Doctors starring TV series!

June 4, 2008

Just thought, wow, isn’t it funny? So many! (None of them women, though!) Let me mention the name of the TV series and link to some info on that. Here are these grumpy yet lovable TV doctors!
Becker Actor: Ted Danson playing a white atheist doctor, and a smoker, working in The Bronx. The two nurses he’s got are great. And then there’s some more interesting characters at the diner where they meet.
Northern Exposure  Actor: Rob Morrow playing a New Yorker who’s sent to Nowhere Land to set up his doctor’s office. Some secondary actors are very interesting, at least, unknown prototypes in Spain! They include two Indian characters, his nurse and a very handsome boy who is mad about movies! Then there’s an ex astronaut, and a woman pilot whose boyfriends keep dying, and an anarchist old lady who is really witty! You should watch it some day. It’s kind of different for us in Spain.
House – well, you probably know about this one. Funnily enough, the main character, Hugh Laurie, is British, so if you’ve got him in the British TV series he took part in “A bit of Fry & Laurie“, you’ll be able to compare his accents, because in “House” he uses a US American accent! Watch this wonderful YouTube interview on US TV!
All of them are mavericks and grumpy as hell!


  1. Hey, Doctora Queen! hahahah… But she is not a maverick! She fits perfectly well in her community, too!

  2. I adore House!! He´s really funny because he always says what he wants, without worrying, for instance: “If it works, we’re right. If he dies, it was something else…” He can afford his “original” behaviour because he knows he´s the best. He reminds me someone…

  3. I love him too. I find him REALLY attractive! 😀

    Who does he remind you of? Come on, say! 🙂

  4. He reminds me Carmen!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 Many times it´s not what she says but how she says!!! You can´t avoid to laugh!!! Both are examples of original, unique personalities

  5. Hahahah… Carmen! Hear that? hahahaha… Sure!

    Language tips: reminds me OF, can’t help laughing! (“avoid” is for other contexts, better; for the ing/inf affair, you can check out the forum, by the way! hahahah)

  6. ok!! Thank you very much! I´ll do it

  7. Hey, I’ve always loved series about doctors. Dakota, you reminded me about Dra Quinn!! It was great, though now I think her a bit naive, hehe.

    And don’t forget E.R. (Emergency Room, Urgencias in Spain), which is really really great, with and without George Clooney (I confess I didn’t like him particularly). I think it is a pity that Spanish TV has mistreated it, so much that they scheduled it for the small hours :-S

  8. Hi and welcome!
    I didn’t get to see that one.
    See you!

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