October 25, 2010

Today we are resuming the activity of this blog. Yes! We are about to share our passion for the screen again and watch “what dreams are made of”.

As a starter we recommend:

Happy and terrifying Halloween!


  1. I am so glad you´re back!! And what a… scary beginning… Today I saw that they have made “Saw” in 3D. You´d like it, I daresay. I used to watch “Saw”, but… there are certain things I cannot do alone… If I find someone to go with I will tell you about it.

  2. Very good news. I’m very happy to read the Film Club is back.

    About the film you recomend it I saw the original one “Let the right one in” and it’s amazing, very good movie, one of the best of the last year. I don’t know what to think about the remake but Carlos Boyero made a good review in El Pais. I let you the link:


  3. Hello,

    I got so excited when I was told that this blog was to come back to life again, that I could not wait to post!

    Hello María, here we are again. Is it not great? I haven’t seen saw nor any of its sequels, however, everyone says they are really scary and good, especially the first one. Actually, the other day I found it on the store but it was too expensive…

    Hello to you Antonio too. First of all, thank you for the link. I completely agree with which you say in your comment. “Let the right one in” is probably, in my opinion, one of the best films of the decade (I love it). If we narrow the pattern, I do believe it to be among the best terror films ever made.
    As for the review itself, I will say that I’ve not seen the remake yet so I can’t give you my opinion. Carlos Boyero liked it, however, I can assure you that once you see the original, there is no improving it. It’s curious because he also reviews “The social network” which I saw last week. He is right when saying that those who do not too much about Facebook and websites of the sort might get lost or even bored, mainly in the beginning (too much technical stuff doesn’t help either), but as the film goes on, you see a proper both screenplay and directing that keeps you eager to know and feel a little as part of the story…

    P.S One of the reasons why I think “Let the right one in” as a masterpiece is due to the talent to make you scared with no need of showing anything explicitly.
    P.S 2. Final scene, in the pool, is absolutely staggering!

  4. Grammar mistake:
    “…directing that KEEP you…”

  5. Hi everyone,

    Talking about SAW I have to say that I’ve seen all the films except SAW VI. During the last three summers it has been a tradition going to summer cinema to see the new sequel.

    The first was really good, very original and scary, the rest are repetions of the same but I’m a huge fan of horror so I like to see them and I’d love to see the new one in 3D.

    What do you think about the new 3D? Do you like it?

  6. I liked Saw I a lot, more than any other. However, I must admit I enjoyed watching them and also am very scared!!!! I don’t usually like terror films, but this is so well told!, and the most important thing (for me) there are no ghosts or monsters or spirits, there are just (wicked, mad) people. Don’t you agree?
    Antonio, I haven’t seen Saw in 3D yet. I haven’t found any one that wants to come with me… Is it on in Spain already? If so, this could be your first Film outing!!!!
    I have seen the link too. I don’t know what to think about Boyero though. He is a bit conceited…, he doesn’t mince his words, which sometimes I like and some others I don’t. Do you believe his opinions always?
    I don’t know why, but here the teenagers are in raptures to see the new film of Harry Potter! Madness!

  7. Hi Mari,

    No Saw 3D is not in Spain yet. In October it was the premier in USA, now is number one at the box office. Acording to wikipedia the premier in Spain will be in February 2011, so we have to wait.

    Talking about Boyero, I don’t believe so much in his reviews, I think his reviews tend to be a bit subjective, sometimes his feelings and tastes about the cast are more important than the film. The reason why I post the link was it surprises me a lot that he admit he liked the movie, as he said all the critics are going to talk bad about the film.

  8. These days I’ve been watching some horror movies as one lent them to me. I enjoy this kind of films, however, I need someone to watch them with… Not brave enough, I am afraid…
    I saw “Rec” (Spanish) and “The descent”. Now I should watch “Hellraiser” and another one the title of which I forgot.
    Watching the first, I was terrified. The fact that it’s filmed with only one camera horrified me. Besides, the language the journalist speaks is so real, street Spanish, so to say. It seemed to be a documental instead of a film!
    “The descent” horrified me too, though I didn’t like it as much. Have you seen any of them?

  9. Hi,

    Yes, I have seen “REC” and “THE DESCENT”. Well, even their sequels, I’m a huge fan of horror movies. But I have to say the first ones are better.

    “REC” is one of my favourites, I love it, the tension in the film is great, higher and higher. About “THE DESCENT” I like that it’s like 2 films, the first part is more realistic, the problems with the cave and between characters, the second more fantastic with the creatures.

    Last night I saw “THE LAST HORROR MOVIE”. It’s a British film which has been a lot of success. I like it, it has a clever ending and tries to be very realistic using similar methods as “REC”. But this time is not a reality show. I won’t say anything more I don’t want to make spoilers.

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