The Reader – February the 17th, 19:20 CINES GOLEM (Plaza de España)

February 11, 2009



  1. I was told it’s an amazing film!
    I wish I could meet you this time!

  2. I will be glad if you join us. 🙂

  3. I´ll be there again!! Thanks for choosing this film! Next time we´ll see the one you want, Roberto, by the way, what is it?

  4. Hello, I´d like to know who is going to go to see this film? Is someone go there from the Language School?Thanks

  5. I´ll try this time.
    I´m willing to go and see a film with all of you.
    You are making a good job with this Film club,
    Go on !!!

  6. Rebeca, we are all EOI “Goya” students. At present, María, Natalia and Silvia are from the 5th year though I am sure some other students from 4th will join us.

    Last Tuesday, when watching “Doubt”, there were several students from 4th.

    Besides Marta and Carmen will probably come, too.

  7. Rebeca, you are a frequent person writing on blogs, so you have to join us so that we can know you!! 😉
    The Film Club is becoming a success little by little, thanks to you, students, and to Carmen and Marta´s support.

  8. I am sorry I work till eight o’clock. Next time

  9. Hi!

    I will probably join you. Anyway, see you today!

  10. Hello!!
    I´m Belén and I write here for the first time.
    I´d like to join you tomorrow to watch this film.
    Your blog is amazing!!!Congratulations!!!
    See you tomorrow.

  11. You are very welcome Belén.

    I thank you for having written on this blog. You will enjoy it.

    Remember, that we are wearing a black ribbon so that you can identify us.

    See you tomorrow!

  12. Thanks Roberto,
    I´ll try to get one as well.
    See you!!

  13. See you this afternoon, with a black ribbon!

  14. Hi all of you,
    I’ve just come back home from the cinema and I’m here to write something about ‘The Reader ‘. I have many ideas about the film, but first I want to say you that it’s a good idea to have a film club with this blog, and I’m so glad to have met all of you.

    This film is a beautiful love story, but not a simple one. In my opinion, Hanna is his first love, so he doesn’t get to forget her in his entire life. When they met each other, Michael was ill, he was being sick, but she didn’t mind it, she helped him in a very natural way, without expecting anything at all.

    When he came back to her flat to thank her for her helping, he saw her in an erotic situation, and as he was so young, he wanted to see her again.

    The love story didn’t begin as a romantic one, but he kept trapped, he fell in love straight away.

    The second part of the film is so different, I’ll talk about it tomorrow, it’s so late. Gotta go. Have nice dreams.

  15. I’m clara,
    sorry in my post I hadn’t changed de name and you can read clozano.I should have written clara in it.

  16. Hi everybody! Not only have I enjoyed a unique movie but also a very nice conversation at the bar. Do not miss the chance of seeing “The Reader”. It is a moving story performed beautifully by an incredible Kate Winslet and a superb Ralph Fiennes.

    Winslet should win the Oscar on sunday! She deserves it! The film may be the winner of the Best Motion Picture of the Year award (with the allowance of Benjamin Button!).

    Thank you to the fifths for giving us this wonderful chance of improving our listening’s skills. The Reader rules!

  17. I´m sorry … Mistake: Thanks to the fifths …

    Perhaps it is too late to write a comment rightly. My brain does not work properly.

  18. Thanks to you for joining us!
    In some minutes I´ll call Cines Golem to gain the discount for next outings. I´ll tell you what they say to me. We belong already to a club, which must give us advantages like that!
    I liked The Reader very much. The story being very interesting and original, actor´s performance was also great. Winslet should win the Oscar. It´s more difficult to perform such a woman than a nun in “Doubt”.
    Hannah was an illiterate woman who liked being told stories, firstly by women in camps and then by the young Michael at home. She was a terrible woman, but I don´t know how much aware she was about her acts. She had a must and she thought it was good. Did illiteracy make her ignore the seriosness of which was happening?? She chose to go to prison for twenty years instead of proving she hadn´t written that report. I suposse the book explains her character better than the film… The Kid wasn´t more lucky, as he fell in love with her from the very beggining to the end of his life. First loves some times cause such misfortunes.

  19. Hi people!!!

    First of all, I want to thank you for your welcoming yesterday and to apologize for not staying at the bar.

