Smoke Signals

April 25, 2008

     “Smoke Signals is the first feature film written, directed, and co-produced by Indians to ever receive a major distrituion deal.
     There have been many other Indian filmmakers, our elders, who made wonderful films taht have been wrongfully ignored or dismissed.”

(Smoke Signals. A Screenplay, by Sherman Alexie, 1998)

On my blog, Dakota in Spain, there’s more info on this movie, in case you are interested, plus links to some YouTube videos with bits of the movie.
On the TP forum, I just started a thread on this too. The more places that mention it, the more chances more people may learn about its existence!

A hurray for independent movie makers! 🙂

One comment

  1. Hi there! Well, I’m half-way through the script of this movie and I love it! Doesn’t anybody want to read it, to comment? 😛 The book only costs about 7 euros plus VAT and postage, it’s about 9 euros. I bought it on-line, using Amazon UK.

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