December 29, 2008


How do you like it?


  1. I have not watched it, but I have the feeling that having seen the trailer I already know what it is going to happen… However, Carmen has recommended it.
    Would you like to go to see it?

  2. María, as I have just said in the thread of My blueberry…, I need to check the reviews.

  3. My aunt has told me not to go to see the film. She says it is very long, incredible and boring, and that the acting is very vague…

  4. I saw this film and I liked it. It remembered me a lot the western films I used to see as a child in my neibourhood cinema. In my opinion the film is entertaining and has a good photography. By the way it made me cry, which I hadn’t done since I was single. The character I liked the less was “the bad one”, I get bored of him and I was eager see him to died, this is a very bad feeling, isn’t it? In short, as a spectacle the film, in my opinion, is worth seeing. Perhaps the performance not be the best in the world but, in Mr. Darcy words; “It’s tolerable, I suppose”

  5. Thanks for sharing your opinion with us!! It is curious I also like crying during a film, it meaning that it has moved something inside. But not everbody thinks like that, they may think only bad, weak, sentimental films make us cry. I don´t know.

  6. The film is entertaining it is rather easy to watch and it has some funny scenes at the beginnig. Sadly a promising beginning and good story fails to produce real emotion and tha film does not reach the standard of a masterpiece it is just a film. I was disappointed particularly in the actor´s performance, he is attractive but needs to go to school, you know I´m not impressed by muscles..and Nicole Kidman was tolerable, nothing much.

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