RELEASES! The best exotic Marigold Hotel (2011), Tyrannosaur (2011) | BASIC CLASSICS! Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf (1966)

March 23, 2012

A speedy post because this weekend I do not have too much time (exam included). Two interesting British films can be enjoyed by us, the expected Tyrannosaur (you can see the post about this film several posts further back, I think it’s best not to repeat), that it has been retarded without a known cause, and The best exotic Marigold Hotel, the new John Madden’s film (he is Shakespeare in love’s director) starring Judie Dench.

And the next weekend we could watch a new Weathering Heighs’ remake!! I will tell you.


RELEASES! The best exotic Marigold Hotel (2011)

A typical entertainment product directed by John Madden who has a great success with Shakespeare in love, one of the greatest cinema successes of the nineties where Judi Dench (the main character of this film) won an Oscar transformed in Queen Elizabeth. It could be a nice choose!

The best exotic Marigold Hotel [El exótico Hotel Marigold]-2011 Directed by John Madden

Screenplay: Ol Parker (Novel: Deborah Moggach)

Cast: Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith, Tom Wilkinson, Dev Patel, Celia Imrie, Tena Desae

Genre: Comedy | Drama

Length: 124 min.

Synopsis: British retirees travel to India to take up residence in what they believe is a newly restored hotel. Less luxurious than its advertisements, the Marigold Hotel nevertheless slowly begins to charm in unexpected ways.IMDb.

Daily mail has written:


Theatrical Trailer (VOSE):



Basic Classics! Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf (1966)

The weekend we can watch two exceptional Elizabeth Taylor’s performance, the excessive Cleopatra with a long length but with Liz extremely beautiful, but I choose Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf because is more connected with British culture. This melodrama allows Liz Taylor to win an Oscar. A great choice to remember this brilliant actress.

Cine Doré (Filmoteca Española), Santa Isabel 3 [Metro: Antón Martín]
Sala 1. VOSE. Saturday, 19:30. Price: 2’5 €. (2 € reduced)

Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf [¿Quién teme a Virginia Woolf?]-1966 Directed by Mike Nichols

Screenplay: Ernest Lehman (Theater play: Edward Albee)

Cast: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, George Segal, Sandy Dennis.

Genre: Drama

Length: 131 min.

Synopsis: A bitter aging couple with the help of alcohol, use a young couple to fuel anguish and emotional pain towards each other.IMDb

TCM has written:


Theatrical Trailer (VO):


Cleopatra (Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1963). Sunday, 17:30h. Cine Doré. ¡243 min.!


  1. Like many others”films of romans”, Cleopatra has not good reputation. A pity, because, if we don’t take certain excesses, actually it’s a very good film: great music, beautiful sets, magnificent performances (specially, Richard Burton, who is fantastic, the strongest of the cast… a man who sees himself self destroyed, with great abilities,and qualities but weak), fantastic dialogues, gorgeous photography…This is an interesting story, exciting, about human passions and figths for the power. I like the way in which Cleopatra is depicted in this film: beautiful, but human, sensual, but majestic, intelligent, but passionate, seductive, but with her own weaknesses, cruel but sympathetic. Cleopatra is not in this film just a woman who seduces men because she is beautiful, but a clever woman who makes the man to become very ambitious and lustful for power. Sadly, this film almost costed Manckiewicz’s life, and the studio was at the edge of bankrupcy, because of the great deals of problems that they had (being not Elizabeth Taylor, in spite of her quality as actress, the smaller of them). In fact, this is one of my favourite films, altough to watch it in the cinema and in a single time could be pretty much.

  2. Liz Taylor is a fantastic actress and… the prettiest of all!! The chemistry between her and Richard Burton was an instrument very well and several times used for its excellent results. Such is the example of Cleopatra but also of Who´s afraid of Virginia Woolf. I watched this film last year and loved it. I love these films that make you think so much and keep you awake until the very end. The story is amazing, with such a suspense… that I couldn´t wait to know! Liz Taylor manages to play a very complicated character who sometimes is sweet and pitiable and other times is scary, cruel, terribly hateful… Richard Burton plays another very complicated character, the best partner for her, though not ‘the ideal husband’… The long scene where this very excentric couple is visited by the other apparently more ‘normal’ couple and they end up in the bar is my favourite. I shall watch it soon again for now I don´t remember why that title. I remembered I loved it when I learnt it but now, I´ve forgotten! I remember that it was very depressing but it is undoubtedly worth watching such performance of theirs.

