4th Sept, 8.00 p.m., MAMMA MIA! Cines IDEAL

August 27, 2008

20-year-old Sophie (Seyfried) is preparing to marry her boyfriend Sky (Cooper) at her mother’s hotel on an island in Greece. She seemingly has it all -a carefree life, a loving fiance, and happy friends- but one thing has been missing all her life: a father.
Her only wish now is to be given away by her dad at her wedding. By reading her mother’s diary she discovers that she has three possible fathers. Sophie then secretly invites all three men to the wedding in a desperate bid to discover which of them is her father before the wedding bells start to chime!
But not all goes according to plan: old loves are re-kindled, new loves are formed, and Sophie risks everything to discover the true identity of her father.
Featuring the songs of ABBA, and based on the world’s number one musical comedy which has people dancing in the aisles every night, this movie is sure to be the hit of Summer 2008!

M E R Y L   M E R Y L !!!!!!!!!


  1. We had forgotten our FILM CLUB!!!!!!

  2. Maria, te importa si lo cambiamos a las 18:15 en los Renoir Retiro o a las 20h en los Ideal?? Es que la peli dura 2 horas y luego me gustaría tener tiempo para tomar algo tranquilamente. Ya me dirás. Kisses

  3. I could go at 8 p.m., but not before, I´m working…

  4. Ok. So if you dont mind, we change it at 20h (Ideal Cinema)
    See you!

  5. Hello everyone!

    It is a pitty!, I have alreday seen it in Bath. It not being a very good film, you can understand it without using subtitles and enjoy the songs of ABBA’s if you like their music. Moreover, Meryl Streep singing is funny, too. I might join you after the film.

  6. Ok Roberto!! Welcome to Madrid again!

  7. Hello Everyone!!
    After the film we’ll meet also Elena and go to a bar to speak in English (in Escalinata street “Café Madrid”). Roberto, it’s great hearing of your experience in Bath, It’s the best choice to improve a language, and Bath is a wonderful place!

  8. Mamen is also joining us!!

  9. Hi everyone!

    I’m sorry to say that I will probably stay home today, so I won’t go to Mamma Mia or Cafe Madrid either 😦

    But this doesn’t mean I don’t want to practise my english! I was talking to Natalia yesterday and we both agreed that the worst thing about meeting during the week is knowing you have to wake up soon the day after— That’s why we propose to have some meetings on Friday or Saturday, even if there are no official conversation meetings scheduled for then… (see http://www.profexpres.com/grupo.htm for a list of them) Well, from time to time we could go to O’neills on Tuesdays because it is so much fun… What do you think? Making an exception, we could meet this very Monday, Tuesday being public holiday… I’ve just found there is a weekly conversation group at 21h45 on Mondays at Moores Irish Pub, Barceló Street, (metro Tribunal).

    What do you think?

  10. Good Idea!
    (J’ai oublié de vivre)
    I hope you like it!

  11. I can´t meet on monday, but when there is any meeting, say me, ok?

    What is this “chanson”, Natalia?

  12. From the film last night!
    It was nice!

  13. Yes, we saw a french film “Dejad de quererme” (in French, Deux jours à tuer”). It was very interesting, and the few songs were meaningful. Thanks, Natalia! The final song (it’s almost entirely recited, not sung) was this other one: http://www.wat.tv/audio/temps-qui-reste-hjmx_iukp_.html

    Well, I hope you will be singing a lot today in Mamma Mia!!



    Meryl Streep´s performing was marvellous!!

  15. Last Tuesday I saw a very good film “In Bruges” (Escondidos en Brujas) with Colin Farrel and Ralph Fiennes. It’s a good chance to visist Bruges a wonderfull ghotic city, the most well-preserved medieval city in the whole of Belgium. “A FAIRY TALE TOWN”. The movie is really funny, sarcastic and full of surreal experiences. I enjoyed every minute of it

  16. Hi Sonia, I´ll try to see that film. In fact, these days there are not any good film, so it is very useful that someone recommends you some…

    I´ve downloaded Mamma Mia Soundtrack and I´m singing everyday Abba!!! Dancing Queen……..

  17. I saw “In Bruges” trailer and it seemed to be a
    very peculiar film, so we can arrange a meeting to watch it, can’t we?

  18. What it is quite difficult to find is English films, isn’t it. By the way, I am looking forward to watch “Quantum of Solace”, the new film of 007’s. I saw Casino Royale and I get impressed even though I really dislike 007 films.

  19. I usually don´t like either to see this kind of films, Roberto. But If we don´t find another film that is worth watching it, we could watch “Quantum of Solace”.
    What about the new film of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino?

  20. What I must see is the new film of Woody Allen’s, it being on release next week even though I dislike the casting

  21. I want to see it too!
    You know I’m crazy for W.Allen’s film!!
    We’ll meet today ???
    I could be there at 20:30h

  22. See you this afternoon, at 20.30 at Oneils.

    Ok about seeing Allen´s film! A very good idea!

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