Into the Wild

May 8, 2008

Welcome María! Good to have you with us! 🙂 María, an Intermetiate 1 student, sent a wonderful Film Review. Well done! We corrected some minor mistakes, so read it all again! 🙂

María’s film review:
I’ve seen several films this year but nohing really fantastic. So I have chosen one of them because it is my favourite one.
The film is called Into the Wild. It is directed by Sean Pen and the main actor is Emile Hirch. It is set in California, Dakota and Alaska (three different places), and it was filmed in the real places, not in a studio, and the actor originally spoke in English.
The film is based ON a real story.
The plot is about a good student who finished his degree and everybody thought that he would have a brilliant future but he decided to leave his comfortable life and he went to look for adventure.
He gave away all his money to charity. He wanted to be free and he wished to know the wild. Then he travelled a lot over the prairies and deep trees, the mountains and the rivers. In his trip he met lots of people who didn’t agree with the society of the USA.
In the end he goes into Alaska where he dies of hunger. This scene made me cry but I really enjoyed the whole film.
I hope everybody enjoys this film like I did!


  1. Hello everybody!
    María, welcome! Well done! Well, I just wanted to say that Maria’s problem in the *** paragraph with the present and the past is a typical problem students from all levels have, but you all shouldn’t have this problem if you visualized time, or if you noticed time in Spanish and then in English. Let me explain with an example:

    La peli es de las aventuras de Pepín. Pepín es abogado y tiene un trabajo muy bueno. Pero un día decide irse a las Seychelle. Allí conoce a una camarera y se enrollan…

    La peli es de las aventuras de Pepín. Pepín era abogado y tenía un trabajo muy bueno. Un día decidió irse a las Seychelle. Allí conoció a una camerera y se enrollaron…

    La peli es de las aventuras de Pepín. Pepín es un abogado. Tenía un trabajo muy bueno, pero un día decidió irse a las Seychelle. Allí conoce a una camarera y se enrollan…

    Visualize time in each narration and tell me… Do you see what happens? Of course we can use present or past tenses, we can even combine them, but they have to make sense. Now notice the paragraph with the *** and see how you would pick the tenses for each case and why.

    Nighty night!

  2. María, we deleted your post (so don’t worry!) because we’ve pasted it above. See?

  3. Maria, congratulations and welcome to our fantastic film club! I am very proud of you and it is our pleasure to have brave Y3 students here.Your work is an example to us all. I hope your partners join us too! Great hug

  4. I’ve just seen this post. Wow, I recommend this movie, it makes you think. The landscapes are beautiful, and the story, wow. It’s not an easy film though – I had it in mind for some time after watching it. Did it happen to you, Maria?

    And there are some veeeery good quotes, from himself (Christopher McCandless), and from others (Tolstoi, Thoreau). I particularly liked the ending sentence, do you remember, Maria? It said something like “Happy times are twice are happy when shared” or something like that.


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