My blueberry nights

December 29, 2008


If you have seen it, post your comments!!

When will we go? January the 14th??


  1. Elena watched it and liked it very much. Tell us!!

  2. María, I’m going to chech reviews about the film, for it seems people have different opinions about it.

  3. I want to see this one. Everybody I have asked likes it. May we think of a day?

  4. Ok, we must go to see this film. Everybody says it is quite good, even the music by Cat Power, so, would you like to watch it next Wednesday 28th, at cines Princesa, at 8.20 p.m???
    Roberto, we could do some “posters” to put up in the school, and to invite Mark. What do you think??
    THIS BLOG HAS TO SURVIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. A very good idea indeed María,

    I will send you a messege so as to organize the issue.

    I will join you!

  6. I didn´t doubt it!!

  7. Hi everyone! Indeed, I saw it and also liked it very much. It is quite a slow film, as Wong Kar Wai’s usually are, but very interesting. I particularly enjoyed the music, the atmosphere it creates, and well, the topic… Overall, I think it is not an easily forgettable film. (And I must say that I did not like “2046” film by the same director)

  8. I have not seen any film by Wong Kar Wai. Why didn´t you like “2046”, what is it about?

    Did you notice that Cat Power, the singer, acts also in the film??? Two singers as actresses in the same film. Did they do their work properly? Did you see the differences between them and the other “real” actors??

  9. Could you please postpone it to the 29th??
    On monday and wednesday I do have french lesson at the school.

  10. Nataly, it is impossible as we go to the theatre to see “November”!!! Are you not going to see that play??

  11. Maria, well, at the beginning I was not very convinced about Norah Jones’ acting, but well, in the end I think her character was very particular and gloomy, so maybe she made her point. By the way, I liked more Jude Law’s acting. He was rather charming. I will wait till you see the film to say more, because I don’t want to spoil anything 🙂 I’m looking forward to read your comments on it.
    And the music was really great! Regarding Cat Power, I didn’t know her, but I think her performance was quite natural.

  12. I did not like 2046 at all. What a boring film! I enjoy watching asian films and they are often shot with rather quiet a rhythm, however, this one was insufferable.

  13. What a beautiful film!! Don´t you agree Roberto??? 😉

  14. I did not enjoy the film as much as María did 😉 mainly because of the chief story around of which another two develop. Nora Jones good as a singer, is rather overacted and you don’t sympathy neither with her role nor her condition even though Jude Law does his best so as to confer some interest to such an atypical relationship. Despite the fact that the stories played by Rachel Weisz and Natalie Portman make you “come back” to the film (I choose the former), it is the lack of concern for the protagonist’s situation (perhaps also because we are not told many details about her past) that prevents the film from reaching a good standard. Nevertheless, the soundtrack is worth listening to and the rhythm is not so quiet as other of its director’s.

  15. Elena, I liked the film a lot as you predicted. Sad stories of different people but bit encouraging. Marvellous music and performance, above all, by Rachel Weisz and Natalie Portman. The “singers” as “actresses” were worse, but “tolerable”. I´d not seen a Wong Kar Wai’s film before, but I liked his way of telling the story, very original with the use of the images, the coulours of which made a very intimate atmosphere.
    Apart from that, adressing to girls: Jude Law is tremendously handsome!! What a smile!! AAAy!! Roberto agreed, he said: “Menudo guaperas” ahahahaha
    I only hope next time more people join!

  16. I don´t think it was neccessary to know Lizzy´s past (Norah Jones). It is told several stories which are very common in real life. And, in this film, the less information you are given, the more you can feel identified with characters, in essence. You only need to know that their heart has been broken and how they live to overcome their situation.

  17. I have to say I agree with Roberto in that Norah Jones’ character would be more credible should we know something of her past. In that sense I was not able to get so involved with her story, there’s something missing. But I still liked it very much!! It’s an unique film about breaking up, I think… and it gives you some hope..

    Very funny, your comment of “que guaperas”, Roberto. He was really sweet!! No doubt I would be at his bar tasting some blueberry cake too!!

  18. I am glad you agree with me, Elena.

    Yes, I cannot compite with such a “guaperas” 🙂

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