8th May. 10.15 p.m Cines Princesa: Rendition (Expediente Anwar)

April 25, 2008

The director of the Academy Award-winning 2006 crime drama Tsotsi returns to the helm with this tale of a Middle East CIA operative who begins to have doubts about his latest assignment after witnessing the interrogation of a suspected suicide bomber by secret police. When Egyptian-born chemical engineer Anwar El-Ibrahimi (Omar Metwalli) mysteriously vanishes on a routine flight from South Africa to Washington, his wife Isabella (Reece Witherspoon) embarks on a frantic international search for her missing husband. At the same time, a CIA analyst (Jake Gyllenhaal) arrives at a clandestine detention facility outside of United States. As the interrogation of El-Ibrahimi gets underway, the CIA analyst is profoundly shaken by the unorthodox methods used by the man’s captors, and quickly begins to reevaluate his assignment. Peter Sarsgaard, Meryl Streep, and Alan Arkin co-star in a topical political thriller penned by Kelley Sane and produced by Steve Golin.


  1. Meryl Streep, Alan Arkin… It seems to be an interesting film, don´t you think? We must see it! The question is: When???? The place where the film is in OV is Cines Princesa.

  2. On wednesday at 20:30h??

  3. Well, I think it would be better to see it on tuesday, because people could leave Madrid “en el puente” (How is it said?), as me… But remember that next tuesday we will go to the domstration

  4. demonstration, I meant

  5. I would like to join you!

  6. Ok, as nobody says nothing, once more I say that tomorrow we will see this film at Cines Princesa. The question is the hour. You said that at 8 is very soon and at 10 is very late, so say you the hour, because I go to bed very late always. Roberto, see you there!

  7. Dear Maria, I am not sure whether I will be able to go tomorrow because I will be working the whole day but I would try to go. At 10 is a little bit late for me.

  8. Hello!!

    I do prefer at 20:10!
    See you!

  9. I’d liketo see this film with you but I have to go to Toledo this day anf I’d prefer going on Wednesday.

  10. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 20, 10

    I am completely puzzled!

  11. Perdon, craso error gramatical, se nota que estoy agotada. I’d prefer To DO: I’d prefer to go. Disculpad, pero esque me caigo dormida por los rincones esta mañana.

  12. Don’t worry Paloma, We understood you!
    It was a pleasure to meet you on Friday, you’re charming and inteligent though we don’t share spanish films preferences!
    Me, I don’t mind going to the cinema on Wednesday, Maria told me she’s going on holiday that day,,,so I don’t know how could we arrange it!

  13. Oh! Natalia you haven´t said to me in class that there was people who prefer to go to the cinema on wednesday like Paloma or Roberto. So if you want to go on wednesday, go. Anyway I will go today. The important thing is that we all see it and then comment it here. So it would be good that at least once we can go together… Natalia, do yo come with me today or not?

  14. “there were people”, I meant, sorry!

  15. Maria,

    I’ll go with you, on wednesday I’m not sure if I’ll have time to go.
    So I’ll see you there!!

  16. Natalia, please, tell me the our and the place where we have to meet on wendnesday. Thank you for your kidness with me, you are also very nice and it was a great pleasure talking to you.

  17. Paloma,
    I’m terribly sorry, but I’ll go to the cinema today, because on wednesday maybe I wont have time.
    We keep in touch for wednesday in case i could go!

  18. In that case we could go to see another film!

  19. Ok Natalia, see you there. And, where are all the people who said they will come?? Elenas, Alba, Sonia, also Carmen, Susana, Noemi, The Bandit… Where are you????? If you don´t come, it isn´t a club, but only a forum, don´t you think??

  20. Hi people!
    I’m sorry but I can’t go. It’s very difficult for me to make a cinema meeting during the week, and even more difficult if it has been a lesson day (I have to make up for “lost” hours) :-S. But, whenever we go to the cinema during the weekend, I will join you happily. I think that Sonia said the same the other day…
    Anyway, I’ll try to post more comments to compensate 😉 I’m planning to write something about Dogville; i was very impressed after seeing it and found a web page where the director explained very interesting things about the film. Ah! And I’m planning to see “Bailar en la oscuridad” from the same director, which Sonia lend me (Thanks!).
    Well, have fun today!

