April, the 16th 22.00h (99′) / CINE DORÉ (Filmoteca Española) C/Santa Isabel 3, Metro Antón Martín

April 1, 2009

Considered as being one of the most important films into noir genre, The woman in the window is another masterpiece you must not miss.


  1. I can´t go!! Enjoy the film very much!!!

  2. This is a real good film. I recommend you very strongly. I´d wish come to watch it, but I´m afraid I won´t be able. Fritz Lang is my favourite director, Edward G. Robinson an actor that could perform much more than gangsters, and the story is really interesting. If you can go, you mustn´t miss it.

  3. Thank you Rosa for your support! This is one film I really had been wishing to see for many years.

  4. I really enjoyed the film, mostly because you may identy yourself with the protagoinst. I mean, you sympathize with the character and how the bad luck does not let him escape from such a terrible condition. Besides, there are some funny elements which reduce the tension of the plot

    E.G Robinson, as usual, is great!!

  5. I´m glad you enjoyed the film. I´ve not seen it yet, but I´ll do as soon as possible, as your reviews are so good.
    How many people were there?
    what´s the next film we will see?
    See you at the cinema!!

  6. Just Natalia and I went to see it.

    Now, it is you that has to choose a film to see, though try, please, to do it for the next week not but the following one so as to give time to people to think about the issue.


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