film every time I watch it. I love the atmosphere, the rhythm, the actors (all of them are marvellous), the story…
    Go to Casino Royale thread, for we have commented this film.

    Alien is certainly one of my favourite science-fiction films, together with Planet of the Apes. I want to see Solaris (and reading the book too) because I listened to a radio program some time ago in which the plot was briefly explained and I got surprised.

    Have you seen THX1138, the first film of Luca’s?

  18. What you are doing is incredible. The first years are so surprised with your level that they can´t get over it. I´ll try to join in let´s see when I can manage it

  19. Dear Marta,

    I sincerely thank you for your compliments. I keep going not only because I love English language and appreciate the opportunity you have given to us so that we can learn it, but also as a way to achieve what I really wish for: being accepted in the UK. However, there is no getting any chance to do it so and it is this circumstance that makes me unsatisfied. Every time I try to overcome an obstacle, a new one prevents me from going ahead.

    On the other hand, I feel uneasy, for I try to do my best but NOT to be the best. Everyone can do what I do, I am not special at all but rather plain. You only need to be interested in learning and listening “where the airy voices lead”.

  20. Hi.

    Sorry, I haven´t seen Alien, only the second part and the fourth. And I haven´t seen Thx 1138. From Lucas, I have seen (apart Star Wars, too) American Graffitti, a very nice film about the memeories of the youth, and the old friends of the childreness. Planet of the Apes it´s good, but I prefer the first version to the one that made Tim Burton, in my opinion, an overestimated film maker (although their first movies were very good: Beetlejuice, the first and second Batman, Nigthmare before Christmas, Edward Scissorshands, Ed Wood…)
    I don´t like very much James Bond´s films. I have only seen the old version of Casino Royale, with Ursula Andress, David Niven and Peter Sellers. Really very funny. And the score it´s great.

    What do you think about Duel in the sun, (by King Vidor)? In my opinion, that film has one of the most beautifull scenes of death of all cinema history?

    Hi, Marta, nice to meet you. We want very much to heard about a film very special to you.

  21. Hi! I like Burton very much. I don´t think he is overestimated at all. He has magic, creates magic scenes, full of fantasy and tells beautiful stories. Edward Scissorshands is great, but also Big Fish, Ed Wood… I admit the last one wasn´t very good (Sweeney Todd), but my point differs from others´ as I saw the theatre play before.
    I´ve not seen Duel in the sun, but I´ll do it as soon as possible.
    Last week I watched “Frost/Nixon”. I liked it as I am journalist. It´s a good film, well performed by the two main characters, and the script is correct, agile, and a well managed make-up. From a journalist´s point of view is really interesting how to prepare an interview, an important one, with the ex president of the US, Nixon! The films is nominated in five categories… I have to think for our draw! 😉
    Roberto, could we create a new thread where to post our favourite films and the reasons why they are our favourite ones? Do you think it´s a good idea? People usually like to tell these things!!

  22. Hi marta, we are here more and more. Firsts must join!! You can!!
    Had you noticed there are more than five thousand visits here??? I´ve just seen it and it would be wonderful that everyone who comes wrote something… To read is not enough, you have to write!!

  23. Hi María.

    I think thet the first films by Tim Burton were very good, but the lasts are a bit the same thing all the time. I haven´t seen Big Fish. The last that I have seen by Tim Burton is Sleepy Hollow, and it was for me a bit disapointing, just like an Scooby-doo´s chapter that lasts one hour. It´s a pity, because the original tale, by Washington Irving, was good, and it was completely desvirtuated. And the cast, the score, the dresses, the atmosfere, were very good. Really a pity. But it´s true that Burton is a very original filmaker, a very inusual thing nowadays, and you can recongnize one of his films at the first glimpse. Perhaps is because that a lot of people loves his films.
    I have seen only the older version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but it was a long time ago.

    Have you seen any original monster´s movie by the Universal Studios (many of the classic horror movies of the thirties and fourties)?

  24. Rosa, I also meant Planet of the Apes in its first version. I like Burton’s works but as you say, he’s starting to annoying me a little since despite his excellent talent so as to create both a “comic” and “gothic” atmosphere in all his film, lately, they lose rhythm and make you get a little bit tired. Ed Wood is his best film in my opinion, perfect in everyway. Did you know María, that he is currently shooting a new version of Alice in Wonderland?

    I have not seen Duel at Sun even though I have been hearing of such a film for a long time.

    María, you can create the thread if you want to do it so, however, I think those kind of comments might be posted here, too.

    Rosa, I disliked Bond’s films till I saw Casino Royale, it being the opposite to every other film of the saga. You have to watch it!

    María, now that you seen Frost/Nixon, do you consider it to have chances to win any adward?

  25. Hi, Roberto.

    In the other post ( In Quantum of Solace), I talked about the first version of Casino Royale. Well, I think I have to rent in in the video club, or borrow it at the library. If you dont´t the old version of Casino Royale, perhaps you should watch it, but don´t wait an usual James Bond´s movie. It´s just the opposite, a movie that makes jokes about the topics of James Bond´s films. The music is really good.

  26. Dear Rosa,

    In spite of not having watched the first version, I know it. Woody Allen’s is David Niven’s son I think, and the film is made as a parody of the novel and the other films of Bond as you have just said.

    What about Stanley Kubrick? Do you like it?

  27. If you don´t agree I won´t do the new thread. It´s true, we can post those comments here. ok.
    I´ve not seen Casino Royal yet!! I´ll do it this week, I´d completely forgotten to see this film!
    Rosa, I´ve watched recently “Nosferatu” (1922), if you situate at that epoch it´s really interesting to see such films!
    Frost/Nixon could win some award, but first I have to see each movie… However, the script was good…

  28. Hi, Roberto.

    That´s true. But Woody Allen is Dr. No, and the nephew, not the son, of David Niven, who performs the original James Bond, a character who lives like a monk and who only drinks tea, and very annoyed by the fact of the Secret Service has given his name and number to a person who is (the James Bond that we knows thanks to the movies), in his opinion, a drunken rapper of woman. Really amusing. The bad guy is performed by Orson Welles.
    I´m afraid I don´t like Kubrick´s films. I think there are too much intelectual. I have seen The Shinnning (many people thinks that is the most terrifying movie in all the times, but for me was only boring and disgusting, if I felt scared was only due for the ugly that Jack Nicholson was in that film, make those all funny faces…), Barry Lindon (very good its artistic direction and ambientation, but very boring too), Lolita (interesting, but I think that it was because the book in which is based is interesting, too, although very umpleasant), 2001: A Space Odyssey (very boring, too, and very difficult to understand, although I have read the book by Arthur C. Clarke), and Spartacus. That was the only that I really liked it, perhaps because the script, by Dalton Trumbo was really good, perhaps because it was a peplum and I love peplums and historical filmes, because most of the scenes were not directed by Kubrick but by the leanding actor, Kirk Douglas.

    So Marta, you have seen recently Nosferatu? Congratulations! This is a REAL MASTERPIECE!
    I have seen the Murnau´s version (sadly, whith an awful soundtrack, obviuosly, not the original, but the power of those images are so, that I forgot the sound and just saw it) and the remake by Werner Herzog, made in the seventies, not as good, but original, because is the few movies that follow one part of Stoker´s original novel. I had read it in Spanish, I´d wish read it in English. Did you know that, due a sue, the Murnau´s film was nearly destroyed? Murnau didn´t buy the rigths of Dracula to the Stoker´s heir, his widow Florence, so she sued the German studies that had make the film, and they lost, and had to destroy the film, but some copies were saved. It was a real luck, because is one of the bests horror films ever make. I love, as I said, silent filmes, specially horror filmes.

