Rabit-Proof Fence

May 14, 2008

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By the way, congratulations for your Film Review!

“RABBIT-PROOF FENCE” is the name of a film, I has watched recently, whose plot and photography really caught me.
It’s a 2002 Australian drama film diected by Phillip Noyce and filmed by Christopher Doyle both Australian.
It was filmed on location in Australia and stars for Aboriginal actresses.
It’s based on a book written by Doris Pilikintong Garimara. It’s about the author’s mother and two other young Aboriginals girls, who ran away from a native settlement to return to their Aboriginal families, after being placed there in 1931.
The film follows the girls as they walk for nine weeks a long 1.500 miles of the Australian rabbit-proof fence (a pest-exclusion fence, constructed between 1901-1903 to keep the rabbits pest of Western of Australian pastoral areas), to return to their community while being tracked by a white authority figure, the protector of Aborigines responsble for removing the girls from their families, and a black tracker.
The film formed a part of a major debate in contemporary Australia over the stolen generations, where Aboriginals children separated from their parents by the State were taken to residencial schools, forced to learn English languange and then compelled to work for white families like slaves.
The soundtrack was composed by Peter Gabriel and called it “Long Walk Home”
On the 13th of February 2008 Australian government offered a fomal apology to the stolen generations.

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  1. Just a tip for exams: if you are asked to write a review, you should remember to end your piece by saying who you recommend that piece to. (Of course, this tip is not necessary for your review, Lady Silence, which is great!)

    Hey, if you like, check out the TP forum where we have been posting about that, too. AND, you, rascal, send it for publication on TP!!! You totally forgot about your adorable teacher who is dying to publish students’ stuff?! 😛


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