April 16, 2008

Sir Alfred Hitchcock is considered as the best director the cinema industry has ever created and he is of course British. He is known as the master of suspense but this is only one of his skills. He is able to handle the audience as he wishes and the perfect example of this is Vertigo.



  1. Do you remember that short stories by Hitchcock that were shown on tv (normally in Telemadrid)in the early nineties?? They were 30 minutes long and they were great, from the begining you felt involve in the story and you couldn’t stop thinking about what will come next

  2. I know them but I think I have seen none. There’re some directed by Hitchcock himself but not all, aren’t they?. Do you remember any really interesting?. Some weeks ago I’ve seen a impressive documentary about “Dial M for murder” (crimen perfecto) because I discovered it was shot to be released in 3d and the movements of the camara, characters besides placement of furnitures were all situated in a specific way to increase the sensation of deep by watching the film in the theatre.

  3. Language notes (to brush up your GOOD English!):
    you felt involveD … you couldn’t stop thinking what WOULD come next (hypothetical language)
    Some weeks AGO (kaput, finished action) I SAW
    of DEPTH

  4. thank you!

  5. Thanks Michelle!!
    It’s great to have another english teacher on-line!!!
    I really appreciate your corrections!

  6. My pleasure! 🙂 I’m trying to do my best till Carmen and other teachers are able to join us! 🙂

  7. I used to watch the series every single week and then I spent most of the night thinking about it.Was it on Monday? I wish we had a re-run…
    My favourite was the one about the convicted young woman who tries to leave the ‘nick’ (Br slang for prison) inside a coffin! Natalia, you brought my sweetest memories! Night night!

  8. Yes!!

    That was also my favorite one!It was so claustrophobic!!

  9. I loved that series…
    and you have to know that “El Mundo” have edited all of them some weeks ago. The best is: english and translated into spanish, and subtitles are also available in both languajes.
    So maybe it´s not at the kiosko any more, but you can try with the one that is in Bilbao, it´s big and it has everything the has been sold before.

  10. Well, if you are Esther from 4th b, I am glad to read your comments.

    Never it’s too late.

    The films are better than the series, I am sure.

  11. Hi Roberto, yes, it´s me, Esther from 4b.
    I think you (and Carmen)are right and this foro should help me to improve(you are a very good example, really).

    And talking about Hitchcock, I loved movies, but these series were really good: short stories, usually incredible, with stranges situations… for me they were more specials than movies, because of the concentration of the director´s style (I couldn´t say if they are better or worst than the movies are)I liked very much, and I was very happy when I could get some of them at the kiosko (and remember, 30 mins english per chapter, hehe).

  12. Some weeks ago I saw one film of Hitchcock’s called “The wrong man” with Henry Fonda as the leading actor, it being one of the films I had not seen yet and I was able to get it because I could find it in the UK the last time I was there (here in Spain it is not available). Henry Fonda is a plain person, as any other man, till some day is accused of being a violent thief having acted in the neighbourhood several times. He tries to show everybody that he is innocent but the witnesses are sure about him being the guilty person and in the end…

    It reminds me The Woman in White when Marian and Laura are unable to prove Laura’s real identity due to everyone keeps assuring that she is not the real Mrs. Ferlie at all.

    I recommend you to watch it!

  13. Esther, thank you so much for the DVD.

    I am looking forward to watching it!

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