RELEASES! Tyrannosaur (2011), Red Lights (2012) | BASIC CLASSICS! A star is born (1954)

February 29, 2012

A little later than normal (I was waiting for March programmes), I post the recommendation of the weekend. We have two special movies: a British release called Tyrannosaur and the Spanish filmmaker’s comeback Rodrigo Cortés, a Spanish film but is like a Hollywood product because is talked in English starring Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver. I do not know if a film like this could be classified like Spanish. We can practice our English and this is the importante of the film.

BRITISH RELEASE! Tyrannosaur (2011)

A typical British movie like Ken Loach’s films about outsiders and marginal people, starring two great actors, Peter Mullan (Tranispotting, My name is Joe, Braveheart…) and Olivia Colman (Peep Show (tv), The iron lady…). This movie is released in Spain with an important foreign success like the Best Director and Best Film’s prizes in Sundance or The Best Debut Prize in BAFTAs.

Tyrannosaur [Tyrannosaur (Redención)]-2011  Directed by Paddy Considine

Screenplay: Paddy Considine

Cast: Peter Mullan, Olivia Colman, Eddie Marsan, Ned Dennehy, Sally Carman

Genre: Drama

Lenght: 91 min.

Synopsis: Joseph, a man plagued by violence and a rage that is driving him to self-destruction, earns a chance of redemption that appears in the form of Hannah, a Christian charity shop worker.IMDb.

Trailer (VOSE):


Variety has written:



RELEASE! Red Lights (2012)

Rodrigo Cortés had a great success in 2010 with the film Buried, the story of a man buried alive. Now he returns with a film produced between Spain and USA, with two great claims: Robert de Niro (Taxi Driver, The Godfather, Novecento…) and Sigourney Weaver (Alien, Working girl, Gorillas in the Mist…).

Red Lights [Luces rojas]-2012  Directed by Rodrigo Cortés

Screenplay: Rodrigo Cortés

Cast:Robert De Niro, Cillian Murphy, Elizabeth Olsen, Sigourney Weaver, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Jan Cornet

Genre: Thriller | Supernatural

Lenght: 119 min.

Synopsis: Psychologist Margaret Matheson and her assistant study paranormal activity, which leads them to investigate a world-renowned psychic.IMDb.

Trailer (VOSE):


The Guardian has written:



BASIC CLASSICS! A star is born (1954)

As for our weekly appointment with the classics we turn back to the CBA selection with the best American musicals. In this case with a remake of a beautiful film called like the original: A star born (from 1937). One of the most interesting studies about the Success in show business, directed by a perfect actress director as Geroge Cuckor starring lovely Gudy Garland and the great James Mason. This film would be remade in 1976 with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson in a forgettable version.

Rumours! It is announced a new remake directed by Clint Eastwood starring Beyoncé that would be released this year. This smells very bad.

A star is born [Ha nacido una estrella]-1954  Directed by George Cuckor

Screenplay: Moss Hart, Dorothy Parker, Alan Campbell, Robert Carson (Plot: William A. Wellman & Robert Carson)

Cast: Judy Garland, James Mason, Jack Carson, Charles Bickford, Tommy Noonan, Lucy Marlow, Amanda Blake, Irving Bacon, Hazel Shermet

Genre: Musical | Drama | Remake

Lenght: 175 min.

Synopsis: A movie star helps a young singer/actress find fame, even as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.IMDb.

The New Yorker has written:


Trailer (VO) Made by a fan:




  1. I have seen only the 1937 version. Not bad, but not a particullary memorable film.

  2. I have it! But I have not seen yet. I think this version is better because is directed by George Cuckor and Gudy Garland had a particular charming, despite her sad life.

  3. The other version had Janet Gaynor, and he was one of the Barrymores, if memory helps.

  4. I really want to see the tyranosaur one!! this weekend going tosee parents, but next week I will try and go. thanks, antonio

  5. Good morning:

    Read this interesting article about how British films are stored:


    Have a nice weekend.

  6. Hi!

    I´ve just see that those of you who want to know more about films can listen to the BBC radio 5 live on fridays from 2 to 4. There is a programm which makes a review of the new releases!!! (so you can have information about the films before they come to Spain).

    Good weekend!

  7. I am going to see the Tyrannousaur too. It´s got lots of good reviews! I haven´t seen that version of A Star but Barbra Streisand´s… Have you seen it? I guess it is not very good, but since I dearly love Babs, I cannot be objective… She sings gloriously…, doesn´t she? And she is so funny in the films… Not in this one, though… I saw yesterday ‘On a clear day you can see forever’. That film always makes me laugh… and is recomforting and the message, nice: on a clear day, rise and look around you, and you´ll see who you are… Have a nice weekend!!! I´m so happy today!!!
    Mónica I guess that next year we´ll be able to go the cinema together now and then…, but only if we speak English!!!!!!!!!!!! je je

  8. María, Barbra is a great singer! But Judy Garland too… The problem with his remake is about the direction.

    Thank you, Mónica, for your radio recommendation!

  9. Antonio, do you like Barbra? She is a great singer, but a great actress too… There is something in her personality that is electric! She laughs at herself which enables her to develop an extraordinary self-confidence that I envy! I do admire her. She´s my favourite! Have you seen Funny Girl or The way we were?

    See this link; such a duet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hf53oFb4IKA&safe=active

  10. My dad also likes Barbra Streissand very much. I think she is a great singer, one of the bests of twentieth century. As actress, for me she is just good. Which is not a little thing if we consider that a great deal of the actresses of our days can’t act, can’t sing, can’t dance, they can’t even speak… All what they can do is to show their boobs. And I myself can do the same, but the difference between them and I, is that don’t do such things. Especially the Spanish ones are terrible.

    Good nigth.

  11. Ok María I accept your treat. It’s a fairy one!! Thanks a lot!!!!!! You’re incredible!!!!

  12. Oh, bad news: The Tyrannosaur’s distributor has delayed the release of the film until March 23. And this is not the first time!

  13. I have just seen The Elephant Man, and all what I can say is what an amazing actor Anthony Hopkins is! I alredy knew, but now I am sure. John Hurt is also fantastic, but, for some reason, I have liked more Anthony Hopkins’ performance.

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