  3. I´ve seen ‘Extremely loud and incredibly close’. Watch it here: http://www.watchfreeinhd.com/Ivko46
    Together with ‘The tree of life’, which was a trascendental story about life itself and its origin, about who we are and where we go, THIS IS ANOTHER STORY TO BE SHARED, about how to survive by always keeping on looking for. BRILLIANT FILM.

  4. Thanks, María! Daldry is a good director (Billy Elliot, The Hours, The reader…) but reviews has been so bad about this film that I thought it could not be good. Lou Lumenick (New York Post), Mary F. Pols (Time) or Manohla Dargis (The New York Times) have been specially cruel writing phrases like “And, yes, you may cry, but when tears are milked as they are here, the truer response should be rage.” Or “In the end, “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’’ pulls out all the stops trying to put the audience through the emotional wringer. It’s Oscar-mongering of the most blunt and reprehensible sort.”
    I am astounded because they are NYC Medias so they must have a special vision about these sad happenings.

    A movie to review!

  5. Well I guess that Americans are quite concerned about how a story about the attack to the twin towers´ consequence in a family is told. I hadn´t read any review and it is indeed quite surprising, as I loved it! It is also quite frustrating because it shows that my point of view may be flawed! However, I don´t really care if I don´t agree with the critics… I wonder why to put the audience through the emotional wringer should be a mistake. People react to emotions through emotions. It seems that films that make you cry are crap. Why?
    ‘Extremely loud and incredibly close” (I don´t particularly like or understand the title, though) is a good film which tells the story about a boy who looks for and finds. The message of the film is great and full of hope. The boy actor acts brilliantly and so do Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock.

    Watch it and tell me what you think!!!!

  6. Well, I do not know if I want to watch Marigold Hotel. I had had some bad experiences with Madden films. To be exact, Shakespeare in love, one of the worst and overapreciated films that I have ever seen. Seriously, I can not understand how such a bad film was so praised and prized. And also totally unaccurate from the historical point of view. Come on! That was just crap for girls! Like a sort of Pretty woman, or something like that, but with period costumes. And, what is worse, totally pretencious. This one, at less, seems funny and entertaining, and has a good cast (with figures like Maggie Smith).

    If you like very much Cleopatra, the Blue Ray edition has been recently launched. It seems it’s pretty good, altough the extras are almost the same than in the DVD.

  7. Do not misunderstand me when I use the expression”crap for girls”. We have also crap for boys. Examples of this kind of movies are films like Air Force One, Die Hard (La jungla de cristal),Con Air, and almost all the Schwarzenegger-Stallone films.

    Have a nice hollidays!

  8. Indeed! Crap for boys… The other day Mr. Wahab recommended me a film, his favourite, he claimed: “Leon”. PUfff, crap. And he is not precesily a boy anymore…

    Nevertheless, even though we think films are crap, superfitial, uninteresting…, there is always something profitable, a good message…, even in “Leon”.

    I did like “Shakespeare in love” though! I found it terribly romantic and well told, entertaining, funny. Unnacurate or not from the historical point of view, I don’t know…, which is not good…, as I should! Why is the film not accurate?

  9. Because all are romantic topics,and things already seen in other movies, and things that the script writters have invented. We actually know very little about the life of Shakespeare, and, therefore, the writters are free to invent the most incredible stories, and to plunge in them things which in some way are conected with his plays…but that are not his plays…Of course, we can say the same about “Anonymous”, but, at less, this is entertaining, and points to certain historical misteries, very often regarded with disdain by traditional and official historians and critics…but, in fact, never solved…Seriously, I think that the guys (because they are guys) who write this kind of things (Pretty Woman, Shakespeare in love, Steel Magnolias, Titanic…-I could watch only ONCE this one, and never entire-), believe that we woman are mentaly retarded. In the other hand, you don’t need a privileged inteligence to understand the Chuck Norris, Charles Bronson, Rambo, and all of the sort pseudo movies….But you need an excepcional ability of endurance to have them!
    Could I know who is Mr Wahab?

  10. Mr Wahab is a teacher in Woldingham School. He knows how much I like films so he wanted to recommend me some…, “Leon” and “Hanna” amongst others. After the holidays I will have to give him my -sincere?- opinion…

    Well, I do agree that there is no need of great brains to understand certain films. But, why do you say ‘they’ think it is woman that has ‘retarded mentality’? “Leon” is, as you labelled before, “crap for boys” and you don´t need to be bright whatsoever to see that film!!

    There are thousand of films about the same topics, the main being ´Love´. But there are so many ways of telling “similar” stories that it is still worth going to watch them! Titanic tells us about the historic disaster that happened 100 years ago, but also includes a love story. Does the love story make the film less good?

    However, I do agree that script writers should be encouraged to write original stuff, in spite of the general audiences´ response, making films like -don´t hate me for repeating it so many times- “The Tree of Life”.

