What about the Oscars 2012?

January 26, 2012

Curiously, I am not a follower of this prizes but this year we have several beautiful films like Midnight in Paris directed by Woody Allen (with Spanish production!), The Descendants (featuring George Clooney) directed by Alexander Payne, he is the main rival of Jean Dujardin starring The Artist, one of the surprises of the season. And everybody say that Maryl Streep will win the Best Actress in Supporting Role with her amazing Margaret Thatcher performance in The iron lady. The Iranian film Nader and Sinim. A separation is also favorite in Best Foreign Language Film (not talked in English).  Our Jean Eyre is logically nominated for its costumes.
There are several special films like The tree of life directed by Terrence Mallick, one of the best directors of Hollywood with a special sensibility that it is far away from great audiences. Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese have returned with two familiar films that I will recommed later War Horse and Hugo.
And I do not want to forget the two Spanish surprises! Chico & Rita directed by Fernando Trueba (who wone this prize with the film Belle Epoque) is nominated in Best Animated Film and the suberb Spanish musician Alberto Iglesias, (who also was nominated for the music of The constant gardener [El jardinero fiel, 2005] and The kite runner [Cometas en el cielo, 2007]) could win the Best Original Score prize for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy [El Topo, 2011].
Beat the best!

The list in full:




  1. Some years ago, I was much more up to date with the news belonging from the film world. Less spare time for me is the reason why I left the hobby. But I have always kept in mind to retake it again some day…
    I agree that last year was a good one to pick it up again. Indeed, some weeks ago I proposed myself to watch some of the movies nominated for oscars 2012.
    Sadly, the first one from the list that I have seen is “The tree of life”. I consider myself as an open mind person, I like to discover new tendencies and I always try to understand every kind of contemporary art, but this film has overwhelmed me.
    Did anyone of you watch it? What are we supposed to obtain from it?
    I really don´t understand it and I almost feel than i´m not the proper person to take something good from it. Even that I wasn’t smart enough to understand it I have thought.
    The next one I´m going to see is “A separation”, the Iranian one. I really hope that the rest of the list won´t disappoint me as this one did.

  2. Welcome, Rafa! I haven’t see The tree of life, but a friend of mine did, and he left the cinema before the film ended. He said it was one of the dullest films that he had seen in all his life (and he has seen lots of movies, I tell you). Nader and Sirin seems good, and Antonio recomended it. The only film that I have seen is The Artist, and I have liked it very much, but many people says is stupid, and dull and obvious. If you want to know my impressions about this film, visit this part of this blog:


    Have a nice day.

  3. I will try to see The tree of life to give you my feedback. But not now… I have just seen Albert Nobbs so I am not ready for another “difficult” film.

  4. How great, antonio!!!

  5. I think that this film is not so good than Internacional criticism said but it is more special than the rest of the films produced in 2011. It is not a convencional film, is bizarre, bored, amazing, too long and, sometimes, genial. All mixed by a cinema master called Terence Mallick.
    I prefer “The red thin line” [La delgada línea roja] or “Days of heaven” [Días del cielo] but “The tree of life” is a necessary film because it tries to make deep and trascendental questions about life, embracing feelings about emotions (like a rollercoaster), but introducing itself in some areas only reserved to Art.

  6. I´d like to say that the next one that interests me is the Monroe one, cannot remember its name, sorry. Kenneth is in it! I´ll try and go this week but I have a dinner party at home and this hinders some (let´s face it A LOT of my time; you know how little I like being a housewife), if not I´ll aim for the weekend; i´m going to trya nd go with my daughter, I hope it is for 15 yearolds

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