    I agree with both of you about how good the film is!, I liked it so much. As you say, Mario, Winslet deserves the Oscar indeed!! From my point of view, she is a very good actress even on the difficult roles (such as Revolutionary Road).

    Her character is enigmatic, her strange behaviour has something behind and it is during the court that you suddenly find it out. It is incredible her huge influence on Kid´s life, maybe because she was his first love or maybe because he never got to know her as good as he thought or would have wished.

    An amazing film, any way.

    I have already posted on my class´ blog suggesting them to join you the next time.

    So, what is the next film we are going to see?

  20. Hi everybody,

    the film is great, and in my view, the best of all is the production. Plans in each scene express even more than actors.
    Kate Winslet is not bad, but I don’t think it is a performance capable to win an Oscar. In some situations where she should be an erotic woman she didn’t success, even if it is true that in the bed she does a good performance. The two men who play Michael do it better.
    In any case, I will read the book to know how Ana Schmidts was, and to compare it with the character.

  21. Why don´t you think Kate Winslet to be an erotic woman? I understand how Michael fell in love with her, not only for her age (older women used to be desired by younger men, the same as older men used to desire younger women), but also for her beauty and mysterios behaviour. He was deligthed, dazzled… which was well shown at the film, don´t you think?

  22. I am very glad to have so many comments written on this thread. I also want to thank you all for such nice complements even though it is me that should flatter you because I enjoyed a lot yesterday’s meeting (we were a crowd). Nor can I forget that both Carmen and Marta joined us, too.

    Let us discuss about the film. I agree with you concerning Kate Winslet’s playing her role perfectly well and I believe she will win the academy award even though I consider Anne Hathaway’s character in “Rachel is getting married” equally good. However, Kate has some advantage by having been already nominated on former occasions.

    I liked the film specially as it tells the story of two losers who are not able to overcome their weaknesses, the kid obsessed with his first love and Hanna marked by illiteracy. Nevertheless, there is something in the film which made me uncomfortable such us the rhythm, rather slow sometimes, several unnecessary scenes and the lack of information both about Hanna’s past and kid’s leap into maturity.


    Yesterday we watched The Reader, I enjoyed it quite a lot, the acting was good and the plot interesting. They did it in a clever way switching backwards and forwards so that the plot was interlaced making it more dynamic. Quite honestly Hanna who is a pervert disguises her personality well because we only realise it as the film goes on. She really corrupts teenagers or at least the hero, corrupts is not the word, she ruins his life and one wonders what she did with the children in the camps! It is worth seeing, I think she´ll get the Oscar.

    by marta February 18, 2009 at 3:08 pm

  24. By the way, thank you to the person who has pinned the brochure about the nominated films on the board.

  25. The other day I went to see the film The reader. I enjoyed with it. I think it is a beautiful love story. In the film you can see things that you never expect that itt will be happen.
    The perfomance from Kate Winsle is fantastic the same that David Kross an Ralf Fiennes.
    It was also to know María and Roberto.
    I hope everybody enjoys the film like I did.

  26. I want to say that it was fantastic to know María, Roberto and all of you.

  27. All your comments are so interesting, but after reading Marta’s one, I began thinking of Hanna as a different woman. I mean that I thought she was not very clever but an affectionate person who was alone, she seemed not to have any friends, not enough money, a very dirty flat… and he suddenly turns up, they fell in love… well and things like that, but according to Marta who sees Hanna as if she was a pervert person, who destroyed Michael life… It might be, but for me her version kills the charm I saw in the film. In my opinion she is in love with him, what makes her to did what she did at the end of the film. My expresion sounds a bit ridiculous but I don’t want to discover the ending.

  28. Thank you María, We were delighted to meet you, too.

    Clara, that is certainly an interesting point of view, however, If Hanna be in love with the “kid”, she shows such a sentiment too late. Anyway, I wonder why Fiennes, obsessed with her during his whole life, behaves so coldly towards Hanna when she is going to be released from prison.

  29. The theme of the movie is very interesting. The film is sometimes a little slow. Kate Wienslet’s interpretation is great. She deserves an Oscar.

  30. Hi Carlos, thank you for your comment.

    Yes, I agree with you. The plot of the film is differnt from those ones we usually watch about love.