    I have seen this version of Dracula, the Herzog´s version, the classical version by Tod Browning with Bela Lugosi and one of the many made by the Hammer Films with Christopher Lee (I think it was Dracula, Prince of Darkness), and the Coppola´s version, that I didn´t like. For me, the best is the Murnau´s version.

  29. Hi!

    I’m very surprised by this thread! You all know and have watched a lot of films!! I have barely seen 10% of those mentioned, hehe. Now that you mentioned Stanley Kubrick, I saw “Eyes wide shut” some weeks ago because of a friend’s recommendation. I hadn’t done it before because I had classified it as somehow “perverse”. In the end, I really liked it, mostly the first half, for the psychological insight. But the second half was tremendously exciting too. For me, it was like two very different movies in one. Have you watched it? Today I saw “Belle de Jour” from Buñuel, which amazed me, and it had some similarities to “Eyes wide shut”. Have you seen them?

  30. I think that I keep repeating myself when saying that Casino Royale in its first version is anther film I’d been longing to see since long ago, however I only knew that it was shot as a parody of Bond’s film and had no idea about the plot. Now with your information Rosa, I feel even more anxious to watch it.

    I’ve not seen all Kubrick’s films, however, I got amazed by seeing “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”. Peter Sellers is at his best and the film itself is marvellous. Again, I want to see Barry Lyndon. The Shining surprised me for I expected a terror film but it seemed to be more psychological. I liked it.

    Hello Elena (Gil? or Martinez?), it is nice to have you here! I also have to see Eyes White Shut. I remember how controversial it was considered when it was put on release in 1999. In general reviews set it as a very good film.

    Have you seen “It happened one night”?

  31. Elena, I have also seen “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and despite the fact that it lasted two much in my opinion (nearly 3 hours in length) and you might get tired some times, I liked it considerably, since you are before a different film. I have asked myself several times whether it would have more sense being borne with the body of and elderly person and die as a child because by being young, you may enjoy life more intensely, adding the experience of past events. However, were it be possible, you would probably suffer in the same way as we do in the real life.

    On the other hand, I enjoyed the message the film bestowed on me. We must accept ourselves plainly as we are, enjoy life while we can and go for those things we really aim for.

    Focusing on the “technical” point of view, it is a pity the film is unable to part the story from the rhythm settled by the fact that the audience knows when the main character is going to die, thus, the story cannot avoid preventing itself from some boring moments.

  32. There is a film called “Old boy” which won the adward as the best film in Stiges Festival, two or three years ago.


  33. Hi Roberto. Hi Elena.

    I haven´t seen Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb ( I think it is which that in Spanish is named as ¿Teléfono Rojo? ¡Volamos hacia Moscú! ). I haven´t care about it very much, because, as I said, I don´t appreciate a lot Kubrick´s films (nor Buñuel or Fellini filmes, I´m sorry for Elena). But all people said that was great, so I probably will watch it when I will be able.

    I have seen, for Peter Sellers, Lolita, as I said, the first part of Pink Panter, Casino Royal (here, he performed the role of Evelyn Trumbell, the inventor of a methode for play baccarrá who pretended be 007), and for me, his best performance, in a not very known film by Blake Edwards: The Party (“El Guateque”), one of the funniests movies that I have ever seen. It that film, he made the role of Hrundi V. Bakshi, and extremely clumpsy Indian actor, in a film which has very few dialogues, and which has a style quite similar of the French comedian Jacques Tati. If you have seen “Mon Oncle” (Mi tío), or “Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot” (Las vacaciones del Señor Hulot), you will know what I mean.

    It happened one night? If you mean “Sucedió una noche” (as I think), the answer is yes. Quite funny and original, and it´s a movie that, I´m afraid, is now very actual, because althouugh it´s look like an amusing film, it talks about very serious subjects. And quite interesting because is one of the first (and very few) male strip- tease on a film.

    I have seen Claudette Colbert in this film, and in Cleopatra by Cecil B. De Mille. Probably in other more, but I can´t remember. I am not a real fan of Capra´s movies. I really like, from him, Arsenic and Old Lace (Arsénico por compasión). I have seen, too A Wonderful life (Qué bello es vivir), Mr Smith goes Washington (Caballero sin Espada), and Meet John Doe (Juan Nadie).

  34. Rosa, I think we have similar tastes, thus, I recommend you to see it, you will enjoy it. “The Life and Death of Peter Sellers“ is an interesting film lest you should like this comical actor, showing he was, in real life, rather the opposite to his characters. By the way, the first part of “the Pink Panter” has one of the most beautiful scores I have ever listened to, composed by genial Henry Mancini.

    Precisely, “The Party” is quite funny. Many times had My partents told me about it and I watched at last. I love the scene in which Sellers shots a false arrow (those ones which have a suction cup, made for children) at one of the guests, and when the latter tryes to find out where it came from (this lasts just several seconds), Sellers appears, amazingly, on the opposite site of the courtyard gretting the guest as if he knew nothing of the spot. The sequence of the bathroom and when he is going to have the dinner are also gorgeous. I am unable to understand Jacques Tati’s humour, at least by watching “Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot”. However, it is Marx Brother’s films that make me laugh one and again.

    I think “It happened one night” was the first film on winning the most important academy adawars: Best film, Best director, Best leading actor, Best leading actriss and best original script.

    “Aresenic and Old Lace” is good though rather “foolish” with no rest at all for the spectator. I’ve seen “John Doe” but not “Mr Smith goes Washington” which is included on the list of films I must see someday.

    I like very much Cary Grant. Have you seen Gunga Din? And Stewart is one of the very best, too.

  35. I do not know if I´m posting this correctly but I would like to say that I´ve seen Benjamin Button on Sunday in la Moraleja Green. Our party 2 boys 1 girl husband girl friend and myself. The choice of film, my suggestion and not a very promising one by the look of it: a very depressing beginning with someone terminal and suffering who decides to enlighten her daughter, last minute as to her birth and father…I will not reveal the story, but we battled aling the images with a very worried me, wrong choice under the other family´s circumstances, and too long, 3 hours!!! But I liked it!! I think Mr. Pitt is in for the oscar, and the black actress was good too, I did not like Blanchet too much, she is very stiff as a dancer she just doesn´t make herself as believable, she is not up to her role. I´ll say more when we have the section

  36. Hi.

    I love Marx Brothers` films. They were to sound comedy as Chaplin was as the silent. I have seen Monkey Bussiness (Pistoleros de Agua Dulce), Animal Crackers (El Conflicto de los Hermanos Marx), very good indeed, one of my favourites, Horse Feathers (Plumas de Caballo), Duck Soup (The BEST, indeed, the mirror scene was antholigycal), A Night in the Opera (quite good, too), Go West (Los Hermanos Marx en el Oeste), Copacabana, A Nigth in Casablanca, A day at the Races (Un día en las carreras), and Love Happy. I´d really like watch Four Cocoanuts (Los Cuatro Cocos). And I have read two books written by Groucho, but in Spanish : The Mangly Lover (Memorias de un amante sarnoso), My Life with Groucho (Groucho y yo). I´d really like too read the book written by Harpo: Harpo Speaks! (¡Harpo habla¡). But they guilty is my dad, who is a real fan of Groucho.

