Your films / Vuestras películas

April 21, 2008

Perhaps you want speak about some film you don’t find in our threads. Please do it here. You can do it in English or in Spanish, it is the same, the only important thing is having your opinions and speaking about them. You can make a review or simply tell us whatever you want about a film.

Quizá  quieras hablar sobre alguna película que no está en nuestros hilos. Por favor hazlo aquí. Puedes hacerlo en ingles o en español, es lo mismo, lo único importante es tener tus opiniones y poder hablar sobre ellas. Puedes hacer una crítica o sencillamente contarnos lo que quieras de la película.

To post a comment you don’t need to write in the box website.

 Para publicar un comentario no necesitas escribir en la casilla en que te pide la página web.

Espero leeros pronto.



  1. Dear michelle, I am to post a new thread but it require adding a youtube archive and I am not allowed to put it:


    May I add it into the blog?

  2. Hi! As you can imagine I like Barbra Streisand very much. I know it is a little strange (people don´t understand me! hahaha), but my father has listen to her every his life and I couldn´t avoid it! I think she is one of the best singer and also acts very well. Instead of having prejudices for me and for my father ;), watch “Prince of tides” (which is also directed by her) and if you like musicals: “Funny girl”, with Omar Sharif. If you like it, I´ll give you more titles. I don´t want to be heavy… Bye!!

  3. Hey Maria! I agree. She is not beautiful and her big nose lends her an odd look, but in spite of this, she is a wonderful actress and sings like an Angel. I particularly like a film called in Spanish “El amor tiene dos caras” It is about two professors who fall in love. And her song A Woman in Love is by far my favourite song. (I heard it for the first time in a discoteque, dancing with Miguel Angel two days after his telling me he loves me, can you imagine how romantic that moment was!). In short, despite being the muse of the gay people, I like her.

  4. I agree with you both,
    Barbra Streisand has always be one of my father’s favourite singer and actress! She has a wonderful voice and transmits intensity to what she says through her songs. For me the best ones: “The way we were…memories”

  5. My husband and I went yesterday to see “88 minutes”. Here is our opinion:
    The film has agility, it keeps your attention all the time and you aren’t conscious of the passing of time. But it isn’t a great film. It’s entertained but that’s all. Al Paccino is not suitable for his roll. Neither my husband nor I liked him. On the other hand the script is a little implausible and the murdered is discovered from the very beginning (at least we did it). The music gives you a lot of clues and you find out what is going to happen by listening to it. At the end lots of things remain unexplained, mainly the way in which the murdered have done his work.
    In short an entertained film to spend an evening, but one more to be watched on television than one to go to the cinema to see it.

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