  31. I really enyoyed the film last tuesday. For me it was a sad story, maybe because of the end, but I think is very interesting how people love in the 50´s with the difficulties they passed during the wars. Kate´s performance was perfect, she is very good and I will vote her for the Oscar on the context.
    I would like to thank Roberto and Maria for organising everything. It is a very good idea the meeting for the cinema every week or each two weeks.
    I would like to say one film to be watched by everybody: “Los limoneros” that is already in Golem Cinema.
    Enjoy the weekend!!

  32. Undoubtly, it is one of the best films I have ever seen. I have really enjoy it more than I expected.

    Nevertheless, as I have said two days ago, I do not think Kate’s performance is so good. I can’t guess if she will win the Oscar or if she won’t because I have not seen the other films. In any case, her performance looks like better because of the good work done by the actors who play Michael. We see what she feels through Michael reactions, and this doesn’t mean she is a good actress.

    Anyway, the edition and the photography are fantastic.

    Thank you all of you for your comments

  33. In my opinion, the film was great. It reminded me the old films, becouse I really got the plot half an hour after the beginning! It was usually said that wasn´t the spectator captivated by a film by the first 20 minutes, it wouldn´t success (nowadays the films are usually performed to atract the audience by the first 20 seconds).

    Apart from that, Kate’s character was really lifelike specially where the roled character was german woman a little bit rough and coarse. Even with that, the personal conflict, in my opinion, is the clue to understand it.

    Let see what happens on sunday!

  34. I’m afraid I forgot an a (a woman) and the “‘us” of the lettuce (so bad a pun!)

  35. Hi!

    I have to say I’ve been thinking about the film, and I maintain it was not a very good one in my opinion… I would say “un querer y no poder”. They could have done much better I think. Probably the book is more enlightening and moving. However, I agree with Raquel in that edition and photography were great.

    By the way, the relationship between Hannah and Michael reminded of “The door in the floor”, a film from 2004, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0348593/, whith Kim Basinger, which I recommend you. The plot is really interesting – based on a book by John Irving (Una mujer difícil in Spanish).

  36. Pilar, thank you. We are very glad to met you every time we arrange a film to see. You’re right, I want to watch “Los limoneros”, for people who have seen it agree to consider it good.

    Raquel, I am surprised by reading such an “extreme” statement. I’m glad you liked the film very much, however, I think one of the elements making it interesting is the fact that Kate Winslet plays her role perfectly well.

    Jesús, that is an interesting point of view and I agree with you even though the film sometimes seemed to lose rhythm.

    Elena, I will find out about that film. I think I’ve not seen it.


  37. María, it was very nice to meet you too! I was very glad of seeing you at the cinema with us. The Film Club is a very good idea, but we need you to carry on. Keep going!
    I´ve posted a comment in “The winner is…” where I explain the possible discount we could get when going to the cinema next times. We need you!
    Finally Kate has won the prize! I´m very happy! 😉

  38. Sorry that my post comes in so late but I have been unable to do it before!
    I really enjoyed the film! The story is quite good and one can easily believe that a school boy falls in love with a woman he is going to bed with and who is teaching him all about sex. What I find a little more difficult to understand is how on earth can your life be ruined by such a relationship??? One could say that this is quite frequent…but their affair lasted only for a summer term, as he himself says! If you compare it with “il portieri di note” that´s a different story in the sense that she fell in love with her guardian, but in this case both are free. It´s a bit surprising, as well, that she admits to writing the report, but then she was ashamed of her illiteracy.
    I thought that Winslet´s performance was really good because she conveys the mystery her life is all alond the film. Fiennes has that expression of his which reminds me of Hamlet, and that coldness of the end, that inability to show feeling which he does really well.
    Marta, you have a point in your analysis, but I can´t see her under your light, perhaps Winslet was so good that i was fooled.
    I´m very to say that I do not think I can join the club tomorrow, I have a dinner party. I´ll miss you all

  39. Thank you Carmen for your post and don’t worry about the meeting. We are very obliged to Marta and you for having joined us last two times.

    As for the film, little more can be added to your analysis. However, there was something in the film which made me uneasy and I think it was because of the big leap introduced in the story since the time Hannah runs away. It is as though you were missing “vital” information so as to simpathy definitely either with Hanna or the “kid”.

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