January 13, 2009


Easy Virtue is a social comedy based on Noël Coward’s play of the same name. The play was previously made into the silent movie Easy Virtue (1928) by Alfred Hitchcock. This version is directed by Stephan Elliott, written by Elliott and Sheridan Jobbins, and stars Jessica Biel, Ben Barnes, Colin Firth, and Kristin Scott Thomas.

The film has been selected to screen at the Toronto Film Festival. It’s also scheduled for the Rio Film Festival, MEIFF, | Rome Film Festival and London Film Festival[1] prior to its November 7th release by Pathé in the UK. Jessica will also be making her musical debut singing two tracks which will be featured on the upcoming soundtrack to the film set to be released on the 3 November 2008.[2]


A glamorous American widow, Larita, marries a young Englishman, John, in the South of France. On the spur of the moment, they go to England to meet his parents; his mother, Veronica takes a strong dislike to their new daughter-in-law, while his father, Jim, finds something of a kindred spirit in Larita. A battle of wits ensues.[3]


Easy Virtue is a very liberal adaptation of Noel Coward’s play. Director Stephan Elliot (The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert) has tried to make the film more contemporary and very distinct from the Merchant-Ivory school of film.

The story is set in the roaring twenties where John (Ben Barnes) from an aristocratic English family marries Larita (Jessica Biel), an American race driver, after a whirlwind romance in France. However his mother Veronica (Kristin Scott Thomas) is none too pleased while John’s father Jim (colin Firth) finds a soul mate in Larita. These relationships, including those with John’s sisters, make for a very intriguing and entertaining hour and a half, The acting, as could be expected from such a cast is uniformly excellent with perhaps Jessica Biel standing out a little more.

One of Stephan Elliot’s nice touches is an anachronistic use of such songs as Car Wash and Sex Bomb, done in a very twenties style. The addition of a hilarious “dog scene” is another nice touch. Fans of Noel Coward (and even Merchant-Ivory) won’t be disappointed.

See a more detailed review in http://www.futuremovies.co.uk/review.asp?ID=950


  1. I liked this film but my husband liked it even more. It’s funny and well performed and the language is easy to understand (I saw it in English in the Renoir Cinemas). In my opinion it’s worth seeing it.

  2. Paloma, I think you wanted to link pictures but they do not appear on the thread. Try to edit it!

  3. It is me that is doing the thread. I have deleted some things, because it was very long. Better, isn´t it?
    We have to see My blueberry and this one. When??

  4. Sorry then, Paloma.

    Now, it’s ok!

    I’d rather go to see East Virtue

    Let’s set a date!

  5. By the way, Colin Firth is rather overweight if you compare it with his role in Play & Prejudice or Love Actually.

  6. I´m really impressed with the work you are doing in the film club, because it´s you, isn´t it?
    I intend to see this film with my daughter and friends on Saturday at 8, I´m looking very much forward to watching it because Mr.Darcy will be in it, I hope he ahs not aged but he is now the father!!

  7. Thanks for your contribution Carmen! This blog is going to survive! You´ll see. We have some ideas…
    Have you seen Colin Firth in Mamma Mía?? He is a lovely gay! I have not seen his role as Mr Darcy yet!

  8. Yesterday I went to see the film with my friends and all of us had a great time. I recommend you to go and see it in the Renoir Plaza de España. Original version. But try not to read the subtitles, I didn’t do it. I couldn’t understand what they were talking all the time, but I understood enough to follow the plot.
    It’s very difficult to understand a film in English, but reading the subtitles we don’t get it.
    I loved the story so much, how different the main characters are! She’s American, he’s English and at that moment, in the roaring twenties!! We can see what people are like when they are young, among other things how innocent, naive they are. When they go back his home and they have to face their differences, things change. And the main problem in Larita’s new life, her mother-in-law. It’s the old story ever. There is no escaping from mother-in-laws.

  9. I´m María

  10. I´m María and yesterday I went to see one wonderful film with Mercedes y Clara. The film is called Easy Virtue and it is directed by Stephan Elliot and one of the main characters is Colin Firth. The film is based on a real story.
    I really enjoyed with every scene on the film, and most of them, make me laugh.
    The plot is about a young English man who fall in love from a sucessfull American woman and married but she has a lot of troubles with her mother-in-laws who at the end breaks the marriage.

  11. Hi fellows! Thank you very much for your opinions and I´m glad you liked the film. But please! next times, please, don´t spoilt the end!!! There are some poeple that have not seen the film yet, as me!

  12. I´m sorry I´ve done it without thinking but there are a lot of beautiful things to see on the film that I don´t tell you.
    I´m sorry,

  13. ok, don´t worry. “Don´t spoil”, I made a mistake.

  14. On Saturday I went to see this film with the following party: My daughter Magdalena, two school friends of hers: Sofía and Cristina, Cristina´s mother,and my sister, Marta. Renoir Princesa the place, eight o´clock the time. We settled down to watching it, the girls together and me sandwiched between my sister and the other Mummy.
    The film was not one that you would die to see again, but the scenery was good, and one could see what the lifestyle of the English is like: fox-hunting, rain, butler, tennis-court, beautiful Manor, and the family: Well, there was a Mrs. Reed, certainly a Georgiana, running after anything with a d—!, who does not try to elope with a man, but as compensation shows her bottom (both sides) to quite a merry group, and Eliza who has lost a beau and will perhaps in the near future take the veil since that is the nearest thing she can get to maryying anyone!! So far we can draw a parallel with our dear Jane Eyre..but suddenly, Master John, instead of committing suicide comes back home married, to find that his American wife is bored to death with their lifestyle and to find that his Juliet was just living next door and enjoyed herself in exactly the same way as him!! I will not spoil the story, and conclude that our party made a show of it all, when Mummy, the film having finished and seeing that I had quickly got up, followed suit and fell, or rather collapsed on the carpet and remained there seated, looking blank at her fallen handbag and coat, until I (couldn´t stop laughing) and the man sitting behind her (not laughing at all), heaved her up from her sitting posture!!
    Needless to say that I got the blame, “because you have got up very quickly, Carmen” and with these complaints, and her daughter´s protests that we should remain until the lights were turned on, to see if any of the contents of her large bag were forgotten on the said carpet or under the seats, we marched out (me still laughing) to her husband´s protection who was waiting outside. We packed the kids with them and Marta and I found a taxi and have been giggling ever since.

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