NEWS! There will be another “Wuthering Heights” movie!

January 12, 2012

Last year we could see another adaptation from Charlotte Brönte’s “Jayne Eyre” (Best Foreign Film nominated at the Goyas 2012), but the Brönte fever does not stop there. The new “Wuthering Heights” adaptation will be released on march 30  in Spain.

This is the trailer:


  1. Waow, Antonio, nice and so far ahead!! thanks

  2. I have seen the trailer and it could be possible that this version should be too modern. We will know it on 30 March.

  3. we certainly have to go and watch it, do you know it´s meant to be the perfect novel?

  4. Good nigth.

    I have watched only the version with Lawrence Oliver, which I like very much, and I recommend. I have heard that, in this version, Heathcliff is black! I don’t know, perhaps it’ll be a good films, but, usually, when they remake these classic works, they make pieces of junk! Altough I understand that they have put the original novel into a film, and not make a remake of the film. But, as I already told, I usually don’t like the adaptations of classic books to films. Perhaps I am wrong, but I don’t like the looks of the poster. Well, I’ll try to watch the trailer, and, then, I will decide if I go to watch it.

  5. the perfect novel? and Jane eyre?

  6. Yes, María, you are quite rigth… This is very difficult to say what a perfect novel is, or which is the perfect novel. Some people, as you, would said Jane Eyre, other, Les Miserables, other, The Tale of Two Cities, other Fortunata and Jacinta, other Treasure Island…and so on, and so on…

  7. I supose it depends on the person, the intentions, the time of the author… Las Novelas Ejemplares by Miguel de Cervantes also were created with the intention of being, as its name says, examples of good literature. And I suppose we could put, whit the others that I mentioned, Little Dorrit. But, indeed, you are rigth Nineteenth Century was the golden age of the novel, not only in Great Britain, but also in Spain and France. In our days, this litterary form is disapearing, because they say that people don’t have time to read them. In the nineteenth century we have Brontë Sisters, Dickens, Wilkie Collins, Thackeray, Conrad, Galdós, Clarín, Juan Valera, Balzac, Victor Hugo, The Dumas… Now, we have Dan Brown and the Nocilla Generation (it’s their real name!)

  8. Indeed! But now we also have… Álvaro Pombo, so there is still some hope!

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