LAST CHANCE HARVEY – Thursday, 21st May – CINES YELMO IDEAL (Doctor Cortezo, 6), at 8.00 p.m.

May 8, 2009


The film starts at 8.10, but we´ll meet ten minutes before so that we enter together, ok??

Have a look:




  1. Thanks Maria, Is the one I told you yesterday that I want to see!!!

  2. I’d like to see this film very much, I’ll go if i can.

  3. How do you know Natalia it´s me that I´ve written?? ahahaha
    I adore both actors!! It´s funny the difference between English and Spanish titles of the movie. Here we say: “Nunca es tarde”, there they say: “Last chance”… Isn´t it curious?? 😉

  4. Last Friday I went to see the film. Maryah, I agree with you, both actors are adorable, specially Emma
    Thompson, but the story is very boring and topic. I don’t recommend it.

  5. Well it is not a very encouraging comment Lidia, but thanks for sharing your opinion with us. Did you see it in original version? As you don´t recommend the film because of the plot, would you recommend it at least according to their British speech? I really like both actors, but maybe you are right, romantic films usually are repetitive in the arguments and fall in topics. Anyway, there is a film which many people have recommended me. It is The Good, starred by Vigo Mortensen. I´ve seen him in Easter Promises, which I think it to be one of the best films of the last years. So it would be a good idea to see it after Last chance Harvey. What do you think?? We have to keep all together despite the fact that classes are over!!!

  6. Hi!!!
    Clara and I will join you on Thursday.

  7. Fantastic!

  8. Clara & Belén!!! I´m afraid I won´t be able to go to the cinema this afternoon. It is a matter of work… Sorry sorry sorry!!!!
    Thank God you are two!
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the film. Then, tell us!

  9. Sweet but not cloying. Tender but not mushy. Romantic but not prudish.
    It´s a romantic and human film, with some funny moments, in which both Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson (she looks beautiful) play excellent performances with a good chemistry between them. They are capable of making visible the inside of two mature people who think that love´s train came past a long time ago.
    I liked specially the scene in the cafe of Heathrow airport and the last one by the river (very funny and intelligent dialogues).
    Both atmosphere and rhythm are quite good too.

  10. I am glad you enjoyed it!
    What will be the next?

  11. Let me have a look at the publicity boards and I´ll suggest you one of them.
    Another romantic, no please!. Currently I feel too much sensitive and tears come to my eyes in an easy way!.

  12. There aren´t very interesting films on the publicity boards. In my opinion, the most attractive is “Good” with Viggo Mortensen. This film is about a German writer and how The Third Reich used his books in order to support the propaganda of the political system.
    Frankly, I´m not sure. If the dialogues are difficult to follow maybe the plot will be too much twisted for us. What do you think of it?.

  13. THe GOod is the one I suggested!! It´s perfect. I would like to go on Tuesday, the 2nd of June. What do you think?
    Clara and Belen, did you go finally to see the film yesterday?? If so, you must comment it!!! 😉
    Have a nice weekend film lovers!

  14. Thank you for your comments I would like to know if you consider the story realistic. I have seen the trailer and I do not know why but it seems to me another fantasy of Holliwood`s.

    I really want to join you in the next meeting but I am not sure If I can.

    Regards 🙂

  15. Why don´t you choose the day, the place, the hour, Roberto? Be totally free, and we will follow you! 😉

  16. Last Saturday, I went to see this film, expecting to find just a new boring romantic story. However, when leaving the screen, I realized that I liked it very much for despite being simple, it is the simplicity and modesty of its dialogues and scenes that make me sympathize with both Dustin and Emma. The former was unusually constrained, avoiding the overacting of his last works, and Emma is great and very attractive indeed in this film.

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