January 23, 2011

Organized by both the English and the Italian department for the first time in our School, we present the Week of 18th century bourgeoise revolutions starting off this Monday. This interesting period in History eventually led to the building of the Modern State as we conceive it today, being the birth of Italy as a country the best example of this process. The historical context will be set by a lecture and debate with Professor Peredo Pombo on Monday and it will go on all through the week with the following movies:

Romanticism, adventure, noblemen fighting for freedom and love… everything you might have found in Antonio Banderas’ films (helped by Anthony Hopkins), based in the fictional character  El Zorro. It is just this was shot some decades before.

Now we go deeper (and more seriously) into History with this recreation of the rise and fall of Oliver Cromwell,  also known for having been appointed as Lord Protector. The English speaking part is to be rounded with a film set in the United States of America The Patriot, starring Mel Gibson.

For the Italian part you are also invited to a lecture, a film and subsequent debate: Il Gattopardo


  1. This is fantastic! Congratulations to both departments. Look forward to reading your comments, now that the blog has been recalled to life

  2. Thank you María, this work has all been done by majosé, I wonder how we will continue when she leaves!!!!
    now i wnat to say somehting about the Scarlet Pimpernell. Very, very good. Ok it is an old film, not coloured and it was hard to understand at times, whenver there was too much noise it was practically impossible, but we get the picture of life was like very well, the France of the revolution with the imprisoned aristocracy, playing cards or the children running and laughing unaware of what awaited them, and the savage “citizens”, the way the rich lived (waow! that was life) the obscurity of the period (the film itself is very dark)the interrelation of men and women, the distance that was kept between them, are some of the things that you see, but I was impressed by Leslie Howard´s performance, the amazing way in which he changes, so naturally from his true character, to his adopted one imèrsonating the effeminate Sir Percy Blackney. Chauveland (I hope I got it right) is also a good cast with his angry look and bushy eye-brows. And then we have the description of England that Shakespeare wrote in Richard III, we have it in the reading blog, fantastic!

  3. I saw The patriot , I think it’s an excellent and a very emotional film. Mel Gibson is fantastic.I like the plot too.People willing to sacrifice everything for what they believe. There are two scenes in the movie that I liked a lot, one of them it was when Benjamin’s daughter finally speak, it was so emotional! The other one it was when Gabriel’ s friends decide to build a house for his family

  4. First of all thank you for this week, it always requires a big effort, so congratulations!
    Recognizing my absolute ignorance in relation to the English revolution, I saw Cromwell, and I really enjoyed it, it is a very good film.
    I had attended Mr.Peredo´s lecture, so it was more interesting to follow the film and check all the things that Mr.Peredo had emphasized: religious conflicts between Catholics and Protestants, no respect of the established laws, the relationship between an absolutist King and the Parliament..and the splendid performances of the actors, Richard Harris and Alec Guinnes,as Oliver Cromwell and King Charles I.

  5. Carolina, thanks so much for your kind words. We have an effort and I think that we ahve all enjoyed this different week.
    Sarah, I´m glad you have liked “the Patriot”, those scenes you mention are great indeed.

  6. “Cromwell” :
    The historical backgorund is perfect, we get the picture of what was happening, the acting was superb, we could see Alec Guiness as Charles II in all his soveraignity (I don´t think I have got the spelling right!!), even before his death,he maintains the bearing of a true King, and the cruelty of Cromwell. He was a good orator, and his ideas were undoubtedly modern and just…but he hates. We see this when the Queen comes in to listen to the conference.
    The setting, the atmoshphere, everything was superb.
    And …very helpful from the pont of view of the subjunctive, don´t you think?

  7. “The Patriot”
    GOOD, very visual, well-acted, too, but i found it “very american”, i mean we had the flag, the tears, the love affair, the blacks versus the whites,the fighting, the cavalry, the blood, etc.
    on the whole, form the point of view of the historical background, it was not as focussed as Cromwell, on the revolution or reasons for it, the other eplains it more clearly.

    All in all we have shown three good films, and I´m sure we have all profited, owing to the fact that the lecture delivered by professor Peredo, gave us the elelments to understand or view the films under this perspective of Liberal Revolutions.

  8. I have not seen Cromwell yet but I agree with Carmen about The Patriot, too much american, that scene when he kills the first man whith his axe and all his anger in front of his children but one, he all in red covered with blood in the middle of the green landscape, that music like we are the best…
    I also thank both departments for the week!
    And finally I loved Il Gattopardo, great performances, great palaces and great Visconti!!

  9. Hello there,

    I’ve been told that this week of cinema has been a complete success. I wish I would have been able to attend it myself. What a pity! I’m marry as well to see students posting on this blog. Well done!

    I’ve only seen “The Patriot”, to be honest so I can’t give a proper opinion about the other films. It’s true that “The Patriot” is the type of Hollywood film, partial and excesively pompuous. However I like it because is entartaining and patriotic.

  10. When I say patriotic, I mean that we all (men) would like to be so brave and passionate about defending your soil under such cirmcustances, however, I’m not sure whether I could do so… That’s why I like it, becaue I fancy myself acting like that (but from the distance). Am I a fool?


  11. For one moment I thought you had married, Roberto! Don’t! You’ll never know the consequences!

    Jokes, jokes, jokes…

    Anyway, I am so glad that there were 140 of you attending the project!!!!!!! I think that this has been a record! Better than the project there was four -four!!- years ago… Congratulations!! This is a great success.

    I haven’t seen any of the films you watched. So I won’t be able to give my opinion (damn it).

    Roberto, you are a hero, deep down, not a fool. I would add that women also would like to be so, brave and passionate, about defending our soil. Soil seen as everything that belongs to us and also everything we belong to. The sense of property is developed in both sexes, isn’t it? We want to keep what is ours and will defend it hard. The difficult thing is to differenciate between what is yours and what is mine. That’s the difficult issue as far as divorces are concerned. Sometimes you can hurt, cause extreme pain, just by being wrong. Gosh, I think I am not very much focused on the subject… That may be because I haven’t seen the Patriot.

    P.s. If there were 140 people, there should be 140 comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I saw The Patriot at home, saturday night, and I didn’t like it. I didn’t like so much blood, so much violence, I didn’t like Mel Gibson’s acting… the flag waving (have you noticed that you can see the flag or its colours in every american film?) too much topical ingredients. The reasons of the revolution are clearly explained, but maybe from an extremely narrow point of view and, according to Mr. Peredo’s conference, liberalism was a philosphical and political current, something more complex than a negative to pay taxes to maintain the English Parliament.

  13. I finally saw Cromwell and I don´t see him so cruel in the film. I see him always fighting in favor of the parliament to be who rules de country (I don´t know if this construction is right)

  14. of parliament so that parliament would rule…that is correct Brianda, not yours.
    Thanks Roberto for your post and María for your very original one particularly lnking ownership of alnd, war and…divorce, very clever and fun to read, well-written, too.
    I´m told that Il Gatopardo was great, I´glad you liked it Brianda, and Eugenio went to see it and liked it too. Richard Harris was cruel, no lying about that, he killed the king, someone who got his power from God,or so they said and let me tell you, he did not even blink.

  15. the king would have killed Cromwell as well, perhaps in the name of God!

  16. Hi! I’m angela from A2C, Carmen, I’ve been looking for the topic for the next composition but I can’t find it! You said today in class that you have posted it in the blog, where????? Thank you

  17. Brianda, most wars are done 2in the name of god” and both sides, mostly ask that God is on their side!!!!

    Angela the title of the composition is in the fifth year section.

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