February 3, 2011

While  last week  (see post below) activities are still echoing around, we fancy Hereafter as a proposal for next week.  

Actor and filmaker Clint Eastwood presents three people who are touched by death in different ways –  a blue-collar American featured by Matt Damon, a French journalist (starred by Cecile de France)  and a London school boy (played by the twin brothers George and Frankie MacLaren).


  1. Good choice!!!!!!!
    I’m going tomorrow!!!
    Whatever will be??????

  2. I chose it because you told me!!!
    We have had some students watching it already and most have liked it. i´ll post when I´m going to see it, I´ll try to go this week, but I have a complicated one from the point of view of outings

  3. I told you because Roberto told me first!
    Let´s watch it one evening between the 20th and the 22nd of February! I was going to watch it last Thursday, but it wasn´t on… So we saw “The figther”. I liked it, though it wasn´t brilliant… or memorable. There was not any remarkable quote I can recall, as I could after The king´s speech. Christian Bale, the best, very believable.
    Next Sunday the 13th, the BAFTAS…

  4. I watched the film some weeks ago (I got tickets for a premiere) and I really liked it. The first part is great, very shocking. It is about the tsunami in Indonesia and it’s very good filming. The acting is good, the 3 stories are interesting, I specially like the story about the two English brothers.

    It’s a pretty movie. I hope you like it.

  5. I think I´m going to see it on Monday the 14th with some students of group C, Renoir Retiro and at 8pm.
    Some people have liked it and some have not…we´ll see what we think of it. Again worry about the afterworld…”from whose bourn no traveller returns..”

  6. I saw this film a fortnight ago and, in spite of its amazing, stunning beginning, the image of the tsunami is impressive and shocking, the movie falls in topics about life after death and all the business around.

    The scenes of the cooking course are too foreseeable but the story of the twins touched my heart, when it shows us the strong and marvellous bond between the drug- addict mother and her children and the way they uses to cover up her, for you see the struggle of that woman trying to seem a responsible mother to avoid the sanction of those Social Assistants.

    Resuming, too slow and long. Perhaps “Grand Torino”, was a very high standard to beat.

  7. Sorry, “they used”

  8. I’ve seen the film this week end. Film’s actors and times were very well formulated, as usual with Clint Eastwood as Director. But the story is a little bit incredible, because you have to be a believer in themes related with life or travel after death. I’ve enjoyed the film.

    Clint Eastwood‘s film considers the idea of an afterlife with tenderness, beauty and a gentle tact.
    Clint is a man worried about life and death. Probably he does not believe in an afterlife, so the moral in the film is that we have to take care for the living. Although the love makes us need a hope in afterlife.

    In this film three people are exploring of death and the mysteries surrounding it.
    It does not offer clear answers on life after death. Rather it examines grief and melancholy when people are in contact with death.
    The film catches our attention because the three personal stories are very well related.
    The acting is very good.
    It is a positive film telling us that after death we are going to feel peace and in this life we can achieve joy.

    I would like to recommend you other film: TRUE GRIT.
    It is about a 14-year-girl who goes to capture her father’s murder.
    She hires a marshal who is a man with “true grit” but with a difficult character. They join against their wishes a Ranger.
    They are an unlikely trio going in a dangerous trip into the Indian Nations, where their “grits” are tested.

  10. I have liked the film very much. I think it is well-acted, matt damon looks good, very American (can´t imagine him playing Hamlet), and I particularly liked the story of the twin boys, being a twin myself I can understand it really well. The two boys capture our hearts in their rented and wretched lives. Sad though the film is, it ends on a positive tone. Very entertaining and good for the listening with all the different accents, none of which you are allowed to copy.
    I can´t see what Roberto remarked of being similar to our case???

  11. Hello everyone!

    Here I am, happy to see new threads and so many comments. Thanks very much to all of you for doing so, you won’t regret.

    After watching Gran Torino, I film which I love, I knew (like Maria Luisa) that Eastwood’s next film could not overcome the former. I still think Gran Torino is better (what a nice film, simple but full of meaning and at length an elderly person as the protagonist! who, by the way, has still many things to say). Anyway, in the beginning of “Hereafter” I felt a little bit uncomfortable because I was not sure what kind of film I was watching (as I had no information at all about if before the screening). What can I say? That I went out happy because despite being a drama, it gives us hope, and I’m not talking about that life expecting us when we pass away. For me, it was essentially a story about love (Mind Matt Damon, he will become one of the greatest actors of our time, you will see). Unless I am becoming sensitive to the utmost, there are two scenes in the film which moved me: the first one being when the twin is eventually parting his brother thanks to Matt Damon and the second is the ending itself: Matt Damon knows that, at last, he has found his other half…

  12. Dickens!!!!! is the resemblance

  13. I loved the film. I went to watch it yesterday at 2 p.m. in Odeon Leicester Square. Even though it is in the very center of London, I believed I would be alone in the cinema, given it was quite early, an unusual time, to go to the cinema. But I was wrong, the cinema was really busy, there were lots of couples… all retired people, and, amongst them, there was me, holding big popcorn and big Tango -the new Fanta-, my meal.

    I started watching it very expectant, since I had to look for the resemblance… But then, I relaxed and enjoyed it, very much. I loved the three stories. How Marie, famous, rich and lonely, believes in herself and writes the novel; how Marcus misses Jason so badly, how he waits, freezing cold in the street, for Matt Damon (I forgot his name in the movie) to open the door; how Jason looked after Marcus in the tube and complains his brother should not wear his cap; how Matt Damon cooks so awfully, how he calls it curse, how he looks for “the change” and, very wisely, moves to London!! And yes, it was there, in London, that the three stories meet, out of Destiny -that is what links to us, Destiny, which put us together a few years ago-.
    Despite the fact that it is about Death, it is a very positive movie. Marie, Matt and Marcus go for it, whatever they long for, and they get it.

    Honestly, Clint Eastwood is great. I don´t know whether it is better or worse than Gran Torino, but it is very recommendable.

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