April 16, 2008

A new film by Isabel Coixet. Will this film be the next we see? It would be good!! Post your opinions babies!


  1. by Coixet (authors always with “by”)

    Hey, bay bee! hahahah… You forgot to select the category, but we did that for you: 2-Films/Movies. Is it OK?

    The other day they interviewed Isabel Coixet on TV. Did you see it? She might have been talking about this movie, now that I think of it! But I can’t remember…

  2. Hello Michelle! Thank you very much, I won´t forget this “by”.

    I didn´t see the interview… I don´t usually watch TV, I haven´t got time… I hope you come with us to see Elegy. I suggest we should go the next week, someday which we all decide. Elena (4ºA), you had the idea, so you must choose the day! 😉 See you!

  3. Hi Maria!

    Yesterday we couldn’t speak in class, it’s amazing because I also thought about going to see “Elegy”! So I’ll join for next week!

  4. Natalia, we have telepathy!


    Cultural critic David Kepesh (Ben Kingsley) finds his life—which he indicates is a state of “emancipated manhood” — thrown into tragic disarray by Consuela Castillo (Penélope Cruz), a well-mannered student who awakens a sense of sexual possessiveness in her teacher.

    Based on Philip Roth’s novel “The Dying Animal.”

  5. (Letter-writing: Declining invitations – 60 words)

    Dear María,

    Thank you very much for your kind invitation.

    Unfortunately, I cannot move freely because of a condition in my lower back – a broken and herniated disc!

    Nevertheless, I hope to meet you some day!

    Enjoy your meet up AND the movie, and remember to “drop by” to tell us all about it!

    With best regards,

    Michelle 🙂

  6. Oh, Michelle, I hope your prompt recovery!!

    I have been thinking of going to the cinema next wednesday, but I´ve just realized that this day is the Book Day!! So there are many interesting things to see in several places. Could we go on tuesday or another day?

    To the teachers: Could you say that we are going to the cinema in class?? It is because of there are much people who don´t see this blog, but they can want to go… Thanks!

  7. If no one says nothing I´ll do it: TOMORROW (Tuesday 22nd April) at 8.20 p.m, we will see ELEGY
    CINES GOLEM (Calle Martin de los Heros, 14)
    Precio: 3.5 € (Monday), (Everyday): 5,5 €

  8. Maria,

    Do you mind going today??
    Tomorrow I wont be on time!

  9. If no one says nothing I´ll do it: TOMORROW Tuesday 22nd April we´ll see ELEGY, at 8.20 p.m. OK?? Our Club has been created to comment the films, but it would be perfect that we go together to see them, don´t you think? It would be a perfect way of meeting! (Is it well said?)

    CINES GOLEM (Calle Martín de los Heros, 14)
    3.5 € (Monday), (Everyday): 5,5 €

    See you!!

  10. Maria!

    Please! Could we change the date for today or tomorrow at 22H??I’m willing to see that film, I don´t want to loose the oportunity to go with you all!

  11. Yes, we could. Cines Golem, Tuesday 22nd April, at 10.20 p.m. (not at 8.20 p.m), Ok?? I think this hour is better because some of you could have things to do before… Come on, come on, come on!!!!!!!!!!
    Jose Manuel, don´t forget the hour!! hahaha!!

  12. Maria,

    I’ll meet you there! I’m looking fordward to seeing that film!

  13. Hi Natalia and Maria!

    I’m looking forward to seeing Elegy, as I told you in class. I may be joining you there at 22h20, but I’m not sure: I’ve been having not much sleep these days :-S

    I believe Coixet’s direction will be amazing, and I’m curious about Penelope Cruz’s acting… I don’t like her very much, I don’t usually find her credible, but I trust Coixet’s choice!

    Anyway, I hope to be there today!

  14. Hello Elena!!

    Please, join us!We have the same feel for Penelope indeed!!

  15. It’s great the film club, I love cinema. Todoy is impossible but it would be nice next time

    Enjoy it a lot and we tell tomorrow in class

  16. I´m very sorry that I haven´´t been able to join you tonight, despite thinking that I would try. I´ve spent the evening organizing the ushers for the event. Now I´m going to work a little on the poem Pombo is going to speak about. Sorry will try to go next time

  17. Maria and me went yesterday to see “ELEGY”.
    Firstly I’d like to encourage our mates and teachers to join us next time!
    The film was good, really good, but sad, terribly sad…I’m still thinking about it, it impressed me a lot mostly how the main character is performed, Ben Kingsley is a great actor but I can’t say the same for Penelope Cruz, she looked pretty but that’s all…she’s not able to transmit the intensity that her character requires, it’s my humble opinion.
    Go to see it, it’s worth seeing!

  18. I´m very sorry I was unable to go, I spent the evening with Mr. Prufrock, to very little avail, since I haven´t been able to make much of the poem, but I have lots of critic for you. I´ll try to go next time.
    I´m sincerely glad you did not like Cruz. Where is her talent? What a voice! I grant her to be clever and possibly good in bed, though that I do not know, but NOT an actress.

  19. At least I´m posting my comment!! When I went out of the cinema I had the feeling that Penelope Cruz hadn´t have a good role to perform. In the first half she does nothing! It is interesting only man´s life, feelings, thougths and fears… She is only a circumstance, a pretty woman. However, at the end, she plays a beautiful role in the plot which I liked very much, but, yes, I also think that she could have done more than she did, because she wasn´t able to make us to move. Don´t you think, Natalia? The music and Ben Kingsley were wonderful!! Only for that seeing Elegy is worth it! Anyway, I must say that I prefer others Coixet´s films like “La vida secreta de las palabras”. Have you seen it?
    On the other hand, I´m glad I have found people who loved cinema in Original Version!!! (Girls! Post your comments now!! If not, I´ll kill you!!). I hope all of you come the next time with Natalia and me… Maybe the day will be next tuesday, after our demonstration in front of the Spanish Ministry for Education. Motivation!!!!

  20. I agree with you Maria, the music, the photograph, the scenery, Ben…all compose a piece of art!
    I saw every Coixet’s movies and the most I liked it is: “All the things I never told”..I loved it!
    It’s true that Penelope’s role is casual and superfluous but it’s important in the way that when she appears on the screen i disconnect of the story, I don’t belive her acting…it’s a pitty. Maria, just compare her with the other actress, the older one (great and believable!). This film reminds me of Prufrock love song…the main character doesn’t dare to say her “I love you” “I need you”…for the first time he falls in love, he doesn’t go for it (like many other men that I know…)

  21. Hi everyone!

    I haven’t seen Elegy yet, but I hope to see it soon … I have heard very different critics on Penelope’s acting… As I was telling you, I don’t usually believe her characters. For instance, in Almodovar’s film Volver, I found every actress did an amazing work except for her! I found her prick (pija?) even with her false bottom!! For me, she wasn’t able to play a credible country woman… But well, I’ll wait to see this new film to judge her, hehehe.

    By the way, Maria, I loved “The secret life of words”: I loved sarah polley’s acting, tim robbins’ humour, but also javier camara’s character… he’s always so tender and true… And, as a friend of mine said, it’s so difficult to make a good film on this topic… (I won’t reveal it in case someone wants to see it, I strongly recommend it).

    Well, see you soon!

  22. testing

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