RELEASES! Hugo (2011), My week with Marylin (2011) | BASIC CLASSICS! Singin’ in the rain (1952)

February 22, 2012

The Martin Scorsese’s comeback with a special film that he considered a honest tribute to Cinema. Something is happen to Hollywood because it is very nostalgic with the ancient times. The Artist is a good example. I thought it was a totally French film but the producers are the famous Westein Brothers (they produced the Tarantino’s films, Shakespeare in love, etc…). Hugo is the first familiar film by Scorsese but it seems very recomendable. The other release is British and with another nostalgic touch. Remembering one of the most known cinema icons, My  week with Marilyn is a film about Marilyn Monroe starring Michelle Williams, Kenneth Branagh and Judi Dench. At last, the real classic of the week, an absolute pleasure for the senses: Singin’ in the rain, the perfect musical where all is suberb: songs, music, photography, perfomances, the script, direction… If you do not still seen it you must go to the Círculo de Bellas Artes cinema this weekend. It is pleasant to see so  absolut masterpiece. This film is included in a retrospective about American musicals like Gigi, West Side Story or A star is born.


RELEASES! Hugo (2011) by Martin Scorsese


Hugo [La invención de Hugo]-2011 Directed by Martin Scorsese

Screenplay: John Logan (Novel: Brian Selznick)

Cast: Ben Kingsley, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jude Law, Asa Butterfield, Christopher Lee, Helen MacRory, Frances de la Tour…

Genre: Familiar | Adventures | Fantastic

Length: 127 min.

Synopsis: Set in 1930s Paris, an orphan who lives in the walls of a train station is wrapped up in a mystery involving his late father and an automaton.

Variety has written:


Trailer (VOSE):


BRITISH RELEASES! My week with Marilyn (2011)

My week with Marilyn [Mi semana con Marilyn]-2011 Directed by Simon Curtis {Debut}
Screenplay: Adrian Hodges (Novel: Colin Clark)

Cast: Michelle Williams, Eddie Redmayne, Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench, Dominic Cooper, Emma Watson, Julia Ormond…

Genre: Biographic | Drama | Cinema

Length: 98 min.

Synopsis: In 1956, Marilyn Monroe arrives in England to star with Sir Laurence Olivier in The Prince And The Showgirl. Well-connected 23-year-old Colin Clark gets a job as a production assistant, witnesses the clash of titanic egos and forms a brief intimacy with the emotionally fragile screen goddess.

The New York Post has written:


Trailer (VOSE):



BASIC CLASSICS! Singin’ in the rain

Cine Círculo de Bellas Artes
Alcalá, 42 Metro Station: Banco de España / Sevilla
VOSE. Price: 5 €. (Normal), 3.40 €. (Reduced)

Friday: 24.02.12 • 22:00h.
Saturday: 25.02.12 • 17:00h.


Singin’ in the rain [Cantando bajo la lluvia]-1952  Directed by Stanley Donen

Screenplay: Betty Comden, Adolph Green

Cast: Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds, Jean Hagen, Millard Mitche, Cyd Charisse, Rita Moreno, Douglas Fowley, Madge Blake…

Genre: Musical | Comedy | Cinema

Length: 102 min.

Synopsis: A silent film production company and cast make a difficult transition to sound.IMDb.

The famous rainy scene:


The New York Times has written:



  1. “Singin’ in the rain” is an absolutely wonderful film! It is almost the perfect film, and I do not like musicals, and I do not like the simplistic way in which the silent films are dispatched in this film, but even so, it is one of the best films ever!

    Hugo’s Invention seems a hyped film. Lately, Scorese and Coppola haven’t made very good staff, and it’s a pity, because the had lots of talent.

    Good nigth.

  2. Well, María told me that the marylin one was fab, so I will try to see that one as soon as possible! I´m also interested in Hugo, the parallel with Dickens, Oliver Twist.
    Rosa, don´t forget to bring the film on Monday!! we have to give it to Antonio.
    Antonio, I´ve reading the reviews and want to thank you again for this work, this fantastic work.

  3. So, what do you think about the Oscars this year? Do you agree with them? Do you think that other films should have had the awards?

  4. Rosa, Oscars has been so bored like always… The pools have been right all! It is curious the great success of The Artist, a French film (with American production) silent, in black and white that shows Hollywood is missing ancient times. Hugo is a nostalgic movie too.
    I wish people would be more interested in good cinema (books, music…), whatever are their year of released o nationality.

    PD. Sorry, I have not posted the recommendation of this weekend because the programme is not published yet. I will write it tomorrow.