  21. Hi everybody,

    During the week is difficult to me, you know a long job day and many things to do at home. Well I will try to make a list with my movies may someone is interesed in. Enjoy the movie

  22. Hi all!
    Finally Maria and me didn’t go to the cinema yesterday, we just sat in bar having a drink and talking in ENGLISH! It was great! We improved a lot! We want to postpone the cinema for next week, thursday at 22h, is that ok for you??

  23. Do you mean thurdsday the 7th May at 22.00? I´ll try to be there!
    When you organize an outing just fix a date and hope that people will turn up. It is difficult, isn´t it? That´s why I force you!!!
    Do not be disappointed if peolpe don´t turn up. It´s not easy during the week and you go very often. Try once a month and those of you who are really keen, can go more.
    another problem is where to find the date in this blog. it is complicated, at least for someone like me!!!

  24. Natalia means thurdsday the 8th May exactly at 22.15!!
    Natalia, what a nice afternoon! I´d like to repeat it more times!

  25. Miguel Angel y yo nos apuntamos el jueves 8 a las 22,15. Salvo impedimento de última hora.
    Besitos, cinefilos.

  26. Following Carmen´s intructions we will go to the cinema once a month. So our Film day in May will be this thursday, oficially. However, this blog can be used to meet more times to watch more films (Is it well said?) See you there!!

  27. So finally,
    How many people will be coming tonight??

  28. hi natally!! this time we are going to the cinema more people!! at least José Manuel, you and me… 😉

  29. How beautiful a face!! 🙂

  30. Or So beautiful a face!!!

  31. Oh, Nataly and José Manuel and whoever comes tonigth, would you have a drink before coming in the cinema? In Café de las Estrellas (C/Martín de los Heros) at 9.45 pm????? We could speak in English as we did the other day!!

  32. Perfect! I’ll be there!!!

  33. Are you great!! 😉
    I´m expecting Meryl Streep´s acting!! She is one of my favourite actresses. Have you seen “The Sophie´s choice”??? It is her best movie (she won the Oscar in 1982)

  34. I amd Miguel Angel are going to the cinama tonight too, I told you in a post. We will try to go to the pub as well.

  35. Great Paloma and Miguel Angel!!
    The more people we go the better!!

  36. No Maria,
    I have never seen that film. Do you have it at home? In that case, could you please lend it to me???

  37. It is true!! Paloma and Miguel Angel are fantastic!!! This Club begins!! From two people to five!! ahahaha

  38. Miguel Angel speaks English in a very funny way, please, talk to him in English!

  39. Of course Paloma!! We´ll do it!! 🙂

  40. Hello in the morning!

    So good a film which we watched yesterday! The story is told very well and the acting is in general good. Of course, when Meryl Streep appears in the scene all becomes better… (you know I´m her fan). However, it is the interesting story that is important to see and to understand. It is terrible USA safety techniques they used to avoid terrorist attacks, they are very unfair with innocent people like the main character… Poor man! After watching the film I think I won´t travel to Morocco… It is very dangerous, there are many extremist people who placed in front his crazy religious convictions to human lives.

    I enjoyed a lot seing it and of course with all of you! Especially with Miguel Ángel who was speaking English with us!! Are you great!! This Club is already working!!

  41. Oh Nataly, I haven´t got “The Sophie´s choice”. It is in my home (in Soria) in VHS, a very old thing. I´ve tried to buy it, but it is unlisted or discontinued (I don´t know the English word). However, it is in Emule (though it is ‘bootlegging’), there isn´t another way of watching it!

  42. I agree with you Maria!
    It was nice being accompanied by Paloma, Miguel Angel and José Manuel, we wish that more people will join us in future outings!
    About the film, I liked it a lot, it was intense, well balanced and in my opinion fantastically well acted. Throughout the film you can feel fear, anger, hatred, helplessness,that is to say emotion.
    I cheer up all the people to see it and discuss about it here!

  43. Thanks Maria!
    I do have VHS player, but maybe it’s annoying for you to bring it to Madrid, so I’ll try to “emulear” it

  44. Last Thursday we saw Rendition. A wonderful film you don’t have to miss. The plot is amazing and it’s a film very interesting and well done. Although you think you have get everything, you are surprised at the end. The music, the locations, everything is suitable to get the ideal environment for the action and make the story very credible. Please go and see it, it’s really worth it.

  45. One scene that caugth my attention was when Anwar´s wife was telling Meryl Streep where her husband was, don´t you think? Witherspoon´s acting was perfect which I didn´t expected…

    Yes, the end surprised us. The story is really well told. All of you must see it and then post your comments. Film Club receives a lot of visits but you post nothing!!!

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