The Family Savages

April 16, 2008

Our first film:

Last week we watched The Family Savages, starred by LAura Linney and Hoffman (I don´t remember the full name, but he won the Oscar two years ago for his role of Truman Capote). I watching the film, two actors made me remember king Lear´s story but a little changed. Laura and Hoffman are brothers and his father went ill. They moved away from their father, but their “must”, as sons as they are, made them join themselves, in spite of thinking of their lives and loving their father in a completely different way… I could tell you more details, but it would be better you watch the film before. So, in these wet afternoons you alredy know what to do!


  1. Great Maria!!
    It’s a pitty we couldn’t give more details about the movie…but the more I think about it the better I find it!It’s really well acted and performed acknowling how difficult is to deal with this kind of things (such as elderly care and family duties)

  2. Has nobody seen it yet???? I can´t believe it!!

  3. The film has any connection with King Lear… Natalia, do you agree with me?

  4. Yes…some how, but in this film family ties are soften related to King Lear…The father is shown as a mentally disturb old man so you feel sorrow for him, but we forward discover that he was cruel with his son during his childhood, and only then we can understand his son behaviour…sad film but true!The daughter lived another different story and because of that they quarrel and confront, they loved each other and they envy each other lives, but somehow they are unable to express their feelings

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