    Cary Grant is one of my favourite actors, too, but I think that I haven´t seen Gunga Din (of, if I have watched, was a long time ago). Have you seen Bring Up Baby (La fiera de mi niña)? Really, one of my favourite comical films. It´s so good that even its remake (made by the same director, Howard Hawks), Man´s favourite sport (Su Juego Favorito). For Cary Grant I have said a lot of filmes: His Girl Friday, Alfred Hitchcock´s Notorious, Monkey Bussiness (Me Siento rejuvenecer), North By Northwest, The Philadelphia History, Penny Serenade (Serenata Nostálgica), Suspicion, Indiscreet, Charade, The Grass is Green (a not very known, but excellent film by Stanly Donnen, of my favourite directors), An Affair to Remember (Tú y Yo, I think it was the Spanish name), The Pride and the Passion (the only that I think it was really bad), To Catch a Thief (which also doesn´t like very much, although was a Hitchcock), Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (Los Blandings ya tienen casa), I Was a Male War Bride (La Novia era él), The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (El solterón y la menor)… I don´t know, I have seen a lot of films whith him…

    So Carmen, do you think that Benjamin Button is a good film? I have heard that seems Forrest Gump II…

  37. Carmen, this is the correct place to post every comment you wish to write which does not fit into any other thread. Certainly, the beginning of the story is rather plain, shown often in other films. Both main characters’ performance do not deserve being considered as a proper one. Besides, I think there is no “feeling” at all between them.

    Rosa, you have mentioned the best films of Marx Brother’s. I’ve seen all their works and “Four Cocoanuts” is quite funny, similar to Animal Crackers. There’s an scene, when an auction is taking place which make you laugh and laugh.

    Duck Soup is at the top of their films. Have you seen the thread I posted long ago about it? Go to the main page of the blog, the thread being near the bottom of it.

    As for Cary Grant, don’t you think you like him better when he is in his 50’s? I want to see “Only the angels have wings”. Bring Up Baby is gorgeous and I think Katherine Hepburn and Grant are one of the greatest couples the film industry has ever created.

    I also love Stanley Donen. “Singing in the Rain” is amazing! and Charada is one of my favourite films.

  38. Hi.

    I think that in his last years of carreer, Cary Grant did a lot of movies that perhaps he shouldn´t do. I think that in To catch a thiev, for example, he was too much old for this kind of role. I prefer his films made in 30´s and 40´s. And…how handsome he was wearing a crossed jacket… not all the men can wear it…

    Stanley Donen has very interesting films, and not only musical filmes. When I was a little girl, I saw a sci-fi film, not very knonw, bt Stanley Donen, Saturn III, and I felt really scared. I had nightmares with the evil robot of that film for months. I think I had never feel so frightened with a film. It´s a pity that the last great director of Holliwood that is still alive is completelly forgotten. I´d like very much to see It’s Always Fair Weather (Siempre hace buen tiempo), I can´t understand why there are a lot of classical filmes that there are not edited in Spain.

  39. Rosa, I’m afraid that I have not seen Saturn III but I will try to find it.

    What do you think about those films in which there are several characters are forced to work as team? I love them, films like “Le true”, “Seven Samurais”, “the hunter”, “Río Bravo”, “Mission Impossible (Part 1)”, “The godfather” and many others (I must acknowledge not remembering now the more important ones).

    By the way, Have you seen “the night of the hunter”?

  40. Yes, Roberto, I had seen The Night of the Hunter, and in original version. It was a long time ago, and it´s true that it´s a very terrifying film.

    About the choral films…when, sometimes, if the director and the script are good, it works. The Goodfather is a very good trilogy, like Seven Samurais. I´m afraid I have not seen Rio Bravo (or, If I have seen it, was a long time ago). But Mission Impossible is terrible, and its better not say nothing about the second part. The worst film that I have seen recently, were made by its director, John Woo. I also recommend strongly not to watch Face Off. Or, as I say, Fat Man (Travolta) against Bald Man (Cage).

  41. This time Rosa, I’m afraid I do not agree with you. Mission Impossible in its first part (directed by Brian the Palma) is perfect as an action film even though sometimes it should be not credible. However I did not enjoy Face off.

  42. ahaha, very amusing conversation!
    I wish I would have much more time to write so much as you do!! I´m realizing I won´t be able to see every nominated film!!!

  43. María, do you mean that you will not be able to see all the nomitated films because of our contest? If it be so, never mind as you can guess who is going to win.

  44. I usually dislike science-fiction films where there are just explosions, guns, and human beings are super heroes…

  45. María there types and “types” of science-fiction / action films. Mission Impossible and Casino Royal are in the second group. 🙂

  46. I´m sorry, María, but you are not right. There are very good sci-films which talk about very interesting histories, and problems which are joined to the human condition, like Metropolis, or Blade Runner, or Soylent Green. It´s not the same sci-fi films, or films about scientifical anticipation, than action filmes (Terminator, Judge Dredd, Demolition Man, Predator…etc….) And some of this films were too good films, in its way.

  47. Rosa,
    I think María says that she likes sci-fi, but she does not like sci-fi based on action scenes, special effects, explosions, etc. I am very fond of sci fi, but I like the slow one, with a very solid plot, little use of special effects, usually based on a good book, with believeble anticipations of science, technology and human society. In a lazy sunday afternoon I can enjoy other kinds of sci-fi movies, action or horror or fantasy, but are not my favorites. You already said you do not lake 2001. It is one of my beloved movies: I have seen it when It came out, I was thirteen and I enjoyed it very much. Later I read the book, and then I read 2010, 2061 and 3001 by A.C.Clarke, a writer I like very much, very different from PK Dick. Have anybody read the books that follow the movie Blade Runner, written by Jeter under suggestion of the same Dick? Or the book Metropolis by Thea von Harbou, Lang’s wife? I like very much when a movie is at the same level of the book. To be continued…

  48. Hi Alessandro. Nice to meet you.

    Many people likes 2001, by Stanley Kubrik. It´s true that the special effects are really good, and the film, very spectacular. And the book by Arthur C. Clarke, it´s said is a very good book (I have read it, but, I didn´t liked, perhaps because I couldn´t understandt it properly). But I didn´t like this film, perhaps it had a very slow rythm, and was for me quite boring, or perhaps because I didn´t understand the book, or perhaps simply because I don´t like Kubrik´s films. But, anyway, probably they are rigth (people who likes this film). Have you heard about a kind of urban legend that is about this film? It´s said that the arrival to the moon was a fake made by the Nasa, and they asked for advice to Stanley Kubrick to make the fake arrival to the moon.

    Sorry, I haven´t read the books about Blade Runner (one of my favourite Sci-fi movies), nor the book by Thea Von Harbou (and I´d realy love read it, but it´s almost impossible get it, in Spain there was only an edition of this book, in 1984). I´d really like too watch other film by Fritz Lang, Frau Im Mond. Have you seen the old version of Solaris? I´d really like watch it. I have only seen the new, but I don´t think is as bad as all people said.

  49. Hi Rosa, it is a pleasure also for me to meet you. I am sorry you did not like 2001, neither the movie nor the books. (By the way, 2010 the movie was a little disappointing). I have most of them, in English, and I would be pleased to lend them. Of course I have some sicilian cousins that put things in order when I do not get my books back 🙂 I also have Dream androids etc., and the two books by KW Jeter, unfortunately translated. I also have Future Noir (in English). I have Metropolis (book)but I do not where I have it, and I do not know if you would like it. It is written in a lyrical, repetitive, minimalistic style, in some aspects similar to Seta (Silk) by Alessandro Baricco (by the way the movie was also rather good). I have seen both versions of Solaris, but in this case I prefer the Soderberg one. The Tarkosky’s is too much slow even for me! I heard about the urban legend about the fake moon landing, but I did not know it was related with 2001. Since I entered the thread late, I probably missed something about Frank Capra and Dalton Trumbo: somebody mentioned Lost Horizonts by Capra (I have the DVD and also the book in Spanish) and Jhonny got his gun by Trumbo?

