DOUBT – Tuesday, 10th February, Cines Golem, at 8.20 p.m. WEAR A BLACK RIBBON!!!!

January 29, 2009



  1. Now, it’s better. Thank you. I hope not to have been rude.

    What about on Tuesday the 10th?

  2. You have not been rude at all!!
    As for me, it´s good that day. Let´s see what the others say… And say also the place you prefer.

  3. Hi!
    I’d like to go however for me is better Thursday the 12th.

  4. certainly not 12th, we are going to the theatre!!!!Who are you???????
    better the 10th I´d like to join you but have got two at homes and do not know when yet.

  5. I’m sorry Carmen!!!!!
    I didn’t realize you were going to the thetre.
    (I can’t say now if I’ll be able to go the 10th…)

  6. Carmen prefers to go to Renoir Retiro, but I´ve been looking for “Doubt” there and it is not. So, finally we could go to Cines Golem. Choose the hour so that we could fix the meeting!

  7. cines yelmo ideal, 10th 20.20

  8. It’s been a long time since last time I went to the cinema…But I think they still change the “time table” (for each film and also the films showing) every friday.

  9. I said to Carmen we are going to Cines Golem, Roberto… Would you mind it? She has told she´ll join us… 20.20 is correct.
    Eyllon, I´ll check the timetable on Friday, in case there be some change. THanks

  10. Ok! I will bring the new posters today with a note informing that the timetable might change

  11. I’m not sure yet to be able to go, but round 20.20 is fine.
    When should I say if I’m going or not?
    ^_^ CU

  12. I’ll be wearing a green cup of the BOSTON CELTICS basketball team every time we have a meeting.

    We will wait for all of you some minutes before buying the ticktes, so I recommend you to be punctual.


  13. wear a black ribbon as a buttonhole for the film on tuesday, ok? people should be able to recognize you.

  14. Carmen want us to carry out the previous “command” 😉

  15. Ok!

  16. Hello, I’m Angela from 4th B. Marta has told us to meet you for going to the cinema, and she told us that we could see the films that you are going to see the next 2 Tuesdays in the film club, but I can’t find them. I’ve already seen The Doubt (a great one) and in our class we were thinking to go next Tuesday but we don’t know the film.
    Thank you very much for your answer, and if you find this very bad written, please correct it.

  17. I´m so glad to find that some of my 4ths turned up today at the cinama! I´ll try and go next Tuesday we can see which one in the notice board of the English Department, can´t we. Thanks for all this it is fabulous

  18. Did you enjoy the film? I liked it. It’s easy to understand, mainly the priest. The acting is good and the plot is also plausible. The character I liked the most was the priest, in my opinion the nuns’ acting is very good but that of the priest is better. I could feel his anguish, mainly in the last scene with sister Aloysius. Anyway, Meryl Streep reminded me very much of my school days. I studied in a convent school. When Kennedy was killed, I think it was in 1963, but I’m not sure, I was already there, so, when the film is taken place, a year later, my situation was very similar to that of the children we see in it. I knew more than one nun like sister Aloysius.
    I liked also the end of the film, it’s quite faithful with the title. You are left as the judge of the priest; you have to decide whether he, and also the Church, is guilty or innocent; whether he has been promoted because the bishop knows he is a god priest or because they are friends. No doubting in a Spanish film the priest and the Church would have been blamed and the nun would have had some secret perversion as well. I liked not being lectured, on the contrary, being given the capacity and the responsibility of making my own judgment and drawing my own conclusions.

  19. I Have liked the film indeed. I think Meryl streep was absolutely great portraying the intolerant nun, the sttuborness of the church or better still that of the believer who is absolutely incapable of mercy and compassion….to be continued

  20. The tittle was certainly very good chosen! I liked a lot Meryl Streep. I think her to be one of the best actresses, together with Kate Winslet, and both are nominated.
    The film is good, the script, the wardrobe, three main characters were very credible in their roles, etc. I also liked the priest, but he made me untrust him more than the nun. His answers when defending himself were not very clear, concealing something, he seemed to have some regret… I don´t know (Doubt) what he really did, as for acts is concerned, but there was something shady at least in his thougths (“Have you ever committed a sin? A mortal sin?”, or “The hand is pointing me” or “My leaving must be good for this school”, or his resignation that demonstrates his guilt. Obviously you have a doubt as it is not said, but when there´s smoke, there´s fire… Am I like the nun?? Well I think her to be a little bit witchy, but undoubtedly strong in her thoughts.
    A thing I liked was the metaphor priest said about gossiping, the consequences of which can´t be resolved nor forgotten, they remain as thousand of feathers in the sky…
    Sister James could be a good Jane Eyre, don´t you think her better than Juno??

