Shall we bet?

January 23, 2009

As you know, nominations for the 81st Annual Academy Awards have been already announced and we think it entertaining to organize a contest. We need your preferences and predictions about what film will win the chief categories (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H).

The winner will be rewarded with two tickets to see the film getting the most number of statuettes.

Give your vote (e.g. 1A, 1B, 4C, 3D, 2E, 1F, 5G, 5H), your name and your class and when the ceremony should take place (February the 22nd) we will post the winner on this blog, the reading club, the theatre club and also on the department’s board.

Thank you for participating and Good luck!






  1. Roberto!!! I am AMAZED!! With you whatever is said, is done!!

  2. Both of us have done it. 🙂

  3. How can we vote for the films? I can´t find the link. Thank you

  4. Rebeca, you have to do it here. It’s like an ordinary comment. For instance:

    “Rebeca 4ºB. Bet: 1D,2A,3C,2D,1E,5F,2G,1H”

  5. Ok, thanks Roberto. Then, here are my votes:

    Rebeca 4ºB, bet: 4A, 2B, 4C, 2D, 5E, 1F, 4G, 1H

    January 26th 2009

  6. Have you already seen all of them?? You are very fast girl! After watching “My blueberry nights”, we could organize film outings to see every nominated film. Or at least, the most important categories… What do you think?

  7. A very good idea and I think you should try and go together or at least tell when you are going.
    Well done, as always you are the best my daffodils..

  8. I think it better if we allow people to change their bets till the day before the Ceremony takes place so that they may have more time to watch the films and therefore they might modify their choices.

    Thank you Carmen, you’re always supporting us.

    The best daffodils and the best teacher. 🙂

  9. Ok, we´ll take the last choices. It is very difficult to get right with every winner, so GOOD LUCK!!

    With Roberto putting into practice everything is thought, and Carmen´s Motivation to encourage people, also being here despite her busy life (thanks), this Film Club will finally have success!!!!!!!

  10. We are working as a team María, and you are one of its members.


  11. Very good idea. I have to see more nominated films to do my prediction.

    This year, the best film and director is not so clear than others.

    Finally, just a humble comment, it would be better put the directors’ names in the category of directing.

  12. Hello, this is my first time I write on the blog. I wanted to ask when is the last date vote. I haven´t seen yet some of the most favourite films.

  13. The last day is the day before the party, so you have time to think and, more important, to go to the cinema with us!

  14. María is right, you have time till the ceremony takes places.

    Antonio, I agree with you. I will try to change it as soon as possible.

    Anyway, you can vote now and then change your choices if you consider it better. We will only take your last vote into account. On the other hand, some people ask whether they have to succeed in every category so as to win the contest. The winner will be the one who gets most number of correct answers among the participants.

  15. Ok, I have time till February 22 th, then. This week I´m going to go to watch ” Revolutionary Road”. I couldn´t go to the cinema with us because I realized late.

  16. Dear Cris, thank you for joining us.

    Next week we are watching “Doubt”, so we will be glad if you come with us.


  17. Let´s hope I´m lucky, because I´m voting without having seen every film. However, I have to do it now as tomorrow I´m going to Galicia for five days and won´t be able to be online there. So, here my votes are:

    1A – 1B – 5C – 5D – 5E – 1F – 4G – 2H

    I want to say that my election is my prediction, not my wish!

  18. Ok, María

    I have not made my mind yet about the bet.


  19. Hello,

    I promised to send my votes some weeks ago and here you are:

    Cris3ºB(I-2) bet: 5A- 5B- 3C- 5D- 4E- 5F- 5G -2H

    Good lucky everybody,

  20. Thank you Cris for your bet and good luck!

  21. Hi,
    here it is my prediction for tomorrow night:
    5A, 4B, 4C, 5D, 4E, 4F,3G, 2H.
    Pilar 4ºA (advanced 1-A).
    Good luck !!!!

  22. Pilar, thank you for your bet.

    I’ll wait till morrow to make mine. 🙂

  23. Here is my bet

    5A, 5B, 5C, 5D, 3E, 5F, 4G, 1H

  24. And Carmen Fortea’s votes go to:



  25. Hello, here is my bet:


    (I´m crossing my fingers). MAR

  26. Hi everybody!

    In spite of not having seen all the movies which have been nominated, here is my final bet:

    4A, 4B, 4C, 5D, 4E, 4F, 4G and 2H.

    Good luck to everybody!

  27. Here my vote are:

    5A, 3B, 5C, 5D, 4E, 5F, 4G, 2H

  28. Hi everyone! You’re doing a great job with this blog and I don’t mean to be flattering, hehe – Let’s see – this is my bet:

    4A, 5B, 3C, 5D, 4E, 3F, 4G, 2H.

  29. Thank you Carmen, Mar, Mario, Antonio and Elena for your bets.

    Let’s see who is to become the “Master” of this thread.

    Good luck everybody!

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