  50. I´ve just seen The curious case of Benjamin Button. Could you, Roberto and Carmen, say what you were talking about?

  51. Yes, Alessandro. I have seen the film Johnny got his gun. Terrible, but magnificent! The saddest part its that probably it´s all true. I think that if two or three of the ones that are saying what is supposed we have to do, did watch this film, the world, you know, will be very different. From Dalton Trumbo too, I said that I also had seen Spartacus, another very good script, based upon a novel by Howard Fest, the only film by Kubrick that I really enjoyed. Perhaps because I like very much peplum and historic films, like Cleopatra (I had seen three versions, Mankiewicz´s one, Cecil B. de Mille´s one and Gabriel Pascal´s one), Julius Caesar (based upon a Shakesperian text), The Fall of the Roman Empire (one of my favorurites ), Pharaoh (a not very known, but very good Polish film), The Ten Commandements, Ben-Hur, Barrabass
    ( a very strange and hard film, by Richard Fleischer, who did The Vikings and Soylent Green, two films that I like very much), Salome, Beckett (with very exciting performance duel between Richard Burton and Peter O´toole), Cromwell (another big work by Burton, this time with Alec Guiness), The private lifes of Elizabeth and Essex, and, the very best: The Lion in Winter, with Kate Hepburn, Peter O´toole, Timothy Dalton and Anthony Hopkins (when he was not still the ridiculous Hannibal Lecter).

  52. I think you may enjoy with a science fiction having lot of action provided it develops following an interesting plot and being properly directed. For instance, if you consider Terminator 2 to be a science-fiction film, you realise that it is full of action and special effects and it does not prevent the film from keep your attention all the time.

    Rosa, I am looking forward to revising my favourite films so that I can show as many examples of good films as you do.

    María, we were talking about the acting, that there seems to be no “feeling” between Kate Blanchet and Brad Pitt as a couple. Besides, I told Carmen that I did not like Brad Pitt very much, for he kept showing the same countenance the whole film and lacked of expression. Nevertheless, I liked the film and so did Carmen.

    This weekend I saw “Slumdug Millionaire” and I liked it very much. I believe its going to win, at least, the awards as the best film and director. I have not seen such a good film since long ago.

  53. Hi Roberto.

    I don´t like Brad Pitt very much, too. The only film in which he was that I really liked was Sleepers.

    So, do you think that Slumdog Millionaire will win an Oscar Award?

  54. Ok, I didn´t like Pitt nor Blanche either. But the film has been made quite well, the effects, the making-up, as a big production which usually receives the better reviews and awards. But the acting was very poor. The handsomest Pitt was not enough to carry out the character. The performance of his I liked the most is in “Snatch: pigs and diamonds”. He was great! Don´t you think?
    Tonight I´m watching “Slumdog Millonaire”. It won the BAFTA, though the general credibility of awards is being lost since P.Cruz is winning all of them!
    Many times special effects are given the main importance in some films, more than the plot itself. Those are the films I don´t like. However, I´m not an expert in that sort of movies because they have never caught my attention. So, I accept your recommendations.
    I didn´t like 2001 either!! It bored me very very much. I only liked the music, of course. Sorry, Alessandro, it might be a masterpiece as the time it was made, I admit this, but in my opinion it is only a film people must see, but one that few likes it. At least, those whom I asked to. Don´t kill me by saying it!
    Rosa you are an expert indeed!! I envy you! I´ve seen those historic films too and definitely there were better films before. “Quo Vadis” deserves to be mentioned also as a great one.
    Did you know that Katherine Hepburn won the Oscar by her role in “The lion in winter” and had to share it with Barbra Streisand (whom I adore) by her role in “Funny Girl”?
    Why don´t you like Hopkins as Lecter?? I do like him. Above all in The silence of the Lambs where he is really scary!

  55. Hi, María. I haven´t seen Snatch. Sorry.

    I am not such an expert, as I said. Of course, there are a lot of movies that I ´d love to see, but I haven´t seen, for one or other reason. I have seem a lot of times Quo Vadis, but is not one of my favourites, perhaps because the starring couple (Robert Taylor and Deborah Kerr) doesn´t work very well. If this film had been starred by Gregory Peck (one of my favourite actors) and Elizabeth Taylor or Audrey Hepburn (as it was thought at the beginning of the pre-production) the film would be much better. And the recent DVD version is a bit disapointing, very expensive, with very few extras and a quite bad Spanish version which is not the usual.

    I didn´t know the story that you had told about The Lion in Winter. Quite interesting. My dad also adore Barbra Streissand. But I haven´t seen a lot of movies with Barbra Streissand. I think she is better singer than actress.

    I don´t know very well why Hannibal Lecter has so many fans. I have only seen the first movie, The Silence of the Lambs, but, although the story was not bad, and the actors were good, I didn´t like at all. It´s, for me, a film disgusting and bloody, but no spooky at all. I can´t understand why it won so many awards. The things that Hannibal said, and the faces that he put…well, for me was not scary, but stupid… Just like a kind of super villain gay of musical film… I´m sorry, I not agree with you. And I don´t like gore movies, although I have seen some of that which were not bad.

    So, anyone of yours have seen Valkiria? What do you think about this film, if you have seen it?

  56. What a dissapointment! I cannot believe you do not like “The Silcence of the Lambs”, Rosa. I consider it to be probalby the best thirller film I have ever seen. Acting, plot, shoting and music join one another to creat a film which keeps you stuck into your seat all the time. The sequence when Lecter appears for the first time is memorable.

    Do not go to see Valkiria, for it is rather boring and plain and does not offer you anything new however hard Cruise try. You do not simpathay with the main character and his mission. Besides, it seemed as if the film were to reach the climax several times, but in the end it does not work.
    Slumdog Millionare seeming to be plain by analyzing the story which we are told, you are in front of pure cinema and realize you do not need to use “easy” resources so as to keep the audience interested in the film provided you know how to achieve what you want to transmit. In this case, they have got it.

  57. I´m sorry, Roberto, but it´s true. I didn´t like The Silence of the Lambs, although, as you say, has all the ingredients for be a good film. Do you know that that film and Psyco, by Alfred Hitchcock , were inspired by a real fact? The man was Ed Gein, a very perturbated person who lived whith the corpse of his mother for several years, and killed several girls. Pieces of their bodies were still in the house when the police found him.

    So, you didn´t like Valkiria? And you liked Slumdog Millonaire? I have read very bad critics about it.

  58. Well, this section is surely thriving and alive with many comments, so i´d like also to leave my little contribution, I watched “brokeback Mountain” on tv Sunday. I liked it, it´s amazing how two men can fall in love with each other and maintain a happy relationship for over 20 years both of them with a different and so to say happy life. It reminded me of Oscar WWilde´s The importance of being Earnest. Both were respeced and their neighbours unaware what was going on. I thoug ht that the script was good and wuite credible except for the part when they fall in love with each other, it comes too suddenly it takes unawares, and this is a bit disturbing, tell me if I missed something. Then there´s the question that one of them seems to be more passionate,yet unable to take the desicion of sharing his life his lover,I mean I found it confussing at times.. the end is quite surprising and leaves a little unsatisfied, it´s subtle, i admit, but I would like to have some things plainly said, not just left there for you to work out..

