Black Swan

March 4, 2011


  1. I liked the King’s speech and I think is a good film but last sunday I saw Black Swan and I have to say, in my opinion, it’s much better.
    Black Swan is one of the best films I’ve ever seen, simply spectacular, the acting, rhythm, tension, music… everything is perfect and Natalie Portman is amazing.

    Talking more about the Oscars, have you seen Dogtooth? it is a Greek film which was nominated as best foreign film. I saw it last year and I really liked, it is a bit weird and sometimes sordid but very good and shocking.

  2. Antonio, I saw Black Swan too but I wouldn´t say it is better than the King´s speech, nor worse. I really liked it, honestly, but they are so different between each other that there is no comparing them. One tells the story about an unusual unexpected friendship, very realistic, very well told and acted; the other is about a ballerina, obssesed with two characters of the famous musical piece, the black and white swans. It is a psychological drama, difficult to understand -in the sense that you have to be mad to understand her-, but very well told and acted by Portman.

  3. Thanks María for attending my request opening this thread.

    Curiously, I felt the same as Maria when I was enjoying the film because in spite of being the cinema full of people, I felt alone due to its fast rhythm, the depth of its plot and the complexity of its characters.

    Portman’s performance is sublime so you were caught by this story since the beginning of the film while you try to find out the next step on the psychological construction of each of the roles.
    It is Nina’s search for perfection that makes us to reflect on our individual internal demand, parent’s influence on their children or the rough, dark inward of human being.

    In short, it was like a dream where I lived different nightmares through Nina’s fears, not knowing, sometimes, to distinguish her reality from her ambition.


    I’m not sure whether I understood something. I mean, I understood that Nina was completely mad. She didn’t know who she was. She didn’t know which swan became her, either the black or the white. The film is twisted and odd. However, I found it interesting! Thrilling…, even disgusting.
    The mother was awful! The film didn’t explain very well how the relationship between mother and daughter was. We don’t know whether the mother “hates” the daughter because she’s having all the success she didn’t have; we don’t know whether the daughter “hates” the mother just because of the fact that she prevents her from being free. Freedom. Nina lacks freedom. That is why she gets mad, I think. What it is clear is that Nina is deeply annoyed by the mother, who seems to be everywhere, everywhere being real or a dream! What a nightmare to have your mother everywhere!

    The swan. Black or white, it is the swan’s wings that Nina longs for. Yes, she wants to fly from home and have a life. However… she’s got a double personality… Is she the bady, the goody, the black, the white? Too complicated… But at the end, she dies and all is over. Thank God.

    Portman got the Oscar, she looked like a real ballerina, that was amazing!

  5. I am not sure about either if Nina is mad, if she goes out her mind or if only the story is a metaphor about the deep and winding path that she needs to cover to gain her freedom and personality. In this last context, the death of the white swan could be understood as a symbol of the end of her former life of obedience and perfection.

    In all likelihood, Nina grew as a girl whose personality had been absorbed by her mother and when she gets the role of the swans she realizes her mother’s manipulating personality. The Black Swan gives her the necessary strength to fight against herself and not only freedom but also superiority over her mother, that frustrated, sinister and gelding woman.

    In brief, I think that this is a film with different interpretations depending on the person and on the moment.

  6. It is very interesting what you say about the death of the white swan, it meaning she wanted to get away from where she was, from her mother, from her meanless life. She didn’t have friends or any other passion than dancing. It means a very big sacrifice and no wonder one, under such condition, could get mad. I do think she is mad. What about all the scratching? What about all the imagination? Lots of things just happen in her mind!

    White and black. She seems to be white at first, sweet, and shy, innocent… Then, she seems to fit in the black as well, crazy, ambitious, even mean… She rebels against her mother, which would have been impossible had she remained as the white. I think it is good to be both white and black swans, only provided that you don’t make others suffer or yourself. We are owners of our own life and thus we have to manage. She doesn’t.

    I completely agree with you that the film can have different interpretations. For the time being, we only have two!

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