David Lynch & Roy Orbison

May 28, 2008

Puzzled as the audience feel by watching any film of David Lynch’s, he is able to create such unforgettable scenes that they keep in your mind for long. His admiration shown for Roy Orbison, he being one of the best American singers, is a good example.


Everyone has ever listened to Blue Velvet main song (“She wore blue velvet..”), however Roy Orbison and his song called In dreams offers us a beautiful moment.




  1. I’m very sorry to say this, and hope nobody feels bad about it, but… I’m terrified by David Lynch. He gives me the creeps! He’s always torturing women, especially naked, so I can’t see why he’s considered so groundbreaking, really. There’s nothing new in using women like that on TV. Most things on screens use women like that, to terrorize us as usual, using our bodies. The rape issue. The psychopath has traditionally been a misogynist, in literature, in movies, everywhere! There are some film directors whose reputation is based on their use of women in this way, and I don’t like it, and feel very bad because I feel they reinforce something in our culture which is not good for any of us. Violence is meant to be human, but the fact is that it’s been an issue Men (as a group) specialized in (when women are violent, they are perceived as evil, this is, it’s worse than if men are violent, that’s the perception, I mean), and traditionally men have used it against women to link it to their sex drive, even though for women torture using their bodies has never had a connection to their sexual lives.
    Well, sorry about such a gloomy reflection. It’s just that I see that name and freak out! It’s a kind of survival instinctive reaction! 🙂

  2. I am really sorry but I don’t agree with you.

    For me Lynch is special in the way that he shoots his films trying to puzzle us and you always keep thinking about its context after watching it.

    However, “Wild at heart” is a very beautiful one and I think will give you a new perpective of him.

    By the way, “Wild at heart” soundtrack is impressive.

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