  59. Rosa, thank you, I did not know it even though I love Psycho. By the way, did you know that Hitchcock shot the film so at to be screened on TV and with no intention at all to add music to it? Then, while he was on holiday, Bernard Hermann composed the score, only by means of string instruments, and when Hitchcock came back and checked how well the music worked with the film, he decided to add the scored and, finally, Psycho was put on release as a proper film.

    Carmen, it is you and Marta that have encouraged people to join this blog. I sincerely thank you for posting here, too; you are always supporting us. It seems people are realizing, at length, the treasure they have before their eyes.

    You have analyzed the film perfectly well. I saw it nearly one year ago, though I remember having similar feelings as those you have experienced now. Nevertheless, I liked it very much because it is a western in its essence, showing the life of cowboys’, their interaction with nature, the hardness of such a life, the beautiful landscapes… Technically, the film is absolutely marvellous. I’m surprise of And Lee’s having such a mastering when reflecting such an important stage within American history. The same happened with Sense & Sensibility, another work of his, that seemed to be made by a native. As a curiosity, Brokeback Mountain won the awards as best directing, best score, and best adapted script.

  60. Sorry, I´m afraid I haven´t seen many films by Ang Lee. I think that I only have seen Hulk (I think is not as bad as people said), The Wedding Banket (quite good, amusing but sad, too), and Tiger and Dragon (that I didn´t like, because I don´t like Wu Sia films).

  61. I recommend you “Milk”. Sean Penn does a very good work and also Josh Brolin.

  62. You mean, María, the film about Harvey Milk?

    Roberto, I think I have heared something about this story. Anyway, it´s a great soundtrack. What do you think about the remake by Gus Van Sant? I don´t think it is so bad, but I think is quite innecesary.

  63. I’ve not seen it, Rosa. However, I think you are right, it’s quite difficult to overcome a film which is nearly perfect. Gus Van Sant’s is said to be a copy, literally, of the original one.

  64. Slumdog milionaire
    I went to see the film last Saturday. I’ts on in English in Cines Verdi in C/ Bravo Murillo, metro Canal or Quevedo.
    Of course it’s worth seeing. The English is absolutely easy to understand because is “Indian English” and the accent is very alike to ours. The acting is fantastic, the plot very well set out and the locations incredible and amazing. You see there a different world, one you can hardly believe it exists nowadays anywhere in the world. The contrast with our own world is stronger because the set in which the contest is taken place is the same as in Spain, but then everything changes…
    I strongly recommend seeing this film, you’ll enjoy it very much, I’m sure.

  65. Hi, Paloma. Nice to meet you.
    So, You liked Slumdog Millonaire? In India, there have were a lot of complaints about this film. Although that, it has win eigth Oscar Awards.

  66. I agree with you Paloma. I really enjoyed the film specially because it reflects such a dreary situation as many Indian people are involved in currently despite India’s economic development. Besides, it having a happy ending, I was content by thinking that in films, at least, happiness is possible.

    Rosa, as a film buff, what do you think of the Academy Awards nowadays? I think they are not what they used to. I cannot believe Penélpe has received the Oscar. What a disappointment!

  67. Hi, Roberto.
    Me, too. I don´t believe in prizes, in fact. Penélope Cruz has done just one good performance: La niña de tus ojos. This actress is as inexpresive as a robot reading the telephone lists. There are a lot of good filmakers and actors who never received an Oscar Award. Just think about Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, Fritz Lang, Akira Kurosawa, Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant (he only won an honorific Oscar) and many others. And Oscars are, more than other thing, a kind of window of the fashion and the industries. They doesn´t performance the quality of the films, nor the real tastes of the audiences. I realized that a lot of years ago. I don´t mean the awards when I want to see a film.

  68. And there is true that the Academy has given awards to filmes that today are completely forgotten: The song of Bernadette, Martin, My Cousin Vinny, Moonstruck, Shakespeare in love… and many others…

  69. Rosa, you have hit with the nail on the head. I believe that the awards are not what they used to be. It is a pity, for they were a good reference so as to know what american films are worth watching, were you not an “expert” when choosing films is concerned.

  70. I agree with you that Oscars have changed. Oscars are above all a bussiness. We have to think about money -always money- more than the quality of winners: publicity during the event, movies´ recaudation after nominations, fashion bussiness in the red carpet (both clothes and jewels), all the parties around the event, friendships… Everything is involved which makes this awards be less and less credible by public. There is not a 100 per cent of bussiness, ambition or self-interests, and a 0 per cent of art, quality or dreams. But I think the former exceedes the latter.

  71. Kate Winslet and Sean Penn deserved to win. I´ve seen the films they performed. But what about the late actor who has won the oscar at posthumous title? Did he really deserve it or was it only for American´s longing to make history?? I shouldn´t give an answer as I´ve not seen Batman, but I am a little bit witchy as I think the second possibility to be the right one. What do you think?

  72. Roberto and Maryah, I agree with you. I haven´t seen Batman, but many people thinks that it deserve be nominated to the best Film Award. They say that a superheroe film would be as good as a musical, a drama or a film noir. Probably they are rigth.
    Maryah, I think Heath Ledger is not the first actor in win a posthumous Oscar Award. The first was Peter Finch in 1976, by Network. Other actors nominated posthumously are James Dean, Spencer Tracy and Massimo Troisi. But Peter Finch and Heath Ledger are the only who had won it.

  73. Rosa, thanks for the information. I didn´t know Peter Finch´s case!

  74. María, despite his good perfomance, I believe the judge has been influenced by circumstances. However, we will never know what would have occurred were he still alive.

    Rosa you are better than Wikipedia. 😉 Thank you for the information.

  75. Don´t overestimated me, Roberto. IMDB is quite useful to help my weak memory, I am always looking it. I´m still waiting your opinion about the other films that are won. Is there any film (or actor, or filmaker) that you think it deserve to win an Oscar but never win it?

  76. You can read a quite interesting article about Oscars Posthumous in that webpage:


  77. A very interesting article! Thanks Rosa!
    As for your question, I´ll say, as staunch defending of her, that Barbra Streisand deserved at least to be nominated in more occasions, when directing “The prince of tides”, for instance.
    I suppose you don´t agree with me, as I saw some days ago that some of you think of her to be a good singer, but not a good actress. But I wonder whether you´d think the same after watching “Funny Girl”, “Yentl”, or better, “The way we were” with a great Robert Redford.

  78. Hi Maryah.
    I haven´t say that Barbra Streisand was a bad actress. I only said that I think she´s better singing that acting. In other way, I think I have only seen Yentl adn The Prince of Tides. Probalby I should see Hello Dolly and Funny Girl.

  79. I have got every DVD, if you want some, tell me, I´ll be very pleased to lend you them. Maybe in our next outing.
    How did you like “Yentl” and “The Prince of Tides”? I´m very fond of musical movies, I must admit. My favourite singers are Judy Garland, Liza Minelly, Barbra, Diana Ross, Frank Sinatra… So I love “Hello Dolly” and “Funny Girl”, the same as “The sound of music” or “Seven brides for seven brothers”, “Cabaret”, “The Wizard of Oz”, etc. Are you this sort of people who think those films are bad, poor, weak or vague??

