REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, Monday, 2nd February, 8.40 p.m. (Cines Princesa)

January 26, 2009



  1. What a pity! I have already seen it.

  2. Did you like it, Roberto??

  3. If you are willing to attend the meeting, post it here so that we could know how many we are going, and none goes alone… ok??

  4. Natalia, I liked it, mainly because of the story, showing us the eternal struggle in which we are involved during our lifetime: choosing between stability or the pursuit of happiness. Both roles are properly played by Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio though I prefer the former.

    Nevertheless, there is something in the film prevents it from being considered as firm candidate to win any award in my opinion. Perhaps due to the rhythm too linear and lacking in climax.

  5. I forgot adding “that” after “in the film”

  6. Thank you Roberto for your always nice and wise reviews!I don’t know if I really fancy going to see it, but I must admit that Kate Winslet is a good actress and Di Caprio has usually performed very interesting characters.

  7. Kathy Bates character was impeccable.Apart of that this movie showed more a couple that got married never knowing the concept of what two people becoming one ever meant.

  8. Dear zsazsa, I cannot see what you mean.

  9. If you are going to see this film, post it here. I´m going for sure with a friend. But if the problem is the place,if you would like to go to another cinema, post it here too so that we can go together.
    I couldn´t see Los Goya, how did you like it? I´ve heard Camino has got many prizes…

  10. María, I have printed the posters. If you change the place, please inform me so that I can do it again before going to class.

    Good day!

  11. If some say something before 2, I´ll tell you, thanks Roberto!!

  12. I liked the film very much! Both DiCaprio and Winslet did a great performance (better Kate). I don´t want to spoil the plot, but I think that it is told a sad story that usually happens in real life and everywhere. The script was marvellous!! A quote I liked: “I don´t know what to do, I can´t go, but neither to stay…”.
    Despite Winslet wanting to go against the current, it´s difficult to scape from her reality, doomed to unhappiness amongst the confusion and dissapointment that her life involves.
    I strongly recommend it to you for those reasons and for its clear English, very understandable.

  13. Very good a quote, María. I also liked it. Many times in life one is doomed to bear such a condition. It is even worse when you see people by your side who keep going, however, you cannot.

    Precisely, it is a useful film to students because, as you say, it is easy to understand.

  14. Hey!
    I find your comments very useful on the film. I will try to go and see it.

    By the way, I saw Brad Pitt’s new film yesterday, something about Benjamin Button. It was entertaining (and it lasted 2h45min!!), but it didn’t moved me as I expected… In fact, in the same style, I enjoyed more “Big Fish”. Have you seen it?

  15. Hello everybody, I was watching this film with a friend on afternoon Friday. I liked it very much. Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio were fantastic. I think It is a sad story . I am going to watch other film this weekend but I doubt between ” Doubt or The Reader”. Could someone recommend one? Tnak you,

  16. Hello Cris, thank you for your comment.

    It’s a sad story indeed but quite true I’m dare to say.

    I recommend you to see “Slumgdog Millionaire” which is on release from today.

  17. Thank you for your suggestion!!

    I ´ll try to watch it this weekend. This movie has been winners six o seven Bafta awards. I think It is worthwhile .

  18. Last weekend I went to see this film, it is based in a novel from Richard Yates.
    The plot is about a happy marriage that they considerer thenselves different from the rest of the people. They move a new house in Revolutionary Road. Nevertheless she discover that he have become in a good man with a work that he dosen´t like and she in a unhappy housewife.Then she decide change her life.
    I hope everybody enjoys with this film like I did.

  19. I want to say… the film is based ON a novel….

  20. You’re welcome, Cris. You will enjoy it for sure.

    María, thank you for your post. However, we want you to give us your personal opinion about the film. Do you think it a situation any of us might experience in real life? I think so.

  21. I thought I had done a post about this film, but as always I’ll do late lol

    I really liked the film, I think is one of the best films of the year, almost the best I have seen for the moment. The plot is great, so realistic, all the cast is great, specially Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Capprio.

    I like everything in this movie, the slow rhythm, the ambient… After seeing it you can stop thinking about it.

    I’ll never understand why it didn’t got more nomination for the Oscars.

  22. I agree with you, Antonio. I couldn’t stop thinking about the films for some days after seeing it. It was really good. However, I missed some explanations of what Kate Winslet’s character was really thinking, mostly in the end. Thus I went to a bookshop and had a look at the final pages of the book it is based on (from Richard Yates?), and I thought it was quite enlightening…

  23. It is a good film indeed, however, I think it to lack of something. You’re right as well, Elena, we know not enough about what is going on inside Kate’s mind even though we can see that she is mainly dissappointed, wishing so much but nearly nothing coming true.

  24. Do you really think so? I completely disagree with you, it’s perfectly clear what is going inside Kate’s mind. She feels trap in a golden cage, If you think about her in the film, we always see her washing dishes, preparing meals….

    For me the breakfast scene after the big argument show us that she surrender,she can’t continue anymore.

    I want to read the book, I think it was the first novel of Richard Yates.

  25. Well, we know what’s going on in her mind in general, yes, that she’s is trapped in that ‘golden cage’ as you say, but, what are exactly her feelings towards him? Does she only feel sorry for him or does she get to hate him? For me, the final scene where she gets up after that big big fight with him, and prepares the breakfast and acts so kind to him, asking about his job, which she had despised the day before, I thought was really great (in its sadness)… Because he leaves that day thinking everything is ok again, and that she now shares his enthusiasm for his work, but she doesn’t.

    I was interested in knowing her thoughts at that moment. And according to the book, they were bitter.

  26. I see your point, and I see I have to read the novel but for me there weren’t problems about that, I understood the Kate’s words about his job like “Come on, you get what you were looking for and you are good in that, go for it”.

    She is a inspiritation for him but the problem is he doesn’t for her.

  27. Talking about another film of Sam Mendes, have any of you seen American Beauty? Because I might watch it one of these days at home and I would like to know whether you recommend it. Thanks in advance!!

  28. I recommend you that film!! I liked it very much. When you see it, we can comment it here!

  29. YES, I recommend you too, it’s really great, I loved it.

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