To Kill a Mockingbird

April 29, 2008

This is one of my all-time favorite novels (written by Harper Lee in the sixties), and I do think the movie is an awesome version (very literal, not experimental, but that’s fine with me in this case!). Atticus Finch (Gregory Peck) is a lawyer, and Scout (Mary Badham) is his smallest daughter. Then there’s Jem, her elder brother, and a little friend who visits in the summer (inspired in writer Truman Capote). They go on lots of adventures together, and the 120 first pages of the book (Part I) is absolutely wonderful, on chilhood. The second part deals with The South and its racism. Tom Robinson, a Black man is accused of raping a white woman, and Atticus decides to defend him. Well, imagine. They get into a lot of trouble.
One of the most powerful scenes is one where the mob wants to drag Tom out of prison to lynch him and hang him, and Atticus stands in front of them, trying to talk them out of it. And then, the kids get in the way, and… Scout addresses one of the men who were wanting to lynch the prisoner… (You’ve got that scene in the TP link above).
I was looking for stuff on YouTube, and I found a little video dedicated to the main character: Scout, a girl played by Mary Bantham. The music playing in this video is a version of one of the most beautiful songs by Stevie Wonder, “Isn’t She Lovely?”, which was dedicated to his baby daughter, or something.


  1. Oh! I saw it many many years ago, when I was a child and I remember that it was a sweet film. I´ll see it again, because I don´t remember very well the plot. Gregory was a lawyer, wasn´t he?

  2. Well, very interesting, can we have more?

  3. Maryah, did you read my post? hahahaha… The first thing I say is that he is a lawyer! 😛
    Marta, so good to find you here! Well done! 😀 :thumbup: There’s some more I worked on in the link I added on “Harper Lee”‘s name above, especially the scene where Scout, the girl, talks to the otherwise would-be lynchers! I’ll bring more things another day (Actually I might ask people to read Part I next year, along with the script of “Smoke Signals”)! But everybody, feel free to post here!
    Hugs, women!

  4. Oh, it is true Dakota… 😉 I haven´t seen it yet, but I´ll do it soon… more hugs!

  5. It is my favorite movie too!
    For me the main character of the movie is Atticus.

    In a way I detest him, being so perfect. But he is so charming and wonderful that I fall in the trap and I end up adoring him.

    And another great character is Boo Radley, but I will not tell you who the actor is. I believe it was his first movie.

    There was an English pop band called The Boo Radleys.
    They were very good, very colorful songs.

  6. Manuel, welcome! Nice to meet you! 😀
    Yes, Atticus is amazing. I love him too! But I’d never EVER detest him! I wish more people were like that! 😛 I love this movie too, including Boo Radley and the hollow tree with amazing things “somebody” had just left there. I love the tree house Scout and Jem have and the rope, to swing! I didn’t know about The Boo Radleys. I wonder if they’re on RadioBlog… The bad thing about the movie is that the sound is terrible, so it’s hard to understand. But the novel is amazing, and that’s easy to read! 🙂 The author, she’s a bit like Juan Rulfo, because she never wrote anything else. Well, I found once three articles by her, but she never wrote another novel. And in the USA this novel is a classic, you read it at school, like Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye”.

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