June the 21st, 19.30 Cine Doré (Filmoteca) Metro Antón Martín

June 9, 2009


The Piano


  1. The Piano! I love this film! I´m going for sure! Good choice Roberto! We have to meet up early as there are long queues, aren´t there? I have not ever been there yet!

  2. I am glad you like it. It is curious for I had seen many times the first part of the film, always the same secnes, and the more I tried to watch it wholly new impediments prevented me from doing so. It is just two or three years ago that, happening to see it in a shop, I bought it without hesitate and watched it at last.

  3. I watched it many years ago, only once, but I remember it very well. I don´t know why but there are some things that remain in your mind for ever.

  4. Oooh, I haven’t seen it yet. If I were there, I would join you 😉 Enjoy it!

  5. I wish you were here!! Anyway, you have to watch it and then comment it with us!

  6. What a pity Elena! We will miss you.

    Who is going your experience in Belgium?


  7. Hey!

    First of all, I have to wish you all good luck in the exam. You’re going to do great 😉

    Here in Ghent, I’m missing some kind of Filmoteca… Still, there’s some University Film Club running, though not now, because of the exams. They screened some Woody Allen’s films and some John Huston’s. I wanted to go and see The purple rose of Cairo, but that day, we had a big storm (which is quite common in here) and I ended up soaking wet… so I went home, ohhh.

    Anyway, we have to organize some other outing to the Filmoteca during summer, ok?

    Miss you all.

  8. Hi
    Have a look at this
    bye, MAMEN

  9. Thank you very much for the information Mamen!!!
    Fortunate those who have picked up the tickets!! As to me, I am afraid I won´t be able to go to the cinema during a short period of time…

  10. Thank you for the information Mamen though I cannot not go either.

    Did anyone go to see the film?

  11. I don´t think so…

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