Happy New Year 2009

January 2, 2009

Happy New Year to all!

As you can see, we (the Talking People people helping out your adorable teachers at the English Department of EOI Goya) have been introducing some changes today, because we had to adapt to some changes which have taken place in WordPress and some questions by students. If you have any feedback, post here, please! 
We changed the Geometric Avatars for some kind of cartoons (those avatars are only for people who don’t have their own). If you don’t like them, just tell us. We have included a Search Engine, and at the bottom, a login link for our Authors/Contributors. We have sent out two invitations to students who want to become Contributors: to Lidia and to Alessandro. If anyone else needs to be able to start a thread, please get in touch by using the Question Page. To our Authors/Contributors:  In case you noticed, WordPress has improved the control panel. It’s the same, but different! If you have any questions, post them on the Questions Page.

Have a nice day!


  1. Hello everyone and happy New Year!

    I will be glad to have new contributors though I would like to make some suggestions related to the management of the blog.

    I think we have to organize ourselves a little so that we can avoid adding too many information to the blog. So, I think would be nice if every of us were focused on one single task. On the other hand, we have to arrange serious meetings to see new films every fortnight.

    In my case, I’d like to have a section to write reviews, thus, I would keep posting exclusively new threads about the issue (new films or old ones), at least once a month, However, all of us ought to scan the blog quite often to check whether people are joining the blog and if it is not so, we have to encourage them to write.

    Good day!

  2. I forgot telling you that the snow effect on the page is marvellous.

  3. One more thing, what if we erase those thread with litte success?

  4. Ok Roberto, we can erase those threads and I agree as for arraging meeting each fortnight (at least each month). I also think we have to organize ourselves, but what do you mean about “one single task”?

  5. Oh, yes! The snow is beautiful! Thanks Michelle for keeping with us.

  6. Dear Michelle, I want to thank you for the present we have been given (by means of Carmen).

    What a charming present! It is very kind of you. You must know that I have the film club card posted on a board behind my screen, at my job, and I am content every time I look at it not only because of its meaning but also for its perfect design.

    Thank you again.

    By the way, how is your way in your current school?

  7. I also want to write to thank you Michelle. It has been the best present you could give us! You are always surprising me! Anyway, now I have to choose a place where to put them, one will be placed at my fridge and the other, in my job, so as I see them everywhere! 😉 THANK YOU VERY MUCH again and again. Best regards,

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