  80. Maryah, you are very kind. Probably, I´ll try to find them in the library. I saw Yentl and the Prince of Tides a lot of time ago, so I can´t remember a lot of thinks, but, probably, they are brave films, because they talk about serious themes in an unusual way (the hard condition of the women in the main religions, and rape against children) Why do you have so poor opinion about the people who doesn´t like musical films, and their opinions about people who does like it? There are several musical film that are quite good. I am not a real fan of musical films, but there are some that I can´t never forget. You talk about Cabaret (which tells, in fact, a very sad and seriuos story), and The Wizard of Oz, one of my favourite movies. Although my favourite films are mainly noir films, there are some musical films that I like very much. I have told about Cabaret and The Wizard Of Oz
    ( I never get tired of this wonderful film, made in a very hard time). Seven Brides for Seven Brothers it´s also great, made by one of my favourite filmakers (he made Charade, Arabesque, The Grass is Greener, Indiscreet…), Stanley Donen, who made too other great musical films that I adore, like Singin´in the Rain, Royal Wedding (with Fred Astaire dancing in the roof), the gorgeous Funny Face (never Paris has been filmed so glamorous), On the Town (great!)… I´m wishing to see a Stanley Donnen musical film which is almost unfoundable: It´s Always Fair Weather. Other musical films that I like very much are The Pirate, with Judy Garland and Gene Kelly, by Vincent Minelly, Anchors Aweigh, with Gene Kelly too with Frank Sinatra, directed by George Sidney, An American in Paris, again with Gene Kelly, this time with Leslie Caron, by Vincent Minelli, a not very known film with several directors, The Ziegfield Follies, a choral film, The Band Wagon, whit Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse, directed again by Vincent Minelli, Gigi, other film by the same director, starred by Leslie Caron and Louis Jourdan, Brigadoon, other nice performance of Charisse and Kelly, My Fair Lady, by George Cukor (other great filmaker), with an actor that I adore, Rex Harrison and the fancy Audrey Hepburn (it´s a pity that she was dubbed in the songs), The King And I, by Walter Lang (who would say that Yul Brynner could sing so well…), West Side Story, by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins (a pity that the main actress, Natalie Wood, was unable of sing, and like Audrey and Deborah Kerr, was dubbed in the songs)… In the most recent musical films, I can talk about Moulin Rouge and, specially, Chicago, with Catherine Zeta Jones dancing amazingly… and pregnant during the production. The Sound of the Music doesn´t look so atractive to me, perhaps it´s about nuns and family´s dads, although is basen on a real fact. Don´t think that, if you like musical films, you are bad, poor or lazy: it´s a rubbish. There are musical films that, like some operas, talk about very hard and serious histories. You are rigth, Frank Sinatra was one of the best singers in the XX th century. And he was a great actor, too. Have you seen The man with the golden arm? I was surprised when I saw Frank Sinatra in this film, making the part of a man with a severe drug adiction, in a very sad and hard story with gamblers and gangster. Very modern for its time. I recommend it you.

  81. Maria, I think Heath Ledger did a very good job with the Joker. I was impressed by his performance. I cannot compare him with the others that were nominated, but… As for the fact it was a posthoumous Oscar, yes it may have influenced. But I maintain he did great. Anyway, I have to say that, though I went to the cinema with a willingness to like it, I didn’t appreciate this Batman for being a great movie, full of meaning, as some people said. It was a good action film, but nothing more to me.

    Ah! I liked very much The prince of tides – I clearly remember the scene where Patrick Swayze’s father protests about the meal and ends up eating some cat food with such relish!!

    And I also liked “The way we were” – From that one, I remember the scene where Barbra is sleeping in the literal sense of the word with Robert Redford (I don’t remember their proper names) and he – half awakened – makes love to her while pronouncing another female name…

    It’s odd, don’t you think, the kind of things we do remember… Were you also shocked by these scenes?

  82. By the way,I’m saying I cannot compare Heath Ledger with the others properly because I have barely seen 20% of the films nominated.

  83. Rosa, I completely agree with you. I don´t believe at all that musical films be bad. I´ve seen the most of those which you have mentioned. You have done a summary of this films very good! Another film I like a lot is “On a clear day we can see forever” (Vicent Minelly).
    I am looking forward to watching “The man with the golden arm”. Much people has recommended it to me, but I don´t find time enough to see everything I´d like!
    Elena, I don´t remember that scene!! I remember the one where the opposite happens: It is Redford that is sleeping and it is Streisand that makes love with him, but not explicit sex, but spiritual love, like a meaning symbol, not like mere carnal pleasure. So beautiful a scene! Or the last one, when she saw him again and caresses his blonde curls…

  84. Oh yes, I remember that scene of “The prince of tides”. I liked very much landscapes and music.

  85. Hi, Elena Gil, nice to meet you.
    So, do you like Robert Redford? What do you think about The Sting (El Golpe), one of my favourite films? And What do you think about Out Of Africa (Memorias de África), another quite good film?

  86. Ana, please check your email!! I had to delate your comment.

  87. I see I must do a little bit of catching up with this section. There is no reaching you! 🙂

    Rosa, the first instance coming to my mind related to actors who have not been awarded with any Oscar is Cary Grant.

    I saw “the man with the golden arm” when it was screened on “Que grande es del cine”. It’s a pity that such a program is not on TV any more, for I learnt a lot.

    What about James Canney? I’ve only seen “White heat” though I’d like to see as many films of his as I can.

    “The Sting” is marvellous and “Out of Africa” as well, mainly because of its score which is one of the most beautiful ones has ever been made together with the Pink Panter and, of course, Star Wars.

    One of my favourite films is “One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest”. I love it. By the way, have you seen “Man on the moon”?

  88. You mean James Cagney, I think. Interesting actor, although I haven´t seen a lot of films with him. One flew over the cuckoo´s nest is a film that I have seen a lot of time ago, but I´m afraid I haven´t understand it very well. And I have read the book, too. I haven´t seen Man on the Moon, but Jim Carrey have some good films (not a lot). Have you seen Truman Show?

  89. I did like Cuckoo´s nest indeed!! Jack Nicholson is master! Don´t you think?? Though his particular face doesn´t allow him to performed some roles… What about Nicholson´s eyes at the Shining??? puff, incredible! You can feel the change is produced inside of him very properly throug his sight…
    I liked also “As good as it gets” (Mejor Imposible) where he performed a very lovely mad man.
    I have not seen Man on the moon either…

  90. I did like Cuckoo´s nest indeed!! Jack Nicholson is a master! Don´t you think?? Though his particular face doesn´t allow him to performed some roles… What about Nicholson´s eyes at the Shining??? puff, incredible! You can feel the change is produced inside of him very properly throug his sight…
    I liked also “As good as it gets” (Mejor Imposible) where he performed a very lovely mad man.
    I have not seen Man on the moon either…

  91. Rosa, it’s nice to (virtually) meet you too. 🙂
    I haven’t seen The Sting, and neither Out of Africa 😦
    In fact, the latter was being screened in La Filmoteca last month. I was planning to go and see it but finally could not. I have a lot of unfinished bussinesses like this, hehehe.

    Maria, “As good as it gets” is very good. I like it when Jack Nicholson is not permitted to enter a pub without a tie and he tells Helen Hunt he doesn’t understand how they can however let her enter with that dress of hers!!!

  92. Hi, Elena. Maryah, as I said, I must be the only person in the world that had no fear whith The Shinning. But is truth that As good as it gets is a very good film. An inusual role in Jack Nicholson´s carreer, a man that is not kind, but, at least, it´s nice for you. A bit repetitive actor, but with some good performances.

  93. Yes Rosa, I meant James Cagney. 😉

    I love “One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest” in every way, specially because I sympathy with Nicholson’s role and how he endeavours so as to defeat the nurse, perfectly well played by Louise Fletcher, whose “institutional” insensitiveness and hateful tranquillity make you frustrated, as Nicholson is before such an unjust woman, and thus willing to kill her!!

