Hello everybody! Attention, please!

May 7, 2008

Hello, everybody, this is, teachers and students! Congratulations for your amazing participation. We know we don’t know how to manage yet! But… do you all remember that apart from posting we need to see how this blog works and create explanations to help people and finish designing the blog? Do you? OK. So… We haven’t finished doing some of the basic things, so please:
* “Authors” should click on the links called “Pages” and read it all. You need to know what it says there.
* “Authors” need to post on their corresponding “Page” (students’, teachers’) a comment with their description (remember this is the Net, an international public space).
* Missing “Authors” and “Contributors”. Now, there are some teachers and some students who are not “Authors” but should be, wouldn’t you want to? This means we need to make you “Authors”. When you are an Author you can edit your posts, start new threads and pick your personal avatar (graphic image). See our section “Pages” for more info. Well, these people seem to be so far: Carmen, Marta, Ana (teachers), Elena and Lady Silence (michelle’s students). If there are other students or teachers who want to register as “Authors” or “Contributors” of this blog, please, post here or on the “Page” called “Questions about this blog”. Only people we know can become “Authors” so get in touch with your teacher so that your teacher tells the blog admin who you are, whatever.

Greetings and keep having fun!

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