  5. Do you mean that the ceremony was boring, or the films themselves? But I feel that in the film industry, they don’t have many good ideas? You see, I do not go very often to the cinema because I feel is very expensive and there are very few films that I really want to watch. And, in adition, there is only a cinema in my neighborhood, and if I want to watch a film in original version, I have to take the bus or the tube, which is expensive. And the people of the industry will star to cry because the people is so mean, and bad, and they download the films instead of buying the dvd, or go to the cinema…Well, I think that they are the guilty ones, because they are still doing the same things that twenty years ago, and which is a robbery, in my opinion, is to pay fifteen euros for a film that only worths five or eigth, who is presented in a carboard box, with doesn’t have any extra, which is not presented in the original version, which has not subtitles, which has been not restored…I want to pay for a thing that really is worth of my money, if you see what I mean.

  6. I´ve seen ‘Hugo’ and liked it. It is very well made and the story is nice. Hugo is charming -and bright blue-eyed-, the story, a fable about Hugo´s fantasy, her friend´s adventure, Papa Georges´ yearning… The setting is wonderful, Paris looks gloomy, but glitters at the same time. The exploration through the beginning of cinema is enlightening, I particularly liked when people got scared when watching the arrival of a train… Nevertheless, I am not a big fan of… Harry Potterish films…

    I also saw ‘A week with Marilyn’, which is very recommendable. To see Kenneth Branagh on the big screen was great and Rachel Williams does a fantastic performance. You forget the real Marilyn!! She is so believable, and… so stupidly pretty. You cannot help liking her or keeping your eyes off her! The camera loves her! And well, the setting, London… There are also some shots in Eton…, the pupils in their neat uniforms…, the river…, very Romantic scenes… All in all, a lovely film.

    As to the Oscars, I don´t know about the ceremony, but I wouldn´t have given the Oscar to ‘The Artist’, but to ‘The tree of life’… Sorry… I persist that that is the best film, but if they said that ‘The Artist’ is original.., well, the original one is The tree. The Oscar for the best actor, to Leonardo DiCaprio for ‘J Edgar’. Best Actress, Rachel Williams (not that I don´t think Meryl is fantastic, but she´s already got lots). Supporting actor, Kenneth (though I haven´t seen Beginners, so I cannot really give my opinion). Supporting actress…, Naomi Watts for ‘J Edgar’. The Best Soundtrack, to Iglesias for Tinker Taylor…

    I agree that to go the cinema is very expensive…, but I wouldn´t give it up…, at least once a month. And mind that in London the average price is 12 pounds, 20 with pop-corn… But the charm of some cinemas… makes it worthy.

  7. Perhaps it’s nice to go to cinema in London…but in Spain is dreadful…One of the last times that I went to cinema, I have to sit in a very small room, with a screen only slightly bigger than my TV, and having to bear a terrible smell…of wee during the whole film. I tell you…it smelled like urine in the whole room…Disgusting! And we have to pay almost eigth euros. A robbery. And, in adition, I didn’t like the film.

    You say The Artist shouldn’t have got the Oscars! Why? It’s such a lovely film! Perhaps I am blinded because the much I like silent films…

  8. I didn´t say The Artist should not have got the Oscars! I said that were it me deciding the winner, I would have chosen The tree of life, which I personally consider more original… I think that the actor in The Artist is very good, but I liked DiCaprio better… The latter´s role was more difficult and the plot more interesting, the developing of the character throughout the story… But I may be wrong… and, after all, it is the Academy that decides!

    Poor you! Your staying there, bearing the smell and the film itself, was a heroic deed!

    Not all cinemas in London are “charming”, but some… My favourite, Notting Hill Gate Cinema, right in the corner. Edwardian cinema, super comfy individual sofas, little tables by the seats to lean the glass of wine… 10 pounds the ticket, and 10 pounds the glass of wine! But there, you will like the film, whichever…. je je

  9. I would like to go there someday… I don’t know, but, as I said, I think that Hollywood cinema is dry of ideas, therefore the success of films like Hugo and The Artist. And I think it can be good, because perhaps that will make people to grow more interested in the cinema’s origins. I find that the story in Edgar is not so original. About the Three of life… well, I think I said that a fried of mine went to see it and left the cinema before the film ended…

    Have a nice day.

  10. Rosa, what kind of cinema usually go?? I can not believe it! I never happened to me what you tell. The releases used to be shown on big screens but, after a few weeks, if they have a relative success, could be stay for a long time in a little screen, so, if you like great cinemas you must go to cinema the first weekend of their release.

    María, The tree of life has lost but I think this is a risky film. I remember the other Malik’s great film, The red thin line, also lost when it competed against Saving private Ryan (directed by Spielberg). Hollywood does not like Malik’s movies.

  11. It was close to Atocha Street, I can not remember the exact name, but it was a VO Cinema, because in my neighborhood we don’t have such kind of cinemas. I have some troubles to go to cinema because the lacking of them close to my house.

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