    I also like “As good as it gets” very much. Sometimes you feel like saying what you really think either about someone or something but we avoid it most of the time, for everybody knows the plain truth is always painful.

    Your quote, Elena, is gorgeous. Another of my favourite moments takes place when Nicholson prepares the trip, in detail, and wants Helen Hunt to feel comfortable. The first thing she asks for when getting into the car is if he might have his sit a little bit forward. Instantly, Nicholson pushes the seat till it is, literally, next the wheeling drive and you can see how his stomach touches it. As well, when he convinces Helen to go out to have a dinner, but first he begs her to let him have a quick shower. And I could not help laughing when, in the next scene, Helen almost asleep, Nicholson opens the door perfectly dressed while thick fog leaves out from the bathroom, meaning obviously that he has spent a lot of time to be ready.

  94. Elena, Out of Africa is again on Filmoteca next 15th. 17.30. This will be our next meeting!!!

  95. Roberto, very good idea indeed! I will join you for ‘Out of Africa’.

    By the way, I was having a look at the schedule of “la filmoteca” for this month and there was one of the ¿first? films of la Coixet, A los que aman. ¿Have any of you seen it? ¿Is any of you a fan of hers? It’s tomorrow at 17:30, too early for me… Anyway, I liked so much “the secret life of words” and “my life without me” and “Things I never told you” was quite good too…

    Roberto, you’re right, the whole “As good as it gets” movie is very funny – particularly Jack Nicholson awkwardly trying to impress Helen Hunt!!! I remember each and every member in my family liked it! And that’s difficult to achieve 😉

  96. I´d like to see (again) “Out of Africa” with you, in spite of having the DVD. However, I´ll be in Soria this weekend.

  97. Elena, I’ve only seen “Mi vida sin mi” which made me dissapointed perhaps because I had read plenty of good reviews about the film and when the time to watch it came, I considered it long and sometimes boring. You know, sometimes you feel so when everyone tells you that something is worth seeing and in the end you do not find it interesting at all.

    What a pity María for I am sure it must be amazing to watch such a film on the cinema again. I remember having seen Star Wars films when they were released again (1997), the old ones, and I got impressed. As a curioisty, I had not ever seen such a long queue to see a film as with these ones

  98. Hi, Elena.

    I haven´t seen any film by Isabel Coixet, but Mi vida sin mí, and it was not very good for me. A bit boring. You mean, the typical film “for girls”.
    Roberto, I had seen Star Wars film at the releasing in 1997. But I cant remember such long queues.

  99. I went to see the trilogy to Paz Cinema (Calle Fuencarral) just before it was rebuilt as a cinema complex with many screens (What a pity!). Those days, it was the only cinema together with the “Imperial” which were certified by THX (a company of George Lucas’) though the former had a bigger screen. If you go to a theatre with such a certificate, you will be both listening and watching the film exactly as the director wanted you to do. Anyway, should you know where the cinema is, so long was the queue that it surrounded Casa del Libro and went even further.

  100. You are rigth, Roberto. That´s a pity, big cinemas are disapearing, and in its place they put minicinemas. There are not big traditional cinemas any longer. I thing there are not any cinema of “all the live”, now.

  101. Um, I’m surprised at your finding “My life without me” boring and/or disappointing. It may be more like a girlish film, Rosa, you are right, in the sense that it’s highly emotional… Anyway, I personally like this kind of films 🙂 – Have you seen “The joy luck club” (El club de la buena estrella, http://www.filmaffinity.com/es/film991706.html), based on a book by Amy Tan? This one, I acknowledge, is very very girlish, but soooo tender too… Roberto, I agree that it’s too bad when people insist on a film being very good because it increases your expectations – It’s great when you like a film you knew nothing about – a great surprise!

    By the way, I watched “It happened one night”, recommended above in this thread, and liked it very much! Clark Gable plays a very nice fellow and the script I found very witty. The scene when he is undressing himself while teasing her “wife” is great!

  102. I’m glad that you enjoyed “It happend one night”. Yes, it deserved winning the most important awards:
    best picture, directing, script, and acting.

    By the way, last Saturday I went to see “Gran Torino”, the new film of Eastwood’s and I loved it. I had not enjoyed a film so since long time ago.

  103. Hi Elena.
    I have seen The Joy Luck Club, but it was a long time ago, so I can´t remember a lot.

    This weekend, I saw Casino Royale (new version). Quite different of a typical bond film, very like a noir film. And a classical fil by Fritz Lang that I didn´t know, You only live Once. I recommend this one.

  104. So, did you enjoy Casino Royale?

  105. Yes, Roberto. You mean, it´s no a masterpiece, but an interesting action film. Bond is no a sophisticated guy, but a rude character, bittered by life, who knows that he is not more than a murderer, and who thinks about leave it all. I think that, for first time, Bond doesn´t have sophisticated gadgets to help him in his missions. But, in some way, he´s noble, although brutal. But the look of the new Bond makes me thing in a Russian gangster, and doesn´t convince me.

  106. I don’t know way I love that film so much but I believe Craig to play the role perfectly well, being rude but also a gentleman when he chooses to do it so. Bond’s theme appears when it should; the car (an impressive Aston Martin DBS) does the same and the woman is sophisticated and not a mere sexual object. There is not any gadget helping 007 and, therefore, he must use just his body and brain. Besides, the film ends with the perfect quote: “my name is Bond, James Bond”.


  107. This weekend, I have seen a movie that I spent a lot of time liking to watch it. It´s a horror movie, but no a normal horror movie. It was Vampyr, by Carl Theodor Dreyer. And I really like it. I can´t compare it with any other horror film.

  108. Hello Rosa, I was missing you!

    What was the name of the film? As I said some comments before, I am looking forward to revising my favourite films so that I can discuss them with you, because you really know about films and I do not want to loose such a chance of showing you my preferences.

  109. Hi, Roberto. The name of the film is Vampyr, by Carl Theodor Dreyer. Recently, has been put on sale in the FNAC. It´s expensive (25 euros aprox.), so I only recommend you if you like ancient horror films, like me, of if you are a fan of Nordic Cinema. Dreyer was a Danish filmaker who didn´t make a lot of films, but was very appreciated by Hitchcock and the French Filmakers of the Nouvelle Vague. It´s the very first time that Vampyr is seen in Spain, or, at less, been comercialized. It´s a very free adaptation of Sheridan Le Fanu´s Carmilla. Is known too as La bruja Vampiro.

  110. I am afraid not having seen many horror films and this one is not an exception. However, I’m glad that you are willing to spend money on things you really like to have, knowing you will value them as a treasure. I do the same!

  111. What do you think about Japanese Cinema?

  112. Hello Rosa,

    I really wish to see more films of Kurosawa’s. Up to now, I’ve only seen “Seven Samurais” and “To live”. Takeshi Kitano is probably the only Japanese director I know about. I’ve seen, Hana-bi, Kikujirô no natsu, Brother, Zatôichi (this one is impressive) and Dolls.

    What about you?


  113. You are quite rigth, the Kurosawa´s films that you talk about are quite good. I like Yojimbo (which has several remakes, one by Sergio Leone with Clint Eastwood, Por un puñado de dólares, and other with Bruce Willis at the main role, The Last Man),Warui yatsu hodo yoku nemuru (Los canallas duermen en paz, The bad sleep well), Tengoku to jigoku (Up and Down, El infierno del Odio), and many others. Other japanese films that I like are Jigokumon (La puerta del infierno, Gate of Hell) by Teinosuke Kinugasa, Ogetsu Monogatari (Cuentos de la luna pálida), by Kenji Mizoguchi, Kaidan (El más allá) by Masao Kobayashi. A japanese film that I´d love to watch and I can´t find is Yokihi (Emperess Yang- Kwei- Fei) by Kenji Mizoguchi.

