Last Chance

July 21, 2008

I think “Last chance” (traducida por “La asesina”, para desgracia de la humanidad hispanohablante!) is the only Action Movie I absolutely love. I watched this movie on TV ages ago, but lately I’ve seen they’ve created a TV series, Nikita, based on this movie, or something like that. The problem is, I’ve looked for it on the Net, and it’s NOWHERE TO BE FOUND! Another movie, about single people I think, comes out in its place!!! Isn’t it weird???
Anyway, in case you find it (it’s an FBI movie, about a girl who is sentenced to death after killing her mum I think, and then wakes up in a secret operations place), I have to clarify something important – the movie has a French version, but – it might surprise you – the French version has no trace of the poetry of the US American version (it’s a typical action movie, no interest!), which is absolutely poetic and moving and beautiful. This is because of Nina Simone’s (music) role, because of the main character’s solitude, including some childhood memories of a barefoot girl riding a horse (if I remember correctly) and her beautiful feel of what freedom is about, of how beautiful it is, and a bit because of the relationship – above all of understanding, eventually – with the main actor. But it’s an action movie, with tons of undercover operations!

One comment

  1. I have not seen it. The best action film I have ever seen is Kill Bill volume 1. It is absolutely fascinating and I enjoyed every single sequence. Music, dialogues, movement of camera, cars, homage made to asian action films, characters mix up to show 100% pure cinema.

    I love it!.

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