RELEASES! The Iron Lady | Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

January 11, 2012

Hello, I am Antonio and from this moment on I am going to recommend the most important releases every week. I will insert a link with the best films in English, especially British and some from Hollywood. They could be movies from other nationalities because there are films shot in English from many other countries (such as Sweden, Canada…).  It will depend on the quality and on how many British movies have that week.
I will also recommend British films shown in the  Filmoteca Española and Círculo de Bellas Artes, two great screens where we can see basic classicals. This option has guaranteed success and a very good price.

This week we could see two interesting British films:

1. The Iron Lady (Phyllida Lloyd, 2011) [Spanish title: La Dama de Hierro]

This is the new Phyllida Lloyd’s film, who directed the adaptation from the musical “Mamma Mía!” with ABBA’s songs. Meryl Streep is tranformed into the famous British Prime Minister with an amazing work of characterizing. The reviews have been very cruel on the film because it is a soft biopic of a strong personality. If we want to know more we have to see it.

REVIEWS-Guardian has written:

Official web:

2. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (Tomas Alfredson, 2011) [Spanish title: El Topo]

The nordic director Tomas Alfredson, who had a big success with the beautiful vampires tale “Let me in”, releases an adaptation from a novel written by John Le Carré. This is a complicated story because it is about spies, politics and secret bussines.This is one of the movies that appears in some of “The best 2011 films” lists around the world. Curiosity: The score is composed by Alberto Iglesias, the great Spanish musician.

REVIEWS-Variety has written:

Official web:



  1. Well done Antonio and thank you!! I am ever so glad that the blog has been recalled to life!!

    I am also very glad as I have seen both films you recommend. I shall write some comments, but not now as I have to work!!!

    Thank you again, Antonio. This will be another very good tool so that we all can improve our writing skills and… to have fun!!!

    Get ready your popcorn!!!

  2. Pleasure is mine!
    It is great fun for me and I hope to do it right every week (and choose the best films).

    Margareth Thatcher is waiting for us…

  3. Congratulatios for your first post, Antonio. Well done and thanks for your recommendations. I will follow you and I will try to see Iron Lady next weekend.

  4. Hi, Amanda, thanks for your encouragement!
    I would like to change my nick because I feel strange calling me Maryah 16 (and with Barbra Streisand like avatar). I will ask María.

  5. je je change it!
    I wrote to have fun when it should be have fun, without to! Sorry..

  6. Hi María!
    Nice to meet you. 🙂
    I like your new look! How did you change your picture? I don’t like my avatar. It is very ugly.

  7. Hello Amanda, nice to meet you too. I haven´t changed it, but Antonio!!! I think that if you want an avatar you have to sign up at WordPress…

  8. Jajajaja… What am I doing with the avatars? I am going mad with so many changes. I need to study English… ¡and computers!!

    Amanda, your avatar is terrible.

  9. ANTONIO, THANKS SO MUCH for “recalling” (I quote María, je je) it to life. I´m sure that lots of us will be using it and, since most people go to the cinema more than to other places, bars excepting (we may have to organise a “Bar Club”…), I hope that it proves to be a wonderful place for written practice.

  10. Thanks, Carmen!
    I love this mission and I hope my classmates could enjoy it too.
    I will try to do a good selection and to find the best films of the year.

  11. I am quite aware that this film is maybe too… dramatic… for it tells a story of a woman of a strong character at the last stage of her life, when suffering dementia. Most of the criticism, as Antonio wrote, was due to the fact that Margaret was being depecited as a woman to pity, rather than a woman to look up to for what she had done in UK as Primer Minister.
    However, I think that it is a very interesting history and also, realistic. It puts Margaret in a vulnerable position, which reminds of that people who were up can be easily be put down… I mean, that we all are human, and thus, die -being lonely-, no matter if we experienced success througout our lives or we just passed through it.
    Moreover, I think that Meryl Streep’s performance is, once more, oustanding!

  12. there are some mistakes, sorry! I’m in a hurry!!