    I spent this weekend watching some films of one of my favourite directors, Fritz Lang. Films of his german time. I think Dr. Mabuse is a film that needs a revision, perhaps because many scholars has consideraded it as a minor film in Lang´s carreer.

  114. I am really envious of you, Rosa. It is many time since I watched a classic film and I realise by reading your comments that I have negletect this passion I have for films. I must have it back! 😦

  115. Well, this Eastern the weather was really bad ( we have snow, rain, windows, but not sun), and I was ill, so I had to stay at home, and I watched a lot of films: Johhny Guitar, The Fall of the Roman Empire, LimeLigth (Candilejas), The Sting (El golpe), Touch of Evil (Sed de mal)…and many others that I have in Dvd. I have much many in Vhs, but, infortunately, my video had broken.

  116. I spendt this last weekend watching two of my favoutite movies. One of them is a not very known Polish film made in the sixties, Pharaon, which is a historical film quite spectacular, but far away the colosalism of other peplums of this same time, like Cleopatra, or Ten Commandements. And the story which tells it´s quite different, too. It´s a story about violence, sex, covet and evil, and about a decadent Empire wich is in its dark hours, and about the figths between the king and the priests for the power. The look of the film is simply, crude, almost minimalist, quite modern (in a film of the sixties) it´s completely different of the lyric and classic image of the Antiquity that provides Ten Commandements or Quo Vadis. Other of my favourite péplum, that I have seen this weekend, too, is also about the falling out of an Empire: The Fall of the Roman Empire, that tells a similar history, but quite different in its details and in the way in which is told.

  117. Hello Rosa, how are you doing?

    Thank you for posting again on this blog. I must say that I have not seen the films you mention and feel sad because, as I said, I realize that it is many time since I watched a classic film. There are many I would like to watch again and, of course, many I have not yet, including the ones you have suggested. So, please keep posting your opinion for it is a pleasure reading an expert. 🙂

  118. Well, Roberto, I´m feeling a little flatered, because I am not such an expert. But I have seen that recently, they have started to sell another classical historic film, Sinuhé the Egyptian, on DVD. Is not as good as the other films that I was speaking about, but when I was a little girl, I spent many good times watching this film. It is based upon a novel by Mika Waltari, that I have read a lot of years ago, but I must film that the film doesn´t look like very similar to the book. Although, it´s a very amusing film. The only bad thing it´s the price of the DVD, that costs almost 20 euros.

  119. Hello!!
    I´ve seen The fall of the Roman Empire, and I like it very much!! And also Cleopatra, Quo Vadis and Ten Commandements, but not Pharaon. I´ll look for it in Internet. As to Sinuhé the Egyptian, I think I have the video at home. As my parents used to say, “before” better films were made. At least plots were more wide, now the main one is Holocaust, The Second World War and, in Spain, the Civil War.

  120. Hi, Maryah.

    Manckiewick´s Cleopatra (with Liz Taylor and Richard Burton) is one of my favourite movies, but, if you expect a similar film, when you are going to watch Pharaon, probably, you will be a bit disapointed. The DVD of Pharaon, was sold only in FNAC the last year.

  121. Yes, Rosa, Cleopatra is impressing indeed! Thanks to your comment I´ll see Pharaon without expecting very much so that I am not, as you say, dissapointed. You know, to be dissapointed is a matter of expections.
    Anyway, yesterday I saw “Shadowland”, a film which tells the story of the famous English writer of Narnia´s tales, amongst many other books. He was a proffesor thrown into his job till met a woman, an American poet who was visiting Oxford eager to know the professor after having read all his work. It is very beautiful, with great dialogues and monologues, starred by Sir Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger (well known by her role in An Officer and a Gentleman). I recommend you!

  122. I am watching, I think for 4th time, No country for old men. I love it! it is pure cinema because cinema is basically images in motion and that is what this films does. With just the necessary dialogue, Coens make you thrilled from the very begining to the end itself, with no rest at all for your eyes. The camera is always in the right place!

    By the way, I recommend you to see Apocalypto which make have the same feeling even though the former be better.

  123. In a short time I have been recommended to see Apocalypto by two people! As soon as I find it, I´ll see it. Thank you Roberto.
    I liked this film you mention very much as well. No country for old men follows an old tecniche which, for this sort of films, is more suitable and successful.

  124. I have talk about Manckiewick´s Cleopatra, but there are many several good films about this character. I recommend you, also, the 1933 version, by Cecil B. De Mille, with Claudette Colbert as the Egyptian Queen, and a not very known version, made in England in the fourties, or thirties, I can´t remmember, directed by Gabriel Pascal, and based on a play by Bernard Shaw titled Caesar and Cleopatra, starring by Vivien Leigh as Cleopatra, Claude Rains as Caesar and Stewart Granger as Apolodorus. There are too, an Italian film that I haven´t seen, but I wish to watch, Due notte con Cleopatra, with Alberto Sordi (an Italian actor that my dad loves), as Cesarino, and Sophia Loren as Cleopatra.

    I haven´t seen Apocalypto, and I must to be the only person that haven´t seen Braveheart, I´m sorry, I can´t just bear Mel Gibson.

  125. Hi.

    I don´t like very much westerns…except three or four masterpieces and very uncommon westerns. One of these: The One Eyed Jack (in Spain, El rostro impenetrable). The main characters are played by Marlon Brando (who was the director, too, in his only film as director, and only for that, this is a very rare film), and the recently passed Karl Malden. A very odd western (with seashore views, and Chinese people) that I recommend to you.

  126. I have seen that film and despite enjoying it, I do not consider it among the best westerns ever made. Some time ago, I used to dislike this genre, however, the more I get to know it the better I like those films. I love the landscapes, the wilderness of people’s life at that time in that location of US. A hard life indeed though linked to beauty and tranquillity. My favourites ones are: “Shane”, “Río Bravo”, “The Searchers”, “Dances with wolves”, “Unforgiven”, “How the west was gone”, “The Álamo”, “Ok, Corral” and the spaghetti westerns as well.

    As you say, Carl Malden has departed from this world bound for the undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveller returns. What a pity, I really liked this actor. By the way, he is splendid in his role in both How the west was gone and The Hanging tree.

    Thank you for your post.

  127. Hi.

    You are rigth, the films which you talk about are masterpieces. But The One Eyed Jack is one of these so bizarre and uncommon films that I love so much. Most of the westerns that I love are quite inusual, like Johnny Guitar (one of my very favourite filmes), Seargeant Rutledge (El sargento negro) and Rancho Notorious (Encubridora). In your selection, you forget The Searchers (Centauros del desierto) and a very early predecessor of Dancing with wolves , Broken Arrow (Flecha Rota).

  128. I have mentioned it 🙂

    I need to review Johnny Guitar because I did not like it as I expected I would after having read many good reviews considering it to be a very good film not only as a western but also as a film itself.

  129. Oh, and I forget, probably, the first western that was a serious movie, Stagecoach (La diligencia), by John Ford. By the other hand, Sergio Leone´s trilogy is quite good if you like this kind of westerns. He added things that he had watch in japanese movies to create a very particular look of the far west. Sam Peckinpah is not a director whose films I love, but his influence had been considerable, specially in filmakers like Tarantino or Robert Rodríguez.

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  131. What do you mean?

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