February 15, 2011

The only Academy Award (nicknamed as Oscar) given to Duke (Mr. Marion Mitchell Morrison) was for his main role in the 1969 first adaptation of Charles Portis’ 1968 novel True Grit:

Joel Cohen and Ethan Cohen have just released their own adaptation of the same novel, with Jeff Bridges in the role played by Duke (Yes, Mr. John Wayne:  “He Was Ugly.  He Was Strong.  And He Had Dignity”) depicting a US Marshall hired by a puritan girl and helped by an officer, played here by Matt Damon. All of them will have their true grit tested in this renewed version of a pure western film.


  1. Thanks Majosé, we will sure go and watch it!!

  2. God willing and if Carmen will not finish the class very late, I’m going today to see this film wich promises a lot. We will see. I’ll write about it next time. In general, I don’t like very much westerns, but for this time I’ll make an exception.

  3. I’m not very fan of western, but I like very much Coen’s brothers and the reviews about the film are very good.

  4. The film is good but not outstanding. Bridges does a good job, but not brilliant -not as good as Firth´s, who deserves the Academy award better-. The girl, too brave, too clever, to believe it… Matt Damon, for me, was the best. Josh Brolin´s performance as the weak, cringing killer was surrealist. It does not suit him. The end, unnecessary…
    But let us see what you think, to comment more on it as I don´t want to discourage you… It is, though, worth seeing it.

  5. I have not liked it..well entertaining, but there is too much sometimes (the scene of drunkardness when the girl hires the Marshall), too long to get ..where and then a very sudden end, it is not well-balanced, I don´t know, and the characters are not very real, I mean the girl at first looks funny and strong and then unreal, it is impossible that a girl that age would fight grown-up men!!!
    I watched it in Spanish, the voice of the girl was not that good, I don´t know, I recommend it but would not see it again.
    No oscars there, if they get one…amazing!

  6. I’ve not seen the original version (by the way, I might be mistaken but I reckon John Wayne won his first and last academy award as best actor for this film).

    I don’t know why but with Coen brothers it’s always the same. I like many of their films very much indeed, however, there are others rather disappointed: True Grit being among the latter. What a disappointment. First of all, you have to be very good and careful in order to dare to direct a western film. They are not in fashion anymore, so unless you create a master piece, you will fail. And they did. I still think they have the talent to create a good western; however, they didn’t this time. I even think that “No country for old men” has more to offer for this gender than True Grit. Watch “The Searchers” for instance, which shares a similar story, and you will see what I mean.
    There is only one thing I like about this film: the protagonist. I am in love with her. Don’t misunderstand this statement though. I am in love of the character regardless the actress behind and her age. Her maturity, determination, confidence and natural beauty (perfect in my opinion) make me wish I find someone like her…

  7. Roberto, don´t watch the movie dubbed into Spanish, because you won´t think the same about the little girl…

    It is amazing how the dubbing ruins the real knowledge of a character, don´t you think?

  8. how do i do this

  9. do what?

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