  13. I have been to see the Iron Lady just now and quitte honestly I´ve liked it.
    The characterization and performance of Meryl Streep is superb, she ahs her gait and her voice!!! It is amazing as hse manages the Brit´s accent.
    As to the focus of the story, I do agree that we do not see the iron lady as such, I mean we see her as a vulnurable elderly woman visited, like Lady Macbeth by perids of her life, but the story is there, the support of her husband, her beginnings, how she develops her strength and her fall! The treason of her team amazes me, but so does her pride, we see how she gains confidence and how this overconfidence in herself issues forth her tremendous downfall. And he who causes the fall was the one who warned her about treason…why is it that it is always the same with us poor humans??? I think the film shows how Prime mininsters, Presidents, when they gain power become blinded to what and who surrounds them and thus burn their wings trying to reach the sun

  14. ANTONIO, it is really great!!! How nice to have breaking news about what is going on in the film industry!! in no time we will be experts!!!

  15. What you said about Margaret Thatcher’s biopic is very interesant but, do you think is better to read something about her before? Everybody is complaining that the other film (Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy) has a very messy plot.

  16. The other day I went to see The Iron Lady film and what more surprised me was not only the brilliant performance of the main charecter, but also her characterization, specially when she is an old woman and she is confuses about her later years
    But from my point of view, it is not a real film, it is like a biopic about the life of Margaret Thatcher, when she was Secretary of State for Education and Prime Minister and the films tells the important events about her.

  17. I need to see it because I went to the cinema yesterday (“A Dangerous Method”) and the Keira Knightley’s perfomance has blinded me, it is awful!
    I know a lot of actresses that should kill for this character…

  18. I haven´t seen a performance of Keira Knightley that has been good. Two years ago I saw her on stage, in London, ‘The Misanthrope’ ( I don´t think I´ve got it right), and she was the worst. Too artificial, too haughty; showing off, not worried about acting at all. She makes the characters seem unbelievable.

    Which actresses do you think would be suitable for her role in the film you saw? I haven´t seen it because it had bad reviews in London. I haven´t got much time this year, so I only go to see the ones with five stars… Not many, lately…

    Tinker tailor Soldier spy is one with the five stars… It is indeed a muddle, but I find that all films about spies are so. However, this one is different… because it has Colin Firth… je je. No, I´m joking… I think that I have understood the film, I mean that I have my own interpretation of what I think happens… However, now that I am thinking about it, I don´t really remember what was going on very well! But if I saw it fifteen days ago! Anyway, have you seen it? Can I speak about it? Well, I´m going to do it, so if you, reader, have not seen it yet, stop reading now, watch out the spoilers!

    There is a mole. People very clever have to find out who the mole is. The guy with the glasses, Smiley, is the cleverest. He was a formal member of the circus but was fired -the reason why he was fired is not very clear, I guess it was because he was about to find out something very murky…- but the government hires him to be the spy between the spies. Up to here, all is clear and easy. Then the bald guy, the one that works for Colin, is shot in Budapest, but doesn´t die. He is captured by the Russians, Karla´s people. He is tortured. Then the blonde guy, cannot recollect his name, is somewhere and gets juicy information from the Russian blondie whom he has an affair with. But apparently that information is “received” by the mole. So he is subjected to persecution and finds shelter at Smiley´s who accepts him for he thinks he will help him to find the mole. Almost at the end of the movie, they send the blonde guy to Paris (I don´t know why to Paris) where he sends a message to the circus. All the members gather together to receive the juicy information from him, but it is a trap. Smiley and this other tall, red-haired guy that works for him are waiting at the house where some members of the circus interchange information with a Russian spy they “bought”, they bribed, so that he gave Karla some information to keep him happy, but not very relevant information. So, Smiley and his partner were at that house, waiting for the mole to go and pass on the newly gained information. And who was sitting there, being the handsome guilty? The fair Colin Firth… He was the baddy!! He was very clever to have an affair with Smiley´s wife, because that would make Smiley appear biased against him due to personal matters… Very clever, Colin, but not enough… He is also a gay, don´t you think? Don´t you think that his partner, the one is tortured, and him were something else than “work-mates”? And why does he kill Colin? To save him from being tortured? Or was it because he knew he was the mole and both had planned in advance to kill the other if caught?

    Did I understand the film?

    I very much liked the end, the music, the rhythm, the light, the colours… The setting is fantastic, as well as the cast. A bit slow sometimes though… The end… fantastic end, when the tall, red-haired guy smiles and Smiley occupies, again, the throne… Alberto Iglesias´ soundtrack is outstanding. He always does good stuff. All in all, it is a very good film one should see… twice.

  19. Sorry… too long…

  20. Good nigth:

    I am afraid I do not know that film, but it sounds like many spyes films of the thirties and forties…

  21. I don´t know whether this film takes after other films. What I know is that this is the first film about spies that I think I have understood… more or less

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