Duck soup (1933)

May 9, 2008


This is probably the best film shot by the Marx brothers. With no more than one hour in length, it is full of comical scenes, they being absurd most of the time and making us laugh on account of the lack of manners and scruples they show towards everyone.

Summing up the story, it tells how two countries next to each other keep quarrelling and by choosing Groucho as the governor everything turns worse. Chico y Harpo develop the role of spies under the service of Groucho’s command.

Let’s enjoy it!




  1. Well, I’ve tried to add a youtube video but it only appears the link

    Michelle, would you mind telling me what I have to do to get the video posted

    Thank you!

  2. I have some problems with adding videos too. I can’t see the complete window, so I can’t click on the things… (When you type your post, where you have all the tools there’s one that is to upload videos, and that’s where I click, but…)
    We’ll keep investigating!

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