Answers to Help – Steps for Authors to start threads

April 15, 2008

I got your email, eoigoyainglés. I clicked on the link it had. It took me to a wordpress webpage with a form. I filled in the form, and below the “I agree to this fascinating terms of service” there were two round things: one for “just gimme (give me) a username” and “gimme a free blog”, or something like that. I don’t want a free blog, so I checked out the other option, to get a username. You can also get a blog and I suppose what follows applies, anyway. Then I panicked and left. Then I went to our blog, scrolled down and clicked on the worpress.com link.

When I got to the wordpress.com webpage:
1. I looked for the two empty slots where you type your nick and then your password (the ones I typed in when I filled in the form). Sometimes those slots are on your right, others they’re scrolling down down, on the left.
2. I did that, I typed my username and my password. Then…
3. and here I am. I have access to a control panel, so the 4 students who are Authors on this blog should have access too. I see the same things Dakota sees.

How can we, Authors, use this?
Well, if we just want to COMMENT on an already existing thread, we don’t need to go to the wordpress.com page, and type our username and password. We can just use this blog like we were using the other two, to comment. BUT…
If we want to pick an avatar (graphic image) and/or we want to start a thread, we need to sign in at wordpress.com. If we do, we have access to the control panel.

What do we do then?
After signing in…
If we want to pick an avatar, we’ll click on “Profile” on the top right corner.
If we want to start a thread (Authors, do so! to see if we all manage – later on we can delete them, no problem), we need to click on “Write” (top left corner) and then on “Post” (just below “Write”). Then we get the box to type a title and our message. Remember the title should be thematic, so we know what it is about.
Then we need to scroll down a bit till we see “Categories“, open that by clicking on the left-side grey/white arrowhead, then click on the light blue text that says “All Categories” and then tick one of the boxes with the names of the categories.
Then we scroll to where we were typing our message and look on the right. We’ll see “Save” and “Publish“. We click on “PUblish” and that’ll be it!
Then you can scroll a bit further up  and click on “Visit site” to see our Blog and if our post is there.

Is this helpful? Cheers!


  1. Hello there!
    Well, this post that doodahinspain sent was not published automatically. Apparently, when Authors start a thread, the message goes to our control panel, and we have the chance to read it first and decide if we can publish it. This means that the post is filed as “Pending Review”. Then, when we, eoigoyaingles sing in, we see a note saying “X message(s) pending review”. We click on that and then we can approve the post is published.
    I’ll try to see if those messages could be published without the Administrator’s approval (us), but in any case, don’t worry because we will approve them! We know you! 🙂 So it’ll be just a matter of time. Perhaps you write your new post, and then it’s just you won’t see it on the blog till one of the teachers enters the control panel, and says, OK, let’s publish it! see what I mean?

  2. OK, just one thing. The instructions I wrote are specially useful for Paloma now. For the rest, when they type in their username and password, they need to look at the top navigation bar, not on the white page. The top navigation bar is blue. It says “My Account” “My Dashboard”, etc. Under “My Account” you can edit your profile, which includes getting an avatar (a picture), if you have one in your computer which you wish to upload. If you go to the Dashboard you’ll see the “WRite” – “Posts” thing.

  3. Oh, I selected my avatar, but it takes them some hours to show, so now I can’t actually see it, but I think I’ll be able to see it later on.

  4. Impressed. Need lessons to catch up.

  5. Michelle,

    Thank you very much for your instructions!
    I could finally create a thread!!

  6. hello??

  7. Hello!! ahahaha

  8. ahahahahah, hey, Carmen, sure! We’ll meet up and click and press and type! 🙂 It IS impressive! What’s happened??? Spring??? hahahah 😉
    I’m happy, natalia, they were useful. It’s kind of difficult to explain, so I’m very “primitive”! 🙂

  9. I keep signing my name everywhere but feel totally lost!

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