April 17, 2008


I enclose the list made by The American Film Institute showing the 25 best scores:

  • 1 STAR WARS 1977 Twentieth Century Fox John Williams
  • 2 GONE WITH THE WIND (lo que el viento se llevó) 1939 MGM Max Steiner
  • 3 LAWRENCE OF ARABIA 1962 Columbia Maurice Jarre
  • 4 PSYCHO 1960 Paramount Bernard Herrmann
  • 5 GODFATHER, THE 1972 Paramount Nino Rota
  • 6 JAWS (Tiburón) 1975 Universal John Williams
  • 7 LAURA 1944 Twentieth Century Fox David Raksin
  • 8 MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, THE 1960 United Artists Elmer Bernstein
  • 9 CHINATOWN 1974 Paramount Jerry Goldsmith
  • 10 HIGH NOON (Solo ante el peligro) 1952 United Artists Dimitri Tiomkin
  • 11 ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, THE 1938 Warner Bros. Erich Wolfgang Korngold
  • 12 VERTIGO 1958 Paramount Bernard Herrmann
  • 13 KING KONG 1933 RKO Max Steiner
  • 14 E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL 1982 Universal John Williams
  • 15 OUT OF AFRICA (Memorias de África) 1985 Universal John Barry
  • 16 SUNSET BLVD. (El crepúsculo de los dioses)1950 Paramount Franz Waxman
  • 17 TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD (Matar a un ruiseñor) 1962 Universal Elmer Bernstein
  • 18 PLANET OF THE APES 1968 Twentieth Century Fox Jerry Goldsmith
  • 19 STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, A 1951 Warner Bros. Alex North
  • 20 PINK PANTHER, THE 1964 United Artists Henry Mancini
  • 21 BEN-HUR 1959 MGM Miklos Rozsa
  • 22 ON THE WATERFRONT (La ley del silencio) 1954 Columbia Leonard Bernstein
  • 23 MISSION, THE 1986 Warner Bros. Ennio Morricone
  • 24 ON GOLDEN POND 1981 Universal Dave Grusin
  • 25 HOW THE WEST WAS WON (La Conquista delOoeste) 1962 MGM, Cinerama Releasing Alfred Newman

Have you listened to all of them? 

What are your favourite ones?



  1. I haven´t seen every film, but I can say that I don´t agree with Star Wars is the number one… I don´t like science-fiction… However I love these numbers, which I recommend you: 3, 5, 12, 15 and 17.

  2. Dear maryah16, I am really sorry but I think you are wrong. The fact that you don’t like science fiction films doesn’t mean the score is bad. The score of Star Wars is impressive, it works perfectly without needing to be added to the film, I mean it is able to tell the film by itself and at the same time it’s a complex partiture, beautiful, thrilling, epich, like a great symphony. I recommend you to watch the film focusing yourself on the soundtrack or listen to it.

    Anyway, I respect your opinion.

  3. Hi Roberto,

    I’m affraid I agree with Maria, I’m terribly sorry, but I don’t like either Star Wars, I do prefer “real” movies=in which real problems were shown. Everything related to human feelings and current lives…it’s my humble opinion, but I do respect and understand your passion for science fiction! I believe movie tastes and preferences has to do with personality

  4. Remember that we are discussing about SCORES

  5. I like Start wars very much, in fact it one of my favourite ones, but, in general I prefer British cinema or films connected with English subjects. The Lord of the Rings is another of my favourites and not because I like the film itself, because I adore the book. Till I met Jane Austen, Tolkien was, by far, my favourite writer, and The Silmarilion, my favourite book followed by The Lord of The Rings. The film is focused more in the violent aspects of the story than in the literary ones, if you understand what I mean, but in spite of this, I still like it. Do you like it?

  6. Star Wars rules!!!
    I think that “natalia31” is mistaken when she says that star wars has nothing to do with “real human life” “and human feelings”, In fact Star Wars is about an old legend, the same legend as Beowulf, or The Cid, the legend of a hero, the only difference is that ins star wars they use spaceships instead of horses.
    About the list itself, I realized that there aren’t any films from the 90’s. (Titanic was a superb film)
    The person who has made this list is too fond of old movies, but he doesen’t appreciate modern movies; that’s a bit sad because old is not always better.

  7. I really don’t know whether your comments are related to the soundtrack or not, because we are talking about that issue in this section.

  8. The first part of my comment is about the film itself. The second is about scores (I prefer the word “Soundtrack”).
    As I said, most of the best OSTs (Original Soundtracks)can be found in modern films as Titanic or Gladiator.
    Without any doubt the music that John Williams composed for “star Wars” is one of the best scores I’ve heard, he is very varied in his work as we can see in other films with his music like “Indiana Jones” or “Jurassic Park”, he is the best soundtrack composer nowadays.
    The next movies should be in the list:
    Charriots of fire (vangelis); Blade Runner (Vangelis); Gladiator (Hans Zimmer and Enya);
    Pirates of the Caribbean (Hans Zimmer); Titanic (James Horner); The Exorcist (Based in music from Mike Oldfield); The Killing Fields (mike Oldfield);
    The Lord Of The Rings (Howard Shore and Enya); The Good The Bad and The Ugly (Ennio Morricone).
    (I think I love music too much; LoL)

    P.S; to “robertodeza”:Writing(as in your first comments)using capital letters=yell/shout. It is a little bit rude (at least in the internet).

  9. Language comments:

    We found an interesting mistake. A difficult structure, so let’s see: what’s the mistake here?

    “I don´t agree with Star Wars is the number one”.


  10. Hey, wow! You’ve got yourselves a discussion going on! 😀 (it’s not good English, folks!)

    You won’t believe this — whenever I see the “Out of Africa” scene where the main characters are flying over that amazing African landscape in a biplane I… CRY!!! And it’s because of the music, I bet my life. I know I can be moved just by the beauty I see (once I saw the Caribbean from a plan, as the sun was setting, and once I saw a village next to the desert and… well, I can’t describe it now), but the music is the trigger, in my case, in that scene.

  11. (I) Almost forgot! Thanks about the tip on block letters, spartan. And welcome!

  12. Hello, I made that terrible mistake, sorry!! I have to write slowlier…

    Spartan, welcome to this blog, thanks for your comments, I hope they last for a long time!

    In this list made by The American Film Institute I don´t know what was the selection´s criterion… Because there many films too differents, don´t you think?

  13. Sorry I didn’t know this list was for sound tracks. Well, anyway, the music from Stars Wars is great, I love it, but in this list it isn’t the one from The Lord of the Rings and it is a music very nice too. In the film “Holidays” there is a musician who speaks about music in films. He says that only three notes are enough to describe the villain in “Jaw”, well, I agree, but the same happens with the notes which describe Dart Bader (it is written like this?) they are very famous and everybody knows them. In the film I’ve spoken about before (Is this construction correct?), The Mission and the Graduate are also mentioned. On the other hand I think there are several films the music of which are not in this list although they are very well know ones, for instance Dr. Zivago. However I don’t know many on the list. What do you think about “El bueno, el feo y el malo”? Is it one that begins “tiroriroriii tariroo”? Do you know what is it?

  14. My secon comment: I have read the comment posted by spartan, I completely agree.

  15. I enclose this link to show you why star wars is the best score has ever been made.

    It’s the end of the film, the last scene, and even the end credits deserve to be listened to.


  16. 🙂 Sure, unforgettable!

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