    Unemployed? I´m sorry… Come to England…

  11. By the way, it is inaccurate, not unaccurate. I made the same mistake!!!

  12. Yes, but, you see, there are love stories and love stories. And, by the way, the people who had the worst part in the sinking of the Titanic, were people from the lower social classes, and just because they are poor… Very soon, it’ll be the first centenary of that think, and in a magazine I saw an article about the real Jack Dawson of the Titanic, who was employed in one of the engines of the ship. I always have the feeling that men, when write for woman, write as we were mentally retarded, or lived in the XIX th Century, I can’t help it…

    Not always a love story, or a film about love, is bad.

    Take a film like Brief Encouter, which was about a love story…and it was magnificent. Perhaps, it was only because it had very good writters and directors behind…It is a love story between a house wife and a doctor in England, during the thirties, and a great deal of the story is set in a quite plain railway station…and both of them were married, and were relatively happy with their marriages…and this film was absolutely moving…It helps the soundtrack chosen, Rachmaninov’s second Piano Concert (which was also used, but with a very different intention in Billy Wilder’s The Seven Year Itch, with Marilyn Monroe). And we have just a love story, and nothing else. In Kubrikc’s Spartacus, we have some of the best lines about love in all the films (“Forbid me to leave you…”), and this was not a film about a love story, and I don’t particulary like neither Spartacus nor Kubrikc (I think is a very over estimated filmaker, which also is usually praise by all the people who want to pose as “cult” and “cultivated”, even if they never have seen one of his films). Think about Johnny Guitar, which I already commented here, which is a western, not a love film, and the love story is fantastic. Perhaps because Nicholas Ray, its director, was very good doing such kind of stories (Rebel without a Cause, They Lived by Nigth…) or just because the writer of the script was very good (or, in my opinion, is very good, because other of my favourite films, The Fall of the Roman Empire, had the same script writter) . And this very film, Sunrise, which it’s also a love story, and have a fantastic writter, Carl Mayer, who was behind some of the bests silent films ever (Caligari, Tartuffe, The Last Laugh…) and Murnau, who was considered the best direstor of his time…

    Well, I’ll try to see this, and I’ll tell.

  13. I have seen the film aboutlife of a group of retired people in the Marigold Hotel in India. I think it is ver good, mind I have not said it is a masterpiece. The plot is original (I am not an expert, so we may have had many similar ones before), about a group of people who have different problems one common to them all being age. The story is about what they bring into the hotel with them and how they come out of such an experience as India and their lives. the acting is superb, Maggie Smith and Judi Dench, the rest are toerable and the married man, cannot remember his name is a little weak, I did not like the indian actor either. The dialogues are very good, we have “What larks”, which comes from Dickens, and in general the vocabulary is cultivated, no slang, thank God! you come out with a smile. do not miss it.
    I think that Liz taylor is supreb in Cleopatra, as is richard Burton. Such a love story between them, too!!!

  14. Indeed! Cleopatra has a bad reputation totally undeserved, in my opinion. Altough Manckiewicz ended dening it for the much that the studio altered the final cut, and the amount of problems that he had to endure. I very curious about the missing scenes, I would want very much that some day, those scenes would appear and we will be able to watch the six hours version.

  15. I´ve watched the best exotic Marigold Hotel for the elderly and beautiful and loved it! I agree with Carmen that you come out with a smile. However, I don´t think the married man to be weak! Bill Nighy is his name. His role is very believable: the old good man married to a grumpy old woman who has become into a terrible person, always complaining. But he would not leave her -“I will not let you go”-. It is she who tells him to go back to the hotel! She says something like your kindness and your loyalty would not let me go, would prevent you from being happy, we both deserve something better. He is a very good man, and on the top of it, he is funny. He makes Judy laugh. His funny gesture and way of speaking, for instance, the scene when Judi says: Oh, still here? and he says: I missed the plane. and Judi: Oh, and your wife? and he: She… didn´t. je je, it is funny. I liked him, not weak to me at all! Or when they arrived at the hotel and he asks Judi: do you want me to not fix anything else? or the scene in the market, when he believes that the “stall assistant” would go after them to sell the scarf! or the scene when they are mistakenly taken as a couple and a music band plays for them, the way he gets embarrased, even more than her, the way he looks at her… Oh, no, no, not weak to me at all!

  16. Thank you very much for sharing this. By the way, have you seen the new version of Wuthering Highs? If you did, did you like it?

  17. No , I haven´t! Besides, I do want to read the book first, that´s why… The thing is that I don´t have the time to read more books than the ones I have to read…

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