Shall we meet up?

May 12, 2008

Hello everybody!

Listen, I’ll be getting back to work towards the end of this month, and I was thinking we should meet up in the Computer Room one day to try to see if we all learn the basics about using this blog. I’m sorry we are not answering your queries daily, but at the moment we’re somewhat overwhelmed with work. This message is for all teachers and for all the students who are Authors and for the new students who wouldn’t mind becoming, or would love to become, Authors. So post here your suggestions of date and time to meet. Students have exams, but that’s only a couple of days. Teachers, on the other hand, have Exam Month, a whole month giving and checking exams, so I suppose we should have teachers first making the proposal of a date and booking the use of the Computer Room for that date… What do you all think? Gotta fly!


  1. I agree with you. We need to control the blog. I can survive, but I should know more, like writing links, uploading videos, etc. I´d prefer to meet up some friday afternoon, but it is only my humble opinion…

  2. What a great idea!!!

  3. I could only attend to the meeting on Fridays.

  4. With me it’s OK, a Friday in June, but I wonder if teachers who leave Madrid for the weekend would be able to… Let’s see… Anyway, is there any Friday in June when we can use the Computer Room? Can someone book that when we agree on a date?

  5. Friday 23rd is difficult since the school will be packed considering it is the last day so I guess it could be next week or this very Friday. I volunteer to book it when we agree on a possible date. I am available any day. Back to study!

  6. Sorry! I thought you meant May. I will ask tomorrow and tell you when I come back home

  7. Hi Ana.
    The idea was June because Michelle is on a sick leave and cannot go to work now. She’ll be back in June and cannot help before that. (Incidentally, you are welcome to join us in June.)

  8. Oh, great! Thanks for offering to book a date, too.

  9. Maybe it is easier to meet up on 4th June (thursday), which is the day of the Oral exam… when the teachers finished their work… I don´t know…

  10. I’ll try to go whatever day you decide. I have a lot of things to learn about this blog! By the way, my oral exam takes place on Friday 13th!

  11. Oh, great. So let’s see, we are three Y4 students, one Y5, and… any Y3’s to join in (Clara, María, Dori?)?
    Then, we need to check with teachers. It seems Ana Otto and Michelle (hi, it’s me writing now!) would be coming. We need to know about Marta, Carmen, Cristina and any other teacher…?
    This meet up would only be to learn to deal with the Film Club. But if you all have any questions about the Reading or Theater Clubs, you’re surely welcome to pose them. It will all depend on the time we have for this.

    One thing – after a whole afternoon giving oral exams, teachers are really exhausted, because it’s intensive listening (it’s not just listening, we have to assess, and take notes and it’s mentally exhausting), so could we find some time in a less tiring day… ??? Of course, if we have few students per Examining Board, then we could do it that day. But if we have lots…

    A different meet up is for teachers: My proposal is to have a session with Marta, Carmen and Cristina (and any other teacher is also welcome, of course) to review what we learned when we had our first ad hoc course after the creation of the Blogger blogs.

    Gotta go now! See youp!

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