November 18, 2008



Casino Royal introduced us to a new James Bond, perfectly performed by Daniel Craig and showing a film much closer to Fleming’s vision.

His name is Bond, James Bond: just don’t expect him to introduce himself. For the first time in his 22 screen outings, Britain’s best- known secret agent will not utter the words of introduction that have thrilled fans and appalled master criminals for 46 years. Nor in his new adventure, does 007 utters the other classic one-liner – “shaken not stirred” – when ordering his martini, according to the director, Marc Forster.


Gone were the unfeasible gadgets on which he could always rely in a tight spot. The boffin who created them in the basement of the MI6 building, Q, played in the past by Desmond Llewellyn and John Cleese, was also therefore eliminated, along with Miss Moneypenny and her flirtatious banter. Bond even briefly abandoned his high-performance motor to drive a Ford Mondeo before reverting to an Aston Martin.


Every one loving cinema has to see this film. Besides, you will listen to British accent.



  1. I´ll try to watch the previous film before going to the cinema. By the way, write the cinema and the hour.

  2. I´ve seen quantum os solace, it´s a very interesting film with lots of action,I recommened it to you. I´ve liked it a lot mostly because of all the action and mistery.I liked the actor a lot because of how he acted, I think he was very good solving situations.I also like how they jump from one building to another and I think they fight very well.

  3. You are right Magdalena. I have already seen the film(in spanish) and I liked it a lot even though I prefer Casino Royale. I will try to lend it to Carmen so that you may enjoy it, too. It’s better.

    Daniel Craig is the perfect Bond beyond a doubt. I must convince Carmen to chance her mind about the issue.

    Thank you for your comment!

  4. Roberto, you have an email of mine. I can´t go to the cinema today… I explain you the reason why in the email. Tell me something when you read this, because I think we were the only two people who were to go to the cinema, weren´t we?

  5. It is a pity no one has been willing to go to watch this films. It seems there are not many film buff in the school.

  6. Hello, This is my first comment in film club, so I don´t know exactly its function. I suposse it to be a way of promote the cimnema; but it isn´t clear for me if it wants to diffuse the English speech cinema, the Spanish one, or both them.Of course, I have realised its main target it´s make us practise English. Concerning to 007 films, I´ll say that they are very entertainig, so they have the capacity to amuse us. On the contrary, I hven´t watched it jet.

  7. I am sorry I already posted this comment in a wrong thread. I tried to erase it there but I could not. Since this is the right place, here it goes!
    Roberto. I understand your enthusiasm for James Bond movies. My relation with them is a little different. When I was a child, I would pay anything to see them: but they were rated B (above fourteen) and C (above eighteen!). In the far sixties, the only possibility of seeing a movie was at the cinema: no B or C rated movie was broadcasted by television, Betamax and VHS were not even a fantasy, 8 millimetres films for home use were almost unaffordable. Once my parents took me to see Dr. No in an old cinema that allowed me to get in: when I saw it years later in my first Betamax, I realized that even the one microsecond exposure of one of Miss Ursula Andress nipples was accurately cut from the exhibition I had previously seen. Once, one TV channel announced that they would show all my idol’s movies but, after broadcasting The Incredible World of James Bond (an interminable collection of short interviews which included some scenes from all the movies), they apologized that due to the lack of permission of Mr. Broccoli they could not maintain their promise. I felt this like a personal offence. But what could do a lonely ten years old fan? I grasped everything I could find in newspapers and magazines; but this only made bigger my hunger for the real thing, the movies. But suddenly… I found a small French and English bookstore near home. In addition to school texts and newspapers and classic books, they also had bestsellers: there was a new hope at the end of darkness! I began to read James Bond books one after the other. They were not bad at all. I remember the first book I bought was the last published by this moment: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. I read it. I wished I could see the movie of it. It was still not even supposed to be done. It was Mr. Fleming James Bond eleventh novel. It was the sixth movie. I have never seen it. Nor I think I will. Why? I was growing up. Turning left. So this charming hero at the service of the occidental empire, seen at the light of my developing politically correct ideas, turned up to be a defender of the capitalism against the red revolution. His refined shaken not stirred cocktail was replaced by dry rum as my ideal drink, funny since I had tried neither one nor the other. I felt then like an offence the image of the Soviet agents in Fleming’s books and Bond’s movies. This was near the same image in Leon Uris books and Hitchcock’s movies, Topaz and others. Soviet spies were cruel and dirty, Cuban revolutionaries were illiterates and disgustingly swear smelling. Then I turned to a third writer, who did not treat the cold war with the glamour of Ian Fleming, nor the unashamedly right orientation of Leon Uris. I discovered Graham Greene. The amusing Travels with my aunt. The hopeless desolation of The human factor. They both reflect reality in two different ways, but true reality. The men of the Foreign Office in Greene’s books have nothing in common with Fleming’s hero. I do not think I will read again James Bond books, or Leon Uris novels. But I will read everything written by Graham Greene that will fall in my hands, and suggest anybody to do. By the way, I think that Ian Fleming’s book I most enjoyed, without associating it with his author, is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