  21. While perfectly played by Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman, the film shows nothing else but a struggle of power between nuns and priests. The audience who lacks of enough information about what really happened to the boy so as to embrace suspicion, cannot feel such a doubt however hard do we try and therefore, we are left behind.

  22. I´m amazed that Penelope cruz has won the bafta!!! It is impossible!! If she gets the prize it is absolutely irrelevant to get, don´t you think????
    Going back to Doubt I also liked the priest he really portrays the anguish of a person who has done something wrong,there was something, otherwise he would have fought it out, and wishes to do good. Very good indeed, now I´m flying to the theatre! See you there

  23. I do not know why Penélope Cruz is considered to be such a good actress and I am starting to feel vexed before the continual flattery of her work. If she WIN the academy adward I have promised my father to see no more american films any longer. Properly played as her role is in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, I believe there are hundred of supporting actors who have done a better performance in Woody Allen’s films and never have been even nominated.

  24. Not only in Woody Allen´s films…
    Her performance just was correct, and you can feel she hadn´t any problem to do her role because the character she performed was like her or at least like the image I have of her: a loud mouthed woman and a little bit deranged. As she also was when performing “Volver”. When she goes out from those roles, she becomes totally incredible. She lacks versatility which is essential in this career. Therefore, she is overrated, I don´t know why.
    As for Doubt, definitely, what I liked the most was its sobriety, beyond weepy stories about religious and educative values.

  25. I will now continue my review, I´ve liked the priest very much indeed he managed to show his character, that of the good priest, liberal, who is willing to take everyone in and expanding the boundaries of what we can do, admit,etc, simply because he is …a sinner! and that, he is, otherwise he would have never surrendered, virtue fights and it is sin that welcomes irregularities, in the hope of his fall being overlooked or forgiven. then of course, we have the nun that is the sinner afraid to sin who thus prefers to be totally regardless of the suffering and desperation of others because she, having gone through it before wants others to suffer what she has done in a kind of communion of suffering.. well it´s all very complicated..I found the film too long, the dialgue of mother and nun is too long and not very convicing, the younger nun in the middle of it all, a weakness in the script, since she is allowed too much power, one doesn´t know if Streep is using her.
    though I liked it I do not think it is a mastermapiece it fails to meke us feel, flat forgetable, no scenes are memorable, no words, …no oscars I´m afraid but for the actors, however now that penlope has won the BAfta, I have no interest for the opinion of those critics, keep English, I said Americans knew about films, now i think they don´t, they know about making money, that´s all…

  26. Rosa, thank you, I did not know it even though I love Psycho. By the way, did you know that Hitchcock shot the film so at to be screened on TV and with no intention at all to add music to it? Then, while he was on holiday, Bernard Hermann composed the score, only by means of string instruments, and when Hitchcock came back and checked how well the music worked with the film, he decided to add the scored and, finally, Psycho was put on release as a proper film.

  27. Carmen, it is you and Marta that have encouraged people to join this blog. I sincerely thank you for posting here, too; you are always supporting us. It seems people are realizing, at length, the treasure they have before their eyes.

    You have analyzed the film perfectly well. I saw it nearly one year ago, though I remember having similar feelings as those you have experienced now. Nevertheless, I liked it very much because it is a western in its essence, showing the life of cowboys’, their interaction with nature, the hardness of such a life, the beautiful landscapes… Technically, the film is absolutely marvellous. I’m surprise of And Lee’s having such a mastering when reflecting such an important stage within American history. The same happened with Sense & Sensibility, another work of his, that seemed to be made by a native. As a curiosity, Brokeback Mountain won the awards as best directing, best score, and best adapted script.

  28. What a mistake, these two comments should have been posted into another thread sorry.

  29. Yes, there is certainly something which does not work when the conversation between the mother and Meryl Streep takes place. I believe it unnecessary since the child does not appears on the stage again and you do not sympathy with his role at all on account of the lack of information about himself and his condition. Thus, the film focuses on who will win the struggle and I am afraid the priest has not any chance to demonstrate his “innocence”. I mean that we are forced to assume Meryl Streep’s attitude as the correct one from the begining, however, in the end (literally) they want us to doubt. Absurd!

  30. Yesterday we watched The Reader, I enjoyed it quite a lot, the acting was good and the plot interesting. They did it in a clever way switching backwards and forwards so that the plot was interlaced making it more dynamic. Quite honestly Hanna who is a pervert disguises her personality well because we only realise it as the film goes on. She really corrupts teenagers or at least the hero, corrupts is not the word, she ruins his life and one wonders what she did with the children in the camps! It is worth seeing, I think she´ll get the Oscar.

  31. Do the nuclear physicists looking after the nuclear stockpile use computer models to determine if the current stock is vital or not? ,

  32. se ha metido un virus en el blog? me ha llegado este comentario tan extraño al correo electrónico!! Bueno, cuidado por si acaso

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