June, the 3th -20h- RENOIR RETIRO (C/ Narváez 42)

May 25, 2009



  1. June the 3th is perfect for me. Count on me to that day.
    The offer in the publicity boards is quite poor. This is the most interesting film. From my point of view Viggo Mortensen is a good actor and the film is British. If the cast were from there, we would enjoy at least a good pronunciation.

  2. Who is coming?????

  3. I won’t probably go.


  4. Hi everyone,
    Maria, I thought you were going to be the first to comment the film but it seems you are busy.
    Anyhow, my review of the film is very positive. First of all, all the actors/actresses have got an excellent pronounciation, so it´s quite easy to follow most of the dialogues without reading the subtitles (Maria came out of the cinema very happy because she almost understood everything).
    Viggo Mortensen and the rest of the cast play a good performance although the real stars of the film are moral principles and human values. The film is about a man who step by step is losing all those moral principles (fidelity, friendship, love for his relatives……)and he replaces them for ambition, power, links…..When he realizes the damage he has made is too late.
    From my point of view, the weakest point of the film is that the pressure of the Nazi system, the oppresive atmosphere is not well represented but I insist, it´s just a personal point of view.
    Finally, a piece of advise: Don´t sit by a person who is eating pop corn 😉

  5. Well, I am glad that I am not the first in commenting a film (I or Roberto, you know… We are always the first!! ;)).
    I liked the film, though I found many conections to a serial of the seventies, starred by Meryl Streep and James Wood and called “Holocaust” (very recommendable), the plot of which made me remind of the serial´s; and this film, in comparison, is worse…
    Nevertheless, I agree that Vigo Mortensen´s work is very GOOD. He usually acts well, except for Alatriste, I think. He performs a man who doesn´t notice that the decision of joining Nazi party with the only pretension of climbing in his career, being the boss of his Department in the University, was going to have the worst consequences. He did without thinking too much, moved by ambition. However, he sees himself involved in a world of corruption and unreasonableness without noticing it, till there is no escaping it.
    I don´t think he loses his principles, because he is blind, don´t see the evil from being a Nazi party´s member. He had GOOD intentions, don´t stop being worried about his Jew friend. It is his newly wife that is the actual nazi, nor him. Till the end he doesn´t realize the bad of his actions, the cruel reality, the suffering and the injustice they were causing.
    I believe him to be GOOD.

  6. Oh yes! I went out really happy for not needing to read the subtitles to understand the film!!
    And yes, I did it eating pop corn!! 😉

  7. I am glad you enjoyed it, for I have seen that the film has not many good reviews. Now it is my turn to chose a film to see!

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