  8. Rebeca, thank you for your comment. I am willing to watch the film in English if there is anyone interested in going as well.

    Impressive! A very good comment Alessandro. It’s a pity you had such trouble so as to watch films. By the way, have you seen the new films of Bond’s? I have not read any of the books though experts say that these new films are quite closer to his novels than the old ones. Do you agree?

  9. Alessandro, your post has been already deleted.
    I´m trying to see the film this long weekend, so I´ll tell you my opinion.

  10. Thank you very much, Maria.
    Roberto, do not worry about me. My previous post is a blend of reality and fiction, and I do not remember now what belongs to either realms. I am to busy to to see QofS now, but I hope to see it soon.

  11. Hi, Could you recommend me any film that I can borrow from a library or to find out at internet? Thank you

  12. Hi Robeca, one of my favourite films is Sophie´s choice. It´s starred by Meryl Streep, whom I adore, who won the Oscar prize. Then, tell us your opinion. Best regards

  13. One of my favourite films: Blade Runner, from a book by my idol Philip K.Dick, directed by Ridley Scott, with a very young harrison Ford, with an almost Shakepearean final soliloquy by Rutger Hauer “Tears in the rain/I have seen things” http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=YOphFl88U-g&feature=related

  14. Rebeca, you can borrow Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rebecca”. What a coincidence!. It’s a very good film with Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine. It won the oscar as the best picture in 1940.

  15. What was the film Elana said the other night?? Do you remember Roberto? Something like a night kiss.. ??

  16. Alessandro, Blade Runner is considered as one of the best films has ever been made and I like it very much. That scene is impressive. Did you know there are several endings for the film and few people know which one is the correct one?

  17. Happy new year Roberto, I am sorry my computer is completely destroyed, and I have got the flue, so I am stealing few minutes of my son’s computer. I am glad that you liked BR, now you you probably understand what I mean when I say “good sci-fi”. This is the “real thing”.
    About the endings: there are I think may by five differents “cuts” of this movie. It seems that the original one by Ridley Scott was considered impossible to be understood by the public. It had no “voice in off”, no explanations, and an open end. So they did a more understandable cut basically adding the voice in off. Years later the original version was offered as “director’s cut”. I have to confess I only saw these two. I have a very interesting book Future Noir by Paul Sammon in which he tells the whole story of the making of of the movie, from the novel by PKDick , then Hampton Fancher, Ridley Scott, Vangelis, etc. I also have the Book by PKDick “Do androids dream etc. an the two sequels of the movie by KJ Jeter. May be when I finish the home work and I re-assembly my computer, I start a topic on this movie 🙂 Anyway, a quick answer to your question: there is no “right” end, enjoy all of them!

  18. Did you know that Harrison Ford is supposed to be a replicant?

  19. Hi.

    I don´t like very much James Bond´s films. I think they are too much similar, and very unbelieve. I haven´t seen this modern version of Casino Royal, but I have seen the old, and I recommend this. It´s incredible funny and amusing, a film that make jokes about the usual topics of James Bond´s filmes. The soundtrack, by the Tijuana Brass, it´s amazing, too. In this film, there are not only a James Bond…but alt less three! The cast includes David Niven, Woody Allen, Peter Sellers, Orson Welles and Ursula Andress.

    About Blade Runner, I have heard that the book in which it´s inspired, it´s very different. It´s a novel by Philip K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? And it´s said that the film is much better that the novel, which is not usual when a film it´s based upon a novel. I only knows three cases: Apocalyse Now, I think is much better than Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad; To be Have and To Have Not, it´s much better the John Houston´s film that the tale by Ernest Hemingway, and of course, Blade Runner.

    I think the story works better if Rick is not a replicant.

  20. I agree with you Rosa, I prefer Harrison as a human being.

    I think The Godfather is at least equal to the novel.

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