Vicky Cristina Barcelona, WEDNESDAY THE 24th 20:00

September 19, 2008

At last we may enjoy the new film of Woody Allen’s.

We are meeting next Wednesday (24th) at Renoir Cuatro Caminos Cinema. I have chosen this time, 20:00 so that we might have a chat after watching the film in order to keep improving our speaking.

Please, be punctual.


  1. I won’t be able to meet you. At 18h is to early for me, could we postpone it at 20 p.m??

  2. or better at 20p.m. in Renoir Retiro…
    I wait for your suggestions

  3. I don’t mind as long as we stay a little after the film to have a chat

  4. I also prefer to meet you at 8, because at 6 I´m working… I am never in a hurry then, you know ahaha, so as for me, I´ve no problem for having a chat afterwards.

  5. Done, we are meeting at 8.

    See you!

  6. So, next wednesday at 20p.m. at RENOIR RETIRO? Isn’t it??

  7. Ok, this is the cinema where we watched THe Family Savage, isn´t it? Tomorrow I´ll write an email to everybody informing of our meeting. See you there!!


  9. mistake:

    AT Renoir Cuatro Caminos.

  10. But at Renoir Cuatro Caminos the film start at 20:30h and at Renoir Retiro at 20:00. I would prefer at Renoir Retiro because of the time and the proximity. That day I have to collect a medical test near Retiro, so I do prefer going there (if you don’t mind)

  11. ok, at 19.50 there (Renoir Retiro) so that we can buy the tickets with plenty of time.

  12. Finally I have not sent any mail to our mates… Could you do it please?????

  13. Well, I have written you an email to say I can´t go today to the cinema. Sorry! In the email the reasons are. If you don´t answer me before the hour, I´ll send you a sms. Kisses my dears!

  14. I have read the email.

    I am sorry for you.

    Get well!

  15. Hi! How did you enjoy the film? Did you like it? Tell me, because I think I´ll go next week…

  16. I enjoyed it as any other film of Woody Allen’s though I think it is not a very good one compared with his american films. Lots of compliments towards Oviedo and Barcelona are made once and again, the style of the film being quite similar to his whole career, that is to say, no sooner had it started than you notice it is a film of his. On the other hand, despite his skills to show different perspectives of human relationships, I expected more funny scenes and felt a little bit disappointed because of the characters the society they are involved in is rather focused on high class.


    I’ll text you / I’ll send you aN sms (esemes)

    I have written you an email (strange). Better: I have (just, or in the same time spam I’m in now) sent you an email. Better still: I sent you an email (before this time span I’m in).

    I’m sorry for you = me das pena
    I’m sorry to hear that = lo siento (eso que me cuentas)

    I think I’ll go next F. (correct; if you are not sure, you use “will”). Another common way to say it: I’m planning to go next F.

  18. A language note for a comment we read on the Theatre Club: when you wish to say “Id vosotros”, you can say “Go along (and I’ll meet you later/another day)”. You can also say “You go”, even though it’s an imperative, because the focus is you want THEM to do something, not so much the action of going itself. It’s not grammatical, but people use it with that expressive aim.

  19. Thank you for your corrections, I appreciate it.

  20. Thanks Michelle!

  21. My pleasure! It was such a joy to see you kept using the blogs! 🙂

  22. What happen with the film? Did you like it? I saw it weeks ago and I don’t like so much, the best is Penelope,but I missed so much the clever Woody Allen`s sentences and I think the character are not good defined.

  23. Hi Antonio! I have not see it yet, but Roberto told us a few lines about the film. It is true, as most people say, that it is not a very good film…
    Think about another film we have to see!

  24. Hi María, I know it, I’ve seen Roberto’s post after I wrote mine. Sorry.

    I’m going to see the new Coen’s film, “Burn after reading”, tomorrow. I’ll tell you how it’s.

  25. I also want to see it!! Next time Antonio, we could post a new thread about a film we are watching together. The thing is that we go together and afterwards to have a chat in English, you know? That´s the Club. Enjoy the film and then tell us!

  26. Yes, I know and I hope I can go with the Club one of this days, if my job lets me :-).

  27. Hi everyone!

    It’s high time I posted something here, hehehe. I have to say I liked this film very much. It’s true I wasn’t expecting a very good film and I didn’t trust Penelope at all. So I went there without great expectations…
    But I laughed heartily… Penelope’s character is a real gem! I could not stop laughing when she was yelling at Bardem! Of course, I recommend to see it in O.V. 😉

    Well, see you soon!


  28. Hi again, a little post about “Burn after reading”. I loved it. It is a really great comedy, very funny and crazy as all Coen’s comedies, the cast is amazing and all of them act great.

    I recommend you the movie.

  29. Hi everyone!
    Please don’t tell much more about the last one of the Cohens!I have not seen it yet, but I plan to go on tis weekend. I hope you’re right, Antonio, so that the film remains to their old fun ones! For these of you who like their filmography and spanish cinema as well, here you have a link to an interview I found last week about the fashionable hair of Javier Bardem in “No Coutry for Old Men”.


  30. oops!
    I’m in group 3B, not in 3C, sorry. So now that you nowwhere to find me, I can say “See you soon!”

    See you soon!

  31. Don’t worry Ana I’d never tell you spoliers. I hate when somebody tell me any spoiler.

    I hope you like the film.

  32. Tonight I´m watching Vicky Cristina. I´ll tell you how I liked it.

    If some of you has some idea of going to see some film, please post it here, so that we could organise a meeting, ok?

    Enjoy the cinema!

  33. Hi! I´m Tamara.
    I went to the cinema with María tonight to see Vicky Cristina Bcn!! I liked it, but it isn’t the best film to Woody Allen. But I agree with American people and I think that Penélope Cruz is worth winning the Oscar!! And I can’t believe that Vicky doesn’t appear at the film’s poster!!! She’s the best in that film!!!!

  34. I agree with you Tamara, the film is not one of his best if you compare it with his american ones. I also liked Penélope but I am not sure whether she deserves such a reward, for there are many supporting actors in Allen’s films doing it much better than she does and they were not even nominated.

    What are your favourite Woody Allen’s films?

  35. Hi Roberto! I´m afraid Tamara is not going to write here in a long time. Yesterday she did it since I insisted very much!! 😉 However, she is not an expert in Woody Allen´s films, seeing only two or three, but she liked “Match point” very much, which I liked too.
    Actually, Penelope´s role in “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” fits very well with her. That´s the better character she could perform, because both are the same, you know? It is like Botto´s case: he did very well her role as Martín Hache, but a total dissappointing performance as Hamlet. Both Botto and Cruz can perform only a certain kind of roles, meaning they are not good, versatile actors. That´s the reason why I don´t share the opinion that she deserves to be nominated.
    I didn´t like Bardem, and I expected a better Scarlett, as she did in Match Point or Scoop.
    On the other hand, I